Wednesday, February 21, 2007


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I thought G.O.M.E. could use a little live UNIDA. This is a set from 2002, recorded at the legendary CBGB's in NYC. I wouldn't call the sound quality A+, but it's not awful. Regardless, if you're like me, you can't get enough of this stuff. I'll be posting some other live UNIDA in the future, so check back. I chose this one today because of the fantastic rendition of "Last Day", which is one of my all-time favorite tracks. I could actually use a little help from the G.O.M.E. faithful regarding this set. I think I recognize track #8, but I can't place it. I know Garcia's bands always like to throw a cover or two in the set, and I am pretty sure #8 is a cover, but I'm drawing a blank. Any help would be appreciated so I can correct the information posted here, as well as my own personal archive. Thanks in advance.

1. Stray
2. Vince Fontaine
3. Coffee Song
4. Summer
5. Last Day
6. Human Tornado
8. ?
9. Black Woman



Jim said...

Track 8 is Hangman's Daughter.

Anonymous said...

Hangmans daughter it is, oh some1 had already posted it, yeah yeah whatever...thanks a lot for posting this live set by the way...

Reverend Atman said...

dead download link

Jaybird said...

I was at this show..def killer.what are the chances you can upload it again..much appreciated

Anonymous said...

The Link doesn't work.
Re-upload please!

Glukenstein from Ukraine.

whythefly said...

any chance of re-upping this missed it 1st time around.cheers