Wednesday, May 27, 2009

TEN EAST - Extraterrestrial Highway (2006) *Re Up*

Someone was requesting to re-up this one... and it worth it.
The first one, with Brant Bjork on bass.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

UFOMAMMUT - Idolum (2008)

Yes. More Italian Rockers...

Formed in 1999, Italian avant-rockers UFOmammut are a psychedelic sludge band with influences ranging from Neurosis, Kyuss, Pink Floyd and early Sabbath. Consisting of core trio Poia (Guitars, Synths), Urlo (Bass, Vocals, Synths, Fx) and Vita (Drums), they invite Lorenzer of ‘Lent0’ and vocalist Rose Kemp to add their magic to two tracks. With an evil running time of 66minutes and 6 seconds, the Italian trio deliver 7 hard-hitting tracks which range from 5-10 minutes, the exception being the half hour monolith ‘Void/Elephantom’ which closes proceedings. The sound of UFOmammut is a unique combination of crushing post-metal fused with elements of stoner rock and space-rock. Occupying a similarly rough and unpolished aesthetic as early Isis, their sound simmers with an apocalyptic power which is inset with spacey undercurrents. (from

01. Stigma
02. Stardog
03. Hellectric
04. Ammonia
05. Nero
06. Destroyer
07. Void/Elephantom


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Truckfighters - Mania (2009)

The brand new Truckfighters cd, for our friend Romain, since its new and easy to get, I will take the link down in one week.
It sounds like Truckfighters........

01. Last Curfew
02. Monte Gargano
03. The New High
04. Majestic
05. Monster
06. Con of Man
07. Loose
08. Blackness



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Astronautas - Electro-Cidade (2004)

Our friend Jody Frosty dared me to post some Brasilian rock bands...and it's true, We never posted any Brasilian band (even thouhg one of my all time fav band is from Brasil, Sepultura), so.. here it is my friend..I found this on his blog @ a-conspiracy and is very interesting, I have to pay more atention to Brasilian Rock scene.."O mais Grande do mundo"

Astronautas is a band from Recife, Brazil that make a sound with a bunch of guitars with some electronics effects in way half industrial, half stoner. In this second record, the band shows a great production with all the rhythyms and solos are very clear and well balanced, wich makes a musculous sound. Fantastic record! Top 3: "Cidade Cinza", "Tecnologia" e "Revolver #3".

1.Cidade Cinza
3.Comunicação Em Bossa Moderna
4.Não Faço Nada
6.De Sol A Sol
9.Fora de Controle
10.Negar é Afirmar
12.Revolver # 3

DOWNLOAD (uploaded by A-conspirancy)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Knives - Filthy Angel (2007)

The other Nick Olivieri's band / side project... , well, I like better Mondo Generator, but you never know... they are not so different.

1. 44 Seconds
2. Running Out Of Fuse
3. Last Man On Earth
4. Die Young
5. Don't Feed The Wolves
6. Trojan Horse
7. Sweet Tragedy
8. Filthy Angel
9. My Worst Nightmare
10. Last Picture Show/Climb Your Cross


BTW, Big jack, if you are reading this, check your mail bro..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

QOTSA - Basement Sessions UK (2009)

This is a set they made in January, for the UK Tv series "The Basement Sessions". A short set of 5 songs, with Michael Shuman and Dean Fertita...
The audio doesn't achieve best quality, but its interesting though..

3.Turnin on The Screw
4.Monsters in the Paraasol
5: I Think I Lost My Headache


ALIX - Ground (2004)

If you dig Pj Harvey, then, you don't wanna miss these italian guys (and frontgirl).


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CHERRY CHOKE - Cherry Choke (2009)

"This is the debut album of Mat Bethancourts (Josiah, The Beginning, The Kings Of Frog Island...) new band. Between garage, psychedelic and hard rock - friends of english 60´s bands such as KINKS and CREAM, interesting..

1. She Turns Me On
2. The Lie
3. Ride My Black Balloon
4. Reflections In Black
5. Jezebel
6. Cheetan
7. I Can See The Girls Grow
8. The Need
9. In My Mind
10. Fridays In June


Monday, May 11, 2009

Ten East - Robot's guide to Freedom (2008)

The second Album of this super band... check out these names :Gary Arce (guitar), Mario Lalli (guitar), Bill Stinson (drums), Scott Reeder (bass), Bryan Giles (guitar), Greg Ginn (guitar, keys), Billy Cordell (bass). Can you possibly imagine the outcome?...

01. Nocturnal Migration
02. Sun Filter
03. Hogbreath
04. Ocean Dome
05. Octopad
06. Silkworm
07. Hexxon
08. Moon Tail
09. Where the Hunted Hide
10. Lockjaw



Sunday, May 10, 2009

Black Flag - The Process of Weeding Out (1985)

Their instrumental album "The Process of Weeding Out" Aptly named because many fans loathed this album as a departure from hardcore which "weeded out" those fans and also because most of the band with the exception of Henry Rollins had begun to get stoned frequently and the music on this ep certainly reflects that. Stoner Jazz Hardcore Jams to the max.
Enjoy this Greg Ginn masterpiece

01.Your Last Affront
02.Screw the Law
03.The Process of Weeding Out
04.Southern Rise


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bongzilla - Gateway (2002)

It's time for some Sludge here in the Gome...
I find it hard to place them genre-wise, but simply for the sake of comparison: they're a little more mid-tempo than most sludgecore, but not aggro mid-tempo like Cavity or something. Their guitar sound is very round, thick, and heavy, but not terribly abrasive, which is closer akin to stonerrock. The vocals shred like crusty sludgecore. The weed lyrics are straight up stoner. Would you call this sludge? I don't know...

1. Greenthumb
2. Stone a Pig
3. Sunnshine Green
4. 666 lb. Bong Session
5. Trinity (Gigglebush)
6. Gateway
7. Keefmaster
8. Hashdealer


De Con - Balls for Days (1995)

Judging for the cover, it looks like a "skate-punk" record, and you know what? It is indeed, so, what the fuck is doing a skatepunk album on the Gome? Well, let me tell you the magic words....
"Brant Bjork".... I think this is the fastest he ever played drums.
So, is it good? Hell yeahh, I'm not that much into punk rock but i could say this is not bad at all..
Grab your board and enjoy..
You'd better enjoy it(It took me more than a year to get this album)

3.All Wrapped Up
4.Changing Sun
5.Speed Freaks
6.Sweet Valley High
7.Gimme Space
8.Little Green Man
10.Nothing Else


Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Glasspack - American Exhaust (2001)

A deadly combination of Whisky and weed, I love this band, maybe for its simplicity, though they have very elaborated riffs and a unique sound. I think that they offer more than a traditional Southern whisky addicts motherfuckers band.

1. Hall Of The Mountain Speedlab
2. Smut
3. Whiskey House
4. Shut Up & Ride
5. Powerbait
6. One Kentucky Night
7. Jim Beam & Good Green
8. Sunday Afternoon


Friday, May 01, 2009

Hotel Wrecking City Traders - EP (2006)

Its amazing what these guys can do with just a guitar and a drum kit.... thats all these folks from Melbourne need.. and sounds interesting, check them


The Stooges - RAW POWER (1973)

A fucking classic, never go out of style. A brillant piece of work, back in '73.
Do I need to post a preview?? I guess I don't

1. "Search and Destroy"
2. "Gimme Danger"
3. "Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell"
4. "Penetration"
5. "Raw Power"
6. "I Need Somebody"
7. "Shake Appeal"
8. "Death Trip"