Friday, February 09, 2007


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Here's an excellent QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE set from 11/18/02 in Bern. It's basically Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri, with Mark Lanegan coming and going as he pleases. Features QUEENS songs, of course, but also some MONDO GENERATOR, DESERT SESSIONS, and Mark Lanegan tunes, as well as a couple of covers.

A copy of this show is circulating the web, and I found the sound quality to leave much to be desired. It sounds very tinny to me, with absolutely no low end. That said, I gave this set the ol' Elevator treatment, boosted the bass frequencies and removed some noise, and I think it sounds pretty good. Let me know what you think.

1. Mosquito Song
2. Six Shooter
3. Bloody Hammer
4. Go With the Flow
5. Hanging Tree
6. Detroit
7. I'm Dead
8. Gonna Leave You
9. Four Corners
10. I Want You to Die
11. First It Giveth
12. All That I Got
13. Like a Drug
14. No One Knows
15. On Jesus' Program
16. Auto Pilot
17. You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory
18. Another Love Song
19. Better Living Through Chemistry


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