Tuesday, April 24, 2007


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Anyone vaguely familiar with Victor Griffin's work with PENTAGRAM is probably also familiar with PLACE OF SKULLS. A late-era Man's Ruin casualty resurrected by the mighty Southern Lord in 2002, Nailed is a thoroughly enjoyable slice of traditional doom rock. While WINO joined for the 2003 follow up (With Vision), Victor Griffin more than holds his own here. Highlights include an interesting take on THE ANIMALS' "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" and the melodic "Love She Gave". Also check out the opening riff on the album's closer, "Song of Solomon".

1. The Fall
2. Never Die
3. Dead
4. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
5. Feeling of Dread
6. ...
7. Love She Gave
8. Return
9. Song of Solomon



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Here's an excellent split from two of New Jersey's finest, SOLACE and SOLARIZED. This collection couples SOLACE's Distanced from Reality EP with four tracks from SOLARIZED. Jersey Devils is essential, especially for those of you that don't have the DfR EP. Highlights include the entire SOLACE side, including a kickass rendition of THE JAMES GANG's "Funk #49", as well as SOLARIZED's "Slide".


1. Heavy Birth/2 Fisted
2. Dirt
3. Try
4. Funk #49


5. Slide
6. Drifter
7. Crucible
8. Sugar Bag


Wednesday, April 18, 2007


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WITCHFINDER GENERAL was an overlooked band during their (brief) tenure, but interest has increased over the years (thanks to the abundance of SABBATH worshippers in rock). Death Penalty is a solid album. It reminds me of BUFFALO, in a sense, as the band clearly didn't take itself particularly seriously. At least I hope they didn't. The musicians are more than capable, and the band is tight. I particularly like their eponymous tune, as well as the absurd opener "Invisible Hate". SAB knockoff? Absolutely. But they did it quite well, and with a twist of humor. Good stuff.

1. Invisible Hate
2. Free Country
3. Death Penalty
4. No Stayer
5. Witchfinder General
6. Burning a Sinner
7. R.I.P.



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Another Man's Ruin casualty, this time from NOLA's own SUPLECS. This is actually one of the last albums released by the legendary Man's Ruin label. For those of you asking yourselves "Who the fuck is SUPLECS???", this merry band of stoner rockers hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. They don't get stuck in the SABBATH-esque rut with a lot of their contemporaries, though. The grinding riffs are there, but SUPLECS isn't afraid to speed things up. "Unstable" is clearly inspired by the MINUTEMEN, and the track includes a hidden cover of "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" by the BEATLES. The KYUSS-style rockers are definitely here, but there's also a trip through just about everything else. Highlights include the aforementioned "Unstable", "Blue Runner", and "Unexpected Trauma" (check for the great switcharoo).

1. White Devil
2. Rock Bottom
3. Control
4. Training Wheels
5. Blue Runner
6. Unstable
7. Lightning Lady
8. Out of Town
9. Unexpected Trauma


Tuesday, April 17, 2007


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Another batch of excellent ACRIMONY jams, this time backed by a collection of CHURCH OF MISERY odds n' ends. In my opinion, the split doesn't make much sense, and it's obviously a patch-job, and simply a way of releasing ACRIMONY's "last five tracks". Still, the music is quality.

The ACRIMONY side is comprised of the last five tracks the band recorded, culled from their 1999 demos. I'm sure you'll all agree when I say that based on these recordings, a full-length 1999 LP could've been another classic. "100 New Gods" is among ACRIMONY's absolute best tracks.

The CHURCH OF MISERY side is comprised of random recordings from 1996. What does a Japanese doom metal band with a serial killer obsession have in common with a legendary Welsh stoner rock outfit? Absolutely nothing, which makes this split release a little bipolar. G.O.M.E. is a little bipolar as well, though, so this set should fit right in.


1. Tumuli
2. Satellite 19
3. In Other Wor(l)ds
4. 100 New Gods
5. Timebomb!!!


6. Race with the Devil
7. Chilly Grave
8. Cloud Bed
9. Kingdom Scum


Sunday, April 15, 2007


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As you can see, I finally got ahold of Slow Horse II. Why not pass it on to the G.O.M.E. faithful? If you enjoyed the debut, I highly recommend this one. I don't know what happened to these guys, and I wish I did, because I really dig both albums. The opener, "I'm Nothing, I'm No One" might be SLOW HORSE's crowning achievement - a melodic slow-burner with excellent vocals. My other favorite is "Let It Slide", which wouldn't sound at all out of place on an OBSESSED record. Yes, SLOW HORSE is (was) that good. You can check out "Let It Slide" on the elePod. The sequencing is a little odd, as the band does its ass-kicking during the first half of the LP, while the second half is substantially more mellow. I actually dig that, though. The buildup through "Nameless" and "Untitled" is the perfect soundtrack for waiting for an altered state of consciousness to kick in. Straws on side A, syringes on side B. Overall, another excellent album from a tragically overlooked stoner/melodic doom powerhouse.

1. I'm Nothing, I'm No One
2. The Games You Play
3. Stay
4. Let It Slide
5. Coming Unhinged
6. Nameless
7. Untitled
8. The Last
9. No. 9



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As most of you already know, I am a diehard Wino fan. While THE HIDDEN HAND'S latest, The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote, has been growing on me, I particularly like Divine Propaganda
and this brief but powerful EP, Devoid of Color. One thing I particularly like about THE HIDDEN HAND is Wino's progression towards overtly political lyrics. Apparently not even stoner/doom legends are immune to the nausea-inducing bullshit fed to us all by the United States government. I encourage everyone to track this down, as this offering is only half of an EP/DVD set. The DVD side features a nine-song live performance - essential for any Wino fan.

1. Key
2. Devoid of Color
3. Dagger
4. Vulcans Children
5. Reprise


WARLORD - WARLORD (1974 - 1977)

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KHANATE a little intense for ya? Well, let's take it back about three decades with WARLORD's sole official release. This band actually received some minor acclaim in their native UK, but didn't accomplish much else. These tracks (including five "live, drug-crazed rehearsal demos") were recorded between '74 and '77, but didn't see the light of day until 2002, compliments of the Audio Archives label. That particular label took it upon itself to market these recordings as "underground doom metal", though compared to bands generally accepted as doom, even the tamer ones (SABBATH, TROUBLE), WARLORD bears a greater similarity to DEEP PURPLE. Regardless, it's an interesting piece of first-generation metal history, and should compliment the G.O.M.E. faithful's collections nicely.

1. Jasmin Queen
2. Explorer
3. Face of the Sun
4. Warlord
5. Lady Killer
6. To the Devil a Daughter

("Live, drug-crazed rehearsal demos")

7. Devil Drink
8. Wild Africa
9. I See the Warlord
10. Face of the Sun
11. The Ring

12. Warlord (pt. II)



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Since my brief "highatus" (© mad4music 2007), I feel I've posted a shitload of excellent rock & roll, but I've definitely neglected G.O.M.E.'s doom contingent. In order to start catching up, I offer you KHANATE, performing live in WFMU studios. For the uninitiated, KHANATE consists of Stephen O'Malley (of SUNN O))) fame, as well as BURNING WITCH and THORR'S HAMMER), Alan Dubin and James Plotkin (of OLD), and drummer Tim Wyskida. This is gut-wrenching doom at its absolute most abrasive, and is not for amateurs. KHANATE's music is a mollasses-slow trip through anguish, guilt, and depression. Highly recommended to Blue Valley Bubba, as well as fans of GRIEF, SOURVEIN, and of course BURNING WITCH.

1. Intro
2. Pieces of Quiet
3. German Dental Work
4. No Joy
5. Skin Coat


Saturday, April 14, 2007

500 FT. OF PIPE - DOPE DEAL (2001)

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Another relative obscurity, this time from the Motor City. 500 FT. OF PIPE is a very unique band, as they don't have a bass player. Don't let that scare you off, though. These guys rock. Hard. Frontman Ross Westerbur actually holds down the low end quite satisfactorily on a Minimoog. I can only compare 500FoP to what I imagine Detroit City's own MC5 might've sounded like had they arrived 30 years later by way of Palm Desert. There's really not a weak spot on the entire LP, though the highlight for me is the seven-minute warhorse "Wear It Out". Highly recommended to fans of GRAND MAGUS, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, and all that is both psychedelic and heavy.

1. Detroit City (Never Done Me No Good)
2. '77 Burnout
3. Not Your Mule
4. Dope Deal
5. 420 to Go
6. Big Brother
7. D.E.A.
8. Sunshine Superman
9. Wear It Out
10. We Blew the Whole Thing Up


Friday, April 13, 2007


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Another criminally overlooked classic, this time from the great ASTROSONIQ. For those of you unfamiliar with this band, you're in for a treat. Influenced equally by SABBATH, HAWKWIND, and FUNKADELIC, ASTROSONIQ has a sound that's all their own. If I had to compare them to another band, it would have to be FATSO JETSON, but only in terms of experimentation and defying convention. Stoner rock isn't supposed to be this soulful. Awesome 110% kickass album, highly recommended to all G.O.M.E. regs. Highlight's include the KYUSS-esque opener, "Fistkick", the melodic "Pegasus" (which almost recalls U2's Zooropa phase), and a scorching cover of GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION's "Earthquake".

1. Fistkick
2. Afterlife Rules
3. Godly Pace
4. Earthquake
5. Pegasus
6. Ego Booster
7. Doomrider
8. You Lose


Thursday, April 12, 2007


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Hymns to the Stone is sometimes overlooked because Tumuli Shroomaroom is so good. Don't make the mistake of that particular oversight. ACRIMONY would realize their potential and achieve greatness on Tumuli, but this, their full-length debut, stands up with the absolute best of the genre. It's remarkably solid, recalling KYUSS throughout, but also HAWKWIND on "Spaced Cat #6 and "Whatever" (my personal favorite). I can't say enough good things about ACRIMONY. Highly recommended.

1. Leaves of Mellow Grace
2. The Inn
3. Second Wind
4. Spaced Cat #6
5. Urbalaboom
6. Herb
7. Magical Mystery Man
8. Whatever
9. Cosmic AWOL



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Since BUFFALO's Volcanic Rock seemed to go over well, I thought I'd post the follow-up, Only Want You for Your Body. While comparable to Volcanic Rock, I should point out that BUFFALO's signature silliness takes the forefront on this (and subsequent) release(s). It's still a hell of a rock record, though some would say it pales in comparison to its classic predecessor. Not absolutely essential, but a worthy addition to any rock collection.

Note: This album has been re-released, on the Aztec label, with bonus tracks.

1. I'm a Skirt Lifter, Not a Shirt Raiser
2. I'm Coming On
3. Dune Messiah
4. Stay with Me
5. What's Going On
6. Kings Cross Ladies
7. United Nations


Tuesday, April 10, 2007


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Another unsung classic from PAGAN ALTAR. Please don't be misled by the 2004 release date. This was actually recorded by the original lineup, intended to be the follow-up to Volume I, but that never transpired. I don't know which release I prefer, actually. I will say that where Vol. I closed with "Reincarnation", one of their greatest songs, Lords of Hypocrisy picks up right where the debut left off. The opener, which is the title track, is probably my favorite PAGAN ALTAR song. Another underground classic from the UK's best-kept secret. Much like Vol. 1, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

1. The Lords of Hypocrisy
2. Satan's Henchmen
3. Sentinels of Hate
4. Armageddon
5. The Interlude
6. The Aftermath
7. The Masquerade
8. The Devil Came Down to Brockley
9. March of the Dead



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I apologize to the G.O.M.E. faithful for the lack of activity on the ol' blarg. I took an extended smoke break, but now I'm back, and the page will once again be your stop for all that's smoked-out, fuzzy, trippy, and doomed. I intend to hit it pretty hard this week and post a lot of music (be sure to check out ASTEROID and ZOROASTER), so keep checking back. At the risk of beating a proverbial dead horse, when you check back, PLEASE leave comments. Some albums have been downloaded over ONE HUNDRED TIMES and still have ZERO comments. If you download something, please take 30 seconds and leave a comment. Let us know what you think!

I recently caught ISIS and JESU, with ZOZOBRA. Bubba Johnson, of Overland Park fame, got some good flicks I hope to post very soon. Big Jack has no interest in non-audio gadgetry, but, luckily, I have good friends with cam-phones. When I get the flicks, I'll post them, along with some excellent ISIS and JESU boots. I advise you all to do your best to catch this tour, if you haven't already. We caught JESU on a bad night (technical difficulties plagued the set), but ISIS more than made up for the disappointment. ZOZOBRA was excellent as well.

To those (unfortunately very few) of you that have offered to help record ROADBURN sets, I will be in contact this week and try to work out some kind of schedule. To those of you that didn't offer to help, feel free to download the sets once they're posted, but I will eventually find you in a dark alley and whip you with a chain, calling you a leech and cocksucker the entire time. G.O.M.E. is all about TAKING IT TO THE PEOPLE. Generally speaking, that means music...but it can mean pain as well.

If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and visit the good Cap'n for Inner-Head Flight Royale #8. The current "trip" features songs from across the pond, many of them quite obscure, and should appeal to the G.O.M.E. faithful. I'm nearly a month late, but if you haven't checked it out, you should do so now.

Be on the lookout for loads of music this week, some of which might not be standard G.O.M.E. fare, but all of which is better than Condi Rice's horseteeth.

Delirium Tremens calls...


Big Jack

ASTEROID - DEMOS (2004 - 2005)

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More fantastic stoner rock from Sweden's ASTEROID. If you liked the ASTEROID/BLOWBACK split (and I really wouldn't know, considering only three or four people ever bother to leave comments), I highly recommend these demos. Highlights include "Heavy Sputnik" (awesome title) and "On the Planet". Robin Johansson isn't my favorite vocalist, but he's sufficient and compliments the riffs nicely.


1. Heavy Sputnik
2. The Exit
3. Space Fool


1. 2029 A.D.
2. Time-Space-Mind
3. Electric Voodoo
4. On the Planet



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The sole release (thus far) from Atlanta's ZOROASTER. The second riff in "Mons Venus" recalls the very best of SAINT VITUS, but to my ears, ZOROASTER generally sounds like more of a cross between SLEEP and EYEHATEGOD. Highlights include the 11-minute warhorse "Defile" and the aforementioned "Mons Venus".

1. Mons Venus
2. Bullwhip
3. Honey & Salt
4. Defile