Sunday, February 25, 2007


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This is Josh Homme's five-song contribution to The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys soundtrack. Released in limited quantities by Milan Records in 2002, it now goes for upwards of $50. I don't know how rabid the fanbase is of composer Marco Beltrani, but I would assume that price-gouging is due primarily to the demand for Josh's tracks. That seems a hefty fee for 11 minutes of music, so, since I know the G.O.M.E. faithful tend to appreciate all things Homme, I thought this would be a welcome post on the ol' blarg. Keep in mind that these five songs are part of a film score, and four of them are instrumental. The vocal track, "All the Same", is among Josh's best (in my opinion). Another highlight is the Zeppelin nod "Hanging (aka Ramble Off)". Enjoy.

1. The Atomic Trinity
2. Hanging (aka Ramble Off)
3. Francis and Margie
4. Stoned
5. All the Same



Anonymous said...

A very different side to Josh Homme's work. A trippy, mellow journey well worth the download. Thanks

Rinjo Njori said...

Definitely something different. I like it though

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I've been looking for this!!!

Sabrina said...

You have no idea how grateful I am... Thought I could never find it... Thank you so damn freaking much!!!

Anonymous said...

Well thank you. You really saved my day!! You hold the only download of this on the internet. I adore you

Angie said...

ANy chance I could still get this from you somehow?