Saturday, February 03, 2007


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A true blast from the past, LEAF HOUND's sole LP has generated some interest over the past couple of years, so I thought I'd hang it on G.O.M.E. so everyone could hear what all the fuss was about. Growers of Mushroom has since been re-released, though with a bit of an outrageous pricetag, with one or more bonus tracks. You can order the reissue at for the princely sum of $18.99, a ransom presumably drummed up thanks to Q Magazine dubbing Growers of Mushroom the #1 Most Collectible Album of All Time or some such nonsense. AMG dismisses the album as "nothing too special", though I personally find it quite enjoyable, particularly the acoustic-based "Sad Road to the Sea", the Marshall Tucker-esque slow-burner "With a Minute to Go", and the eight-minute bluesy (though embarrassingly titled) "Work My Body". It's a fun record.

1. Freelance Fiend
2. Sad Road to the Sea
3. Drowned My Life in Fear
4. Work My Body
5. Stray
6. With a Minute to Go
7. Growers of Mushroom
8. Stagnant Pool
9. Sawdust Ceasar



Check out LOWRIDER covering "Freelance Fiend"

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