Saturday, February 03, 2007


I don't have a whole lot to say about this band. I was predisposed to hate them, them being a blatant KYUSS clone and all, but they kick a substantial amount of ass in their own right. Yes, they sound like FU MANCHU's Scott Hill fronting a KYUSS tribute band. Yes, they're named after a KYUSS classic. Their record label? Yes, Molten Universe is named after a KYUSS song as well. Even their song titles reek of KYUSS and FU MANCHU worship ("All Systems Go", "Accelerator", "Barracuda", "Head Honcho", etc.). So what's to like? Well, as derivative as it all may be, the music actually ROCKS. Blatant aping? Without a doubt. But is it enjoyable? Absolutely. Plus, the album covers are cool!

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1. Freedom's Prize
2. After/Before
3. Accelerator
4. Ruby
5. From the Ground Below
6. The Aftermath
7. All Systems Go
8. The Seven
9. Black River


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1. Riding High
2. Head Honcho
3. Freelight
4. Green Leader
5. Kickback
6. Up in Smoke
7. Barracuda
8. Nasty Disease
9. Motherfucker
10. Heading Home


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