Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Great Belgian stonerband, featuring Brant Bjork, Chriss Goss, Jesse Hughes & David Catching. Recorded at the famous Rancho de la Luna studio's in California.



Saturday, March 28, 2009

OJM - HEAVY (2002)

You' ll dig this, another Italian band, sounds like Fu', sounds like brother Brant, very smooth...
I have more from them, ask me if you want some more..
Cheers baby....

1. The Sleeper
2. Revelations
3. You Come
4. T.V. Eye
5. Mix Up!
6. As I Know
7. Strange Dreams
8. Follow The Leader
9. Theorem

Monday, March 09, 2009

ACROSS THE RIVER - N.O. demo (1986)

I think I found something interesting here...this is the Kyuss song "N.O." played 8 years before its official release in "Welcome To Sky Valley"...

ACROSS THE RIVER – “N.O.” (unreleased demo, 1986) Truly, the beginning of everything bearing the Desert Rock toetag. ACROSS THE RIVER were from the high desert, and were Mario Lalli (YAWNING MAN, FATSO JETSON, SORT OF QUARTET, TEN EAST etc.), Scott Reeder (THE OBSESSED, KYUSS, NEBULA etc.) and Alfredo Hernandez (KYUSS, YAWNING MAN, VIC DU MONTE’S PERSONA NON GRATA, etc.). They were young and totally hot n nasty in a bitchen BLACK OAK ARKANSAS meets midperiod BLACK FLAG kind of way. Sadly, they were too early for all them just-post-hardcore kids to fully grok. Plans for a release on SST (working title: Live At County Line) never came to pass...
For now, I have been told that there are like 4 or 5 ATR songs that were recently found on a multitrack... I could get only this one for now, but I will reply with more...
Enjoy my GOMIES...


Wednesday, March 04, 2009


My bad, i should have posted this long time ago...check out this names...
Ruben Romano (Nebula / Fu Manchu)
John Mcbain (Monster Magnet / Wellwater Conspiracy)
Scott Reeder (Kyuss / Across the River)
Isaiha Mitchell (Earthless)
Lorenzo Woodrose (Baby Woodrose / On Trial)
Jason Corbin (Bartenders Bible / The Casbah)
John Cobett (Hammers of Misfortune / Ludicra)
Jack Endino Skin Yard / Earthworm)
Mr. Bernie Worell (Wizard of Woo & Woo Warriors / Funkadelic / Parliament)

Judging from the names it should be a genuine Stoner-supergroup, but do not expect a Desert Sessions part 11. The Freeks is an entirely different cup of tea, or to be precise, a different slice of cheese

  1. Hellacopter Drop
  2. Lost and Never Found
  3. It is Written
  4. Look Ahead
  5. Excuses
  6. Descent of the Yellow Chrysalis
  7. The Go-Go Get
  8. At the Station
  9. Coming On
  10. The Tribal Council Adjourn
  11. Lunette
  12. Basque in the Splendor
  13. Tillboks Till Stockholm
  14. Absorb
  15. Invasion of the Earthworm (Uncle Jacks Lost Freek-Out)
  16. Dance of the Moth Queen


Once again, thnx to our anonymous friend...we bring to you this lovely dessert jam...
Stoner rock heroes Earthless are from San Diego. The bandmembers are drummer Mario Rubalcaba from Clikitat Ikatowi and Kawabata Makoto's Hot Snakes, bassist Mike Eginton from Electric Nazarene, and guitarist Isaiah Mitchell from Nebula. The trio plays a brand of slow, prodding, jam-heavy guitar freakout and bass throb echoing everyone in this scene. The difference, however, is that Mitchell can actually play the hell out of his guitar...

1. Flower Travellin' Man
2. Lost in the Cold Sun


Sunday, March 01, 2009


If you enjoyed my treatment of Free Your Mind... and Maggot Brain, then I highly recommend you check out this version of FUNKADELIC's eponymous debut. Like the aforementioned albums, I find this record to be an essential record that's often disregarded because of the bad production. Funkadelic sets off the trailblazing career of George Clinton, Eddie Hazel & company in grand fashion. The highlights are probably the bookends, "Mommy, What's a Funkadelic?" and "What Is Soul?" (by the way, soul is the ring around your bathtub), but there's some excellent material in between. I find "Music for My Mother" to be one of the band's strangest trips, and perfect background music for crumbling some of your town's finest. This crew would go on to create a number of classics, but Funkadelic is a classic debut, and an interesting look inside the chaos that would come to the forefront later that year.

1. Mommy, What's a Funkadelic?
2. I Bet You
3. Music for My Mother
4. I Got a Thing, You Got a Thing, Everybody's Got a Thing
5. Good Old Music
6. Qualify & Satisfy
7. What Is Soul?


MC5 - HIGH TIME (1971)

While Kick out the Jams is commonly (and deservedly) hailed as a rock & roll classic, the equally solid High Time is often lost in its shadow. This was the mighty MC5's swan song and recorded under much duress (though you'd never guess that from the performances). What the album lacks in the band's trademark political venom, it makes up for with solid production, courtesy of Geoffrey Haslam, and a strong set of songs. Hell, Wayne Kramer's "Poison" is my favorite MC5 song. The production here is great, considering it was '71. The sound of High Time is audibly better than other Detroit releases from its time period (FUNKADELIC, STOOGES, etc.) in that you can not only hear the bass, but you can hear it carrying the band as a functional aspect of the rhythm section. Check it out on the galloping closer, "Skunk". If the 13th Floor is a microcosm of intelligent rock fans, which I believe it is, the Faithful will always be torn down the middle when it comes to Back in the USA. We should be able to agree unanimously, though, that the MC5 came in, and went out, with a timeless classic.

1. Sister Anne
2. Baby Won't Ya
3. Miss X
4. Gotta Keep Movin'
5. Future/Now
6. Poison
7. Over & Over
8. Skunk (Sonically Speaking)



This incredible and influential piece of rock history comes to us compliments of our main man KSN. I'd always heard ABOUT this record, but never actually heard it before KSN shared the wealth. I found myself absolutely blown away by the music here. Black Monk Time certainly defies classicifation, especially considering the era and musical climate of its release. This is angry, experimental garage rock with the occasional wink-and-nudge that fans of DEAD KENNEDYS, BLACK FLAG and the MINUTEMEN will appreciate. THE MONKS' brand of rock is neither melodic or soothing. It's extremely heavy and driving, which is remarkable in itself, considering that this record predates traditional guitar distortion. If I had to make a comparison, I'd probably use The Velvet Underground & Nico, though with shrill and frantic electric organ in place of John Cale's violin. Of course, it has to be noted that Black Monk Time actually PREDECED VU&N. Honestly, I feel like I've been missing out on a key part of rock history - especially the style of rock towards which I personally tend to gravitate. Respect your elders, GOMIES.

1. Monk Time
2. Shut Up
3. Boys Are Boys & Girls Are Choice
4. Higgle-Dy-Piggle-Dy
5. I Hate You
6. Oh, How to Do Now
7. Complication
8. We Do Wie Du
9. Drunken Maria
10. Love Came Tumblin' Down
11. Blast Off!
12. That's My Girl
13. I Can't Get Over You
14. Cuckoo
15. Love Can Tame the Wild
16. He Went Down to the Sea