Thursday, February 15, 2007


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Yet another great album that seems to have slipped through the cracks. I won't go so far as to say that Josh Homme and his Rekords Rekords imprint dropped the proverbial ball here, but with the success of QOTSA and THE EAGLES OF DEATH METAL, you'd think he could at least keep his old FATSO JETSON buddies in print. To my knowledge, the only FJ records currently in print are the early SST records, thanks to indie deity Greg Ginn. Anyway, enough about all the behind-the-scenes bullshit. No one cares about that. What's important is the music, and Cruel & Delicious is music that shouldn't be overlooked by any G.O.M.E. visitor. Even GOMErs scratching their heads right now, saying "what the fuck is a FATSO JETSON?!?" are already familiar with these guys, if only by THE DESERT SESSIONS. So what's up with C&D? Well, it's probably FJ's most "accessible" album, but that doesn't say a whole lot. It kicks ass (even on a DEVO cover), and even with a strong punk influence and a smattering of brass, it's still desert rock. This is the band that pretty much created the desert scene, and quite possibly their best album. Highlights include the aforementioned DEVO cover "Ton O Luv", "Light Yourself on Fire" (my personal favorite), and the powerhouse closer "Mountains of Debt".

1. Pleasure Bent
2. Drinkin' Mode
3. Light Yourself on Fire
4. Died in California
5. Heavenly Hearse
6. Ton O Luv
7. Pig Hat Smokin'
8. Superfrown
9. Iron Chef
10. Sunshine Enema
11. Party Pig
12. Stranger Blues
13. Mountains of Debt



Gavin said...

I love this album, well i love all there albums! Standout tracks for me on this album are Light yourself on fire, Heavenly Hearse and iron chef.

angrydutchman said...

I only knew Flames For All but this one's even better. Catchy as hell. Thanks!

Kakrok said...

THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kyussman said...

Hey, can you re-upload it, the link seems to be broken