Wednesday, February 14, 2007


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Early 2004 saw QOTSA hand bassist Nick Oliveri his walking papers. And instead of sitting around moping, he immediately accepted an invitation by his former bandmate in KYUSS, Brant Bjork, to open shows as a solo acoustic act. Proving that the move was more than just a mere one-off, Oliveri reported directly to the recording studio after the tour, to put together an all-acoustic album. Although reported in the press at the time to be coming out on Bjork's Duna label, as of 2006, the album has mysteriously been shelved. Copies of the album -- titled Demolition Day -- have circulated however, and the reason for its non-release is certainly not from a performance standpoint.

1. All I've Got
2. I Want You to Die
3. Autopilot
4. Simple Exploding Man
5. One More Time in Hell
6. Paper Thin



Gavin said...

Thanks for this mate, i like this alot, i think it shows a mellower side to nicks playing.

I've always had a liking for nick's style of musicianship.. Very raw, edgey and in ya face. I always thought josh homme made a big mistake in getting rid of nick which in my opinion shows in Lullabies to Paralyze,yeh a couple of songs rock but the rest of it is pretty weak

mad4music said...

Unreleased Oliveri recordings! Damn! G.O.M.E. is the gift that keeps on giving!

I agree with Gavin's comments above. I think QOTSA is sorely missing Nick's influence...

Get Off My Elevator said...

I agree with both you guys, though I do seem to like "Lullabies" more than most diehards. Like Gavin pointed out, though, Oliveri brings a certain edge to QOTSA, and his hardcore influence is conspicuous by its absense on "Lullabies". AMG went so far as to hail Nick's "Dead Planet" LP as "the true follow-up to 'Songs for the Deaf'"! I think Nick's presence makes for a far more balanced Queens record.

nitro.vo said...

I saw Nick play a solo acoustic gig last week. He did QOTSA, Kyuss, Mondo and some covers. Such an awesome show, I'm keen to get my hands on his new acoustic album, Death Acoustic.

omar said...

can u please re-upload this? thank you

Agustin said...

Please re upload it, I can't find it anywhere. It would be great. Thank you! Excelent blog

wildheart said...

Do you have the vinyl version of demolition day ripped by any chance? It's quite hard to find the files out there.