Monday, February 25, 2008


This re-up is for Alice in Wonderland (sorry for the delay!). For the uninitiated, FIREBALL MINISTRY kicks ass, and they're more than likely much better than your favorite band. This EP in particular is very cool, as it features Rev. Rota & Co.'s unique twist on some tunes by ALICE COOPER, JUDAS PRIEST, MISFITS, AEROSMITH, and BLUE CHEER. I particularly dig the AEROSMITH cover ("Movin' Out"), but the whole EP is great. Especially if you don't own Second Great Awakening for the original tracks. "Maidens of Venus" is among the band's absolute finest work.

1. King
2. Choker
3. Maidens of Venus
4. Muscle of Love
5. Victim of Changes
6. Fortunes
7. Cough/Cool
8. Movin' Out



Cheeto and the Sludge Swamp staff recently upped this one, but in case you missed it, here it is again. The mighty ACID KING absolutely KILLS this set on our brand of rock's grandest stage, the 2007 Roadburn Festival. Lori's never sounded better vocally, and her guitar is just punishing. While the tracklisting reads somewhat like a Greatest Hits set (as if ACID KING's had any "hits"!), the performance is top-notch in every respect. Essential.

1. Busse Woods
2. 2 Wheel Nation
3. Heavy Load
4. Electric Machine
5. Bad Vision
6. On to Everafter
7. Into the Ground
8. Sunshine & Sorrow



COLOUR HAZE is always a big hit, both on Elevated Radio and here at G.O.M.E. They're one of my favorite bands, and they've never released a bad record, yet they've continued to progress and evolve with each project. I've spent a lot of time listening to Tempel as of late, and I've decided it's my personal favorite. As far as albums go, I'm hard-pressed to name a more fluid and cohesive one. Start-to-finish, this is the perfect soundtrack for enjoying an elevated state of consciousness. Chef's selections? The whole record, folks. Don't skip a single note.

1. Aquamaria
2. Fire
3. Mind
4. Tempel
5. Gold & Silver
6. Earth
7. Ozean
8. Stratofarm


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Another Man's Ruin casualty, a Sludgy Southern Whisky Rock, (12 years Scotch, may I say?). Love the song, an extract form their myspace site.

1994 was the year,Trailer Hitch was the group,this band of five individuals ruined so many tour vehicles,stages,borrowed instruments and dressing rooms that I can't mention the individuals by name.These were nice men during the day,then something changed when the smell of the bar hit their collective olfactory sences and it was time to start thinking about the mission ahead of them.They became some sort of single brained machine capable of anything and consuming everything.There are hundreds of incredible stories from shows of raw meat,explosives,blood and a shit load of cold beer smashed together with Marshalls to eleven,bombastic drumming,while being spearheaded by a screaming sinewy six foot three ex-demolitions specialist who enjoyed hurting himself while in the nude with combat boots on.The mix of personalities in this band was cumbustable at best and the band longevity was short(6 years)but blindingly bright(due to a visit to a indiana fireworks outlet).This was a band who was cursed from the jump,Studio sessions wrecked by inept engineers,Instruments stolen,kicked out and banned from clubs ..sometimes halfway thru the set,vehicles broken into and members nearly murdered,Trailer Hitch somehow released two CD's but recorded four..they should of been huge but they were their own worst enemies....thats why we loved em so god damn much,cuz they were Beautiful fuckin Disasters...

1.Big trucking Daddy
2.Big Truck Pull
3.Slim Jim
4.Naked Family Man
5.Learned To Wrestle Real Good In Vietnam
6.Gas Huffin' Glue Sniffin' Superma
7. The Shit Is Real [any Wrestling Federation]
8.Lonely Trucker Song
9.Square Dancin'
10.Where is Miami
11. Hey Get Your Cold Beer

Monday, February 11, 2008


For the 150 of you checking in today for Elevated Radio, and especially the five or six of you that intend to leave comments about the show, I regret to note that there will be no Elevated Radio until tomorrow at the earliest. Your humble host injured himself this morning, during domestic duties, leaving a hole in his right hand in which a goldfish could live a long and happy life. The medication for said injury, especially coupled with the usual Big Jack booze intake, might sound like the makings of a great show. Unfortunately, I'm just not up to it. I'll try tomorrow, and if it doesn't happen, maybe one of you guys will put together a good show in my absence.

Damn Romans,

Big Jeezy

Thursday, February 07, 2008


If I've said it once, I've said it a million times - As go Big Jack's moods, so goes G.O.M.E. A lot of you already know that Mike Patton is one of my all-time favorite vocalists, and that FAITH NO MORE is one of my all-time favorite bands. Those of you involved with The Elevator Sessions know that my all-time favorite song, "Zombie Eaters", happens to be a FAITH NO MORE tune (I warn you in advance, you'll not find the definitive version here). That said, here's a FNM set from 1990, recorded live (soundboard) in Libourne, France. I think fans will find a lot to enjoy here, even if Mike Patton was still learning how to use his voice in live performance, as opposed to the studio. He tanks numerous times, and the band itself butchers my all-time favorite song (but they wrote it, so I guess I can let 'em slide). Still, there's a lot to like. Billy Gould's bass never sounded tighter, and how many groups have you heard cover a Nestle's commercial (check the intro to "Surprise! You're Dead!")? This set is the sound of a band still cutting its proverbial teeth, figuring out what works and what doesn't, while keeping their sets interesting and entertaining. In my opinion, FAITH NO MORE hit their stride with Angel Dust, and became an excellent live band, as well as in the studio. This boot focuses on The Real Thing, and the set is very much like the record: uneven, schizophrenic, a little sloppy...but ultimately enjoyable.

1. From out of Nowhere
2. Introduce Yourself
3. The Real Thing/Underwater Love
4. Zombie Eaters
5. Edge of the World
6. Chinese Arithmetic
7. We Care a Lot
8. Surprise! You're Dead!
9. Epic
10. Woodpecker from Mars
11. Easy



Call me a slacker, I probably deserve it! HA HA! Well, this is for our feline friend, from the ashes of Karma To Burn guys, on a more relaxed and clean basis, this is an album you may want to hear if you are in search of some great instrumental skills and cool tones. Enough for the day! Listen to it!

1.Battle of britain
2.Captain Smirk
3.Cerebral Ballsey
4.Destructo legatta
6.hurt myself being stupid
7.King shit of fuck avenue
8.on a clear day
11.queen of spades
12.shock and awe
13.snake plissken
14.the admirals


Monday, February 04, 2008


Back from "high-atus" (©The Good Captain), Elevated Radio returns with a vengeance in this "lucky 13th" edition. Listen up for a COMPANY BAND exclusive as well as your usual dose of rock & roll.


Friday, February 01, 2008


Not really standard G.O.M.E. fare, SST's Program: Annihilator compilation is not only a schizophrenically enjoyable listen, but an important historic artifact. I bought this cassette back in '86, and I still have it to this day. Since it took me 21 years to score a copy on CD, I thought I'd pass it on to the Faithful and see what you all think. In 1986, the legendary SST label was eschewing it's punk and art rock, for which it was most famous, in favor of a decidedly metallic direction. Not coincidentally, that was also the direction the label's flagship band, BLACK FLAG, was pursuing at the time. Much like today, the underground fans of the '80s were an extremely fickle bunch, and by most accounts this stylistic 180 was a dismal failure. Personally, I enjoyed the majority of the music here in 1986, and I enjoy it just as much today. I'm assuming most of you are familiar with BLACK FLAG and SAINT VITUS, the two bands featured most heavily on this compilation. The obscure gem, though, might come in the form of OVERKILL (the LA biker punks, not the terrible NY speed metal band). OVERKILL was Merill Ward's (Greg Ginn's buddy) vehicle for creating big dumb MOTORHEAD-MEETS-BLACK FLAG rock & roll. SWA is another Ward band, and while they were more prolific (though I hesitate to say "successful"), Ward is at his absolute best on the OVERKILL songs featured here (all three tracks pulled from OVERKILL's sole SST release, Triumph of the Will). SWA was the more experimental of the two, though Merill Ward's lyrics are equally stupid with both bands, and that's part of their appeal. D.C.3 is equally interesting. To the uninitiated, "D.C." are the initials of BLACK FLAG's Dez Cadena, and D.C.3 was his less-hardcore side project. The SST roster at this time was particularly incestuous, with original BLACK FLAG bassist Chuck Dukowski playing in both SWA and WURM.

The original SST cassette was over 80 minutes long, so in order to format the compilation for CD, two songs were cut. While maintaining five BLACK FLAG tracks and four SAINT VITUS tracks, the CD version of the release omits OVERKILL's kickass rager "Head On", and D.C.3's interesting psychedelic rocker "We Feel the Sky". Since G.O.M.E. does indeed care about your future (assuming you have one), I'm including both omitted songs.

Overkill - Head On

D.C.3 - We Feel the Sky

1. Saint Vitus - War Is Our Destiny
2. Saint Vitus - White Stallions
3. Saint Vitus - Darkness
4. Saint Vitus - White Magic/Black Magic
5. Black Flag - Annihilate This Week
6. Black Flag - Society's Tease
7. Black Flag - You're Not Evil
8. Black Flag - Beat My Head Against the Wall
9. Black Flag - Thirsty and Miserable
10. Overkill - Victimized
11. Overkill - Ladies in Leather
12. D.C.3 - The Locust
13. D.C.3 - The Maniac
14. SWA - Catacombs
15. SWA - Sex Doctor
16. SWA - Sine Cosine X
17. Wurm - Feast
18. Wurm - Bad Habits