Wednesday, May 30, 2007


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Yeah, I wasn't gonna share any of these. Not after I plead for your help, and you, the G.O.M.E. faithful as a whole lifted MAYBE three fuckin' fingers. At the end of the day, though, you guys are FOR MUSIC. You're here to GET it, not SEND it, and I have to respect that. A lot of you have been much more active with the comments, and I definitely appreciate it. Aside from the crossdressing one-nutter that hates the MELVINS, you're all very cool, and I'll do what I can to keep bringing you the music you want.

That said, as a small token of my gratitude, here's another set from the mighty CLUTCH - this time from last month's Roadburn Festival. This set is actually very similar to the set I caught just a couple of weeks ago in Lawrence, KS. I do think the band is a bit more well-oiled six weeks later (they're already unveiling new tunes), but this is a kickass show. Plus, to my knowledge, it's the only 2007 soundboard circulating. Look out for FIVE HORSE JOHNSON's Eric Oblander, who's touring with CLUTCH, on harp and backing vocals. Highlights include...well...the whole fuckin' thing, but it gets no better than "White's Ferry". Some folks will complain because of the overwhelming number of new songs played (eight of 12), but fuck, man, they're from 2007's best rock album (though it might be 1A to CALLISTO's 1B)! A+ performance of A+ material with A+ quality. Enjoy.

1. You Can't Stop the Progress
2. Power Player
3. The Devil & Me
4. White's Ferry
5. (Notes from the Trial of) La Curandera
6. Mr. Shiny Cadillackness
7. Electric Worry
8. One Eye Dollar
9. I Have the Body of John Wilkes Booth
10. Rapture of Riddley Walker
11. Child of the City
12. Red Horse Rainbow


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

CLUTCH - 2003 STUDIO DEMOS (uhhh...2003?)

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DISCLAIMER: If you don't recognize the mighty CLUTCH as the world's greatest band, then what the fuck are doing here? Get off my elevator, punk. Get away from my page. What's the matter with you? Are you a shandy-drinker? Huh? Do you like boys? Is that it? You like to fuck boys? Fuckin' punk, I bet you do. Get the fuck off my elevator, fuckin' pussy.

That said, here's a collection of CLUTCH demos from 2003. It actually plays like an album...This does not sound like a collection of demos, but rather like a rough album. Noteworthy are both "Homecoming", which eventually morphed into "Regulator" (my favorite CLUTCH song, based on an old SKIP JAMES track), and C!'s cover of FLOYD's "Money".

1. Black Van
2. Hoodoo Operator
3. Day of the Jackalope
4. Cattle Car
5. The Promoter
6. La Curandera (bad fuzz in the left channel...sorry!)
7. Willie Nelson
8. Walpole Man
9. Steve Ducie
10. Homecoming
11. Subtle Hustle
12. Funky Navajo
13. Giving up the Ghost
14. Money



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By request, here's what AMG refers to as "the metal album for people who hate metal albums", and "a complete mindfuck". It's also the mighty MONSTER MAGNET's full-length debut. This always been one of my favorite MM records, if not my absolute favorite (depends what day it is). I don't have a whole lot to say about it. Aside from the dude who requested it, I imagine this album is in the collection of just about everyone who visits G.O.M.E. If it's not, put it there. Now.

1. Pill Shovel
2. Medicine
3. Nod Scene
4. Black Mastermind
5. Zodiac Lung
6. Spine of God
7. Snake Dance
8. Sin's a Good Man's Brother
9. Ozium



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In preparation for QOTSA's upcoming release, Era Vulgaris, I thought I'd post this live performance from XFM Radio. Three new tracks and an interview (conveniently split into two segments). If the size of the file seems abnormally large, that's because I've included a little bonus. Just G.O.M.E.'s way of thanking you for being more active on the boards and contributing to the site. All I ask is that you don't mention this "bonus" by name in your comments, and that you don't let any leak on ya. Enjoy.

1. Interview (pt. 1)
2. 3's & 7's
3. Interview (pt. 2)
4. Into the Hollows
5. Suture Up Your Future


Thursday, May 17, 2007


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Another MELVINS record by request. I've always loved Hostile Ambient Takeover, and while it might not be the band's most groundbreaking work, it's certainly entertaining in terms of mood. "The Fool, the Meddling Idiot" is classic Bullhead-esque MELVINS, and the 16-minute warhorse of a closer showcases King Buzzo at his most deranged.

1. Black Stooges
2. [untitled]
3. Dr. Geek
4. Little Judas Chongo
5. The Fool, the Meddling Idiot
6. The Brain Center at Whipples
7. Foaming
8. The Anti-Vermin Seed



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Judging from the download stats, all the MELVINS stuff I post seems to go over very well. Because of that, I'm assuming some of you will dig the 1992 solo EPs.

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This one's quite a trip. While on the surface it might strike some listeners as a handful of throwaways, or Buzz just fucking around in the studio, it's still entertaining. Buzzo's EP is naturally the most "MELVIN-esque" of the trilogy. Noteworthy is that Osbourne is credited on every instrument except drums. The credited drummer is Dale Nixon. For you history buffs, Dale Nixon is the name the legendary Greg Ginn used for his bass credits on BLACK FLAG's My War, when the band was without a bassist. In this instance, the Dale Nixon in question is Dave Grohl (who also narrates the album's hilarious closer).

1. Isabella
2. Porg
3. Annum
4. Skeeter


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I'm a huge fan of Joe Preston's work with both the MELVINS and EARTH. This record is closer to EARTH, though the EP format prohibits the music from ever really going anywhere. "Bricklebit" teases a pseudo-MELVINS riff and rhythm, but never develops into an actual song. The closer is 23 minutes of drone and noise, tucked away somewhere between Prick and Earth 2.

1. The Eagle Has Landed
2. Bricklebit
3. Hands First Flower


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It should come as no surprise that this one's my favorite. To my knowledge, this was Crover's first crack at being a frontman, and it's a legitimate one-man-band affair. It kicks ass all the way through, and at the end I always find myself cursing its brevity (the entire EP doesn't reach 13 minutes). "Dead Wipe" could've been the best song on In Utero, while "Hurter" is, in my opinion, Crover's finest composition.

1. Hex Me
2. Dead Wipe
3. Respite
4. Hurter



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Since someone had the good taste to request the mighty ALTAMONT, I thought I'd post their debut. In time I'll post the others, but this is a great place to start. It's also my personal favorite. While Dale Crover is best known for his day job (MELVINS drummer), he proves himself as a more than capable riffmaster here. Of course, spending years playing drums behind King Buzzo, not to mention being married to ACID KING's Lori S., would make it seem like second nature. Overall, Civil War Fantasy (yet another Man's Ruin casualty) is a great record, and I recommend it to all G.O.M.E. regs. If you're unfamiliar, imagine the MELVINS slowed down with a more southern rock/stoner influence. That's ALTAMONT. Enjoy.

1. Civil War Fantasy
2. Ezy Rider
3. Bitch Slap
4. Whips
5. My One Sin
6. Makers Mark
7. Black Tooth Powder
8. Up River
9. Down Wind
10. Smoke


Wednesday, May 16, 2007


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An anonymous visitor requested the MELVINS' trilogy. I assume he/she was referring to the 1999/2000 Ipecac trilogy, so here it is:

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The most bizarre album in the discography of a most bizarre band, The Maggot is challenging on every level, right down to the sequencing. Each song is divided over two or more tracks (a sure nightmare for you LimeWire heads, though I seriously doubt that was the band's intent). King Buzzo's riffs have never been heavier (OK, maybe on Bullhead), and while this collection is challenging, it's quite consistent. Seven songs spread over the course of 16 tracks, including a cover of FLEETWOOD MAC's "Green Manalishi" (also covered by JUDAS PRIEST and CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, among others).

1. Amazon
2. Amazon [continued]
3. Amazon [continued]
4. Amazon [continued]
5. We All Love Judy
6. We All Love Judy [continued]
7. Manky
8. Manky [continued]
9. The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown)
10. Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown) [continued]
11. The Horn Bearer
12. Horn Bearer [continued]
13. Judy
14. Judy [continued]
15. See How Pretty, See How Smart
16. See How Pretty, See How Smart [continued]


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The Bootlicker is another story entirely. The MELVINS have never made an "accessible" album, but this one might be their most "reserved". It's actually one of my favorite MELVINS albums. While there's nothing here they hadn't experimented with before, it's an extremely cohesive and succinct affair. Aside from the excellent song titles, the music itself shows why the guys in TOOL are such huge MELVINS fans. The influence has always been present in TOOL's records, but The Bootlicker could almost BE a TOOL record.

1. Toy
2. Let It All Be
3. Black Santa
4. We We
5. Up the Dumper
6. Mary Lady Bobby Kins
7. Jew Boy Flower Head
8. Lone Rose Holding Now
9. Prig


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The Crybaby, the final installment of the trilogy, teams the MELVINS up with various friends and extended family, including Hank III, Henry Bogner (of HELMET low-end fame), Mike Patton, the aforementioned TOOL, and 70s teen idol Leif Garrett, among others. With only five songwriting credits for Buzzo (all co-credits, mind you) The Crybaby is clearly chock-full of covers, but also a collaborative effort. Despite being a bit diffuse and inconsistent (stylistically the tracks pull complete 180s throughout the album, from traditional MELVINS fare to white noise to country/western and back again), I find this album completely enjoyable, and one of the few cover/collab records that actually works.

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit (w/ Leif Garrett)
2. Blockbuster (w/ David Yow)
3. Ramblin' Man (w/ Hank III & Henry Bogdan)
4. G.I. Joe (w/ Mike Patton)
5. Mine Is No Disgrace (w/ Foetus)
6. Spineless (w/ Skeleton Key)
7. Divorced (w/ Tool)
8. Dry Drunk (w/ David Yow & Godzik Pink)
9. Okie from Muskogee (w/ Hank III & Henry Bogdan)
10. The Man with the Laughing Hand Is Dead (w/ Bliss Blood)
11. Moon Pie (w/ Kevin Sharp)



I thought I'd also add this Buzz Osbourne interview, compliments of the
Southern Records podcast, from last December. Some of you might dig it. (A) Senile Animal was a new release at the time, so they play cuts from that, and you can also hear the legendary FLIPPER (one of my all-time favorite bands) tuning up for their set. Check it out:



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Taking a brief reprieve from the whole T.R.L. thing, I thought I'd offer up this somewhat obscure nugget of bizarre goodness. Cliff Notes version: Before Melissa Auf der Maur took the mic with THE CHELSEA and AUF DER MAUR, the former HOLE/SMASHING PUMPKINS bassist honed her vocal skills in LA fronting a BLACK SABBATH cover band. Not just an amusing novelty, this set is actually worth checking out. A+ soundboard recording.

1. Intro
2. Hand of Doom
3. Fairies Wear Boots
4. War Pigs
5. Paranoid
6. The Mob Rules
7. Changes
8. Black Sabbath


Tuesday, May 15, 2007


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OK, all links should now be active. Please let me know if you have any problems.

Monday, May 14, 2007


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From the sludge capital of...ummm...Little Rock, Arkansas...I give you RWAKE! If You Walk Before You Crawl, You Crawl Before You Die is an impressive album on many levels. There are some riffs and signature changes here that could win over even the most die-hard TOOL fan. The vocals, however, leave much to be desired. At least to me. I realize Chris Terry is going for an EYEHATEGOD/SOURVEIN sound, but he comes off sounding more like Dan Beehler from EXCITER.

1. Dying Spiral Galaxies
2. Forge
3. Imbedded
4. Intro
5. Sleep and Forget Forever
6. Woodson Lateral
7. If You Walk Before You Crawl
8. You Crawl Before You Die



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While not standard G.O.M.E. fare, I was delighted to see this requested. I've always been a fan of the 80s US indie scene, and ARCWELDER took that sound into the 90s. I've chosen to post their sophomore effort here, as it's my personal favorite, but it's also become increasingly harder to find over the years. Highly recommended to fans of HUSKER DU, early REPLACEMENTS, and early SOUL ASYLUM.

1. Harmonic Instrumental
2. Daydream
3. Missing
4. Hint Taken
5. Left
6. Plastic
7. Favor
8. When You're Gone
9. Everything
10. Staback
11. I Hates to Lose
12. Bob Sez



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G.O.M.E. regular Matias requested more FATSO JETSON, so here's their debut. To the uninitiated, this SST release is no Cruel & Delicious. FATSO has always defied classification, and Stinky Little Gods might just be their most diffuse collection. If this record reminds you of anyone else, it'll probably be the MEAT PUPPETS (no shit!).

1. Kettles of Doom
2. Joke Shop
3. Von Deuce
4. Captain Evil
5. Pressure for Posture
6. Nightmares Are Essential
7. Gargle
8. Salt Chunk Mary's
9. Highway 86
10. Corn on the Macabre



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I was glad to see this one requested. Originally just a side project for MONSTER MAGNET's Ed Mundell, the BITCHWAX has become one of the most reliable bands on the scene. Awesome debut from an absolutely kick-fuckin'-ass band.

1. Storm Theme
2. Birth to the Earth
3. Hey Alright
4. Crazed Fandango
5. Hope You Die
6. Ain't Nobody Gonna Hang Me in My Home
7. Kiss the Sun
8. Gettin' Old
9. Last of the V8 Intercepters
10. Shit Kicker
11. The Formula


Thursday, May 10, 2007


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OK, G.O.M.E., you've requested some great stuff. I haven't had the chance to fulfill every request, so we're gonna stretch this through next week.

Keep the requests coming. I'll catch up over the weekend.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


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Someone requested the best ACID KING album, and while the band's entire discography is remarkably consistent, my vote goes to Busse Woods. "Electric Machine" and the title track are among ACID KING's best compositions. Originally released in 1999 on the legendary Man's Ruin label, the album was rescued from obscurity by the mighty Small Stone in 2004. This reissue includes two bonus tracks: covers of HAWKWIND's "Motorhead" and B.T.O.'s "Not Fragile". Not only highly recommended, but absolutely essential.

1. Electric Machine
2. Silent Circle
3. Drive Fast, Take Chances
4. 39 Lashes
5. Carve the Five
6. Busse Woods
7. Motorhead
8. Not Fragile


Monday, May 07, 2007


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Originally released with only three tracks (and a limited quantity of 500 copies), The Grimmrobe Demos was SUNN O)))'s first release. I'll be honest and admit that aside from Altar, their collaboration with BORIS, SUNN O))) generally isn't my blend of whiskey. It's certainly hypnotic and ambient, but it's also definitely mood music. Recommended to that are always in the mood to listen to Earth 2. This version features one bonus track.

1. Black Wedding
2. Defeating: Earth's Gravity
3. Dylan Carlson
4. Grimm & Bear It [bonus track]



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By request, here's the new MIDDIAN release, Age Eternal. For those who may be unfamiliar, this trio is Mike Scheidt's post-YOB project. I personally prefer it to any of the three YOB albums, though it's certainly in a similar vein. The SABBATH influence is still present and accounted for, as are elements of space rock, psychedelic, and classic metal riffing. SLIGHTLY more accessible than HIGH ON FIRE, but Scheidt's progression with MIDDIAN is reminiscent of Matt Pike's. Highly recommended, especially for fans of YOB and KALAS. The title track is one of my favorite tracks of 2007.

1. Dreamless Eye
2. The Blood of Icons
3. Age Eternal
4. The Celebrant
5. Sink to the Center


Sunday, May 06, 2007


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As a way to apologize for another lapse in G.O.M.E. activity (aka "highatus"), I've decided to take requests for the next 30 hours or so. If you request it, I'll post it. Simply make your requests in the seemingly invisible comments section.