Thursday, February 15, 2007


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I thought this classic would be a welcome addition to G.O.M.E., as it's become increasingly harder to track down (at least in the States). Bottom line, I believe Tumuli Shroomaloom ranks up there with the very best of KYUSS and MONSTER MAGNET. It's that damn good. Unfortunately, only their second LP, Tumuli would be the last we ever heard of ACRIMONY. I really can't recommend this album highly enough. The only fair comparison is the mighty KYUSS. Guitarist Stuart O'Hara has a lot in common with Josh Homme is that he can create a melody over a monster riff, but never overplay it. The melody never becomes stale - it takes a backseat to the groove, so much, in fact, that you can't quite remember when it started or when it stopped. To me, that ability is what makes the KYUSS discography so enjoyable and enduring...and, to a lesser degree, QOTSA's. I would put ACRIMONY's final offering in that class for the same reasons. It's a damn crime that this classic is so hard to find in 2007. Give it a shot. I guarantee you dig it. If you don't believe me, check out Kerrang!'s five-K review.

1. Hymns to the Stone
2. Million Year Summer
3. Turn the Page
4. VY
5. Find the Path
6. The Bud Song
7. Motherslug (The Mother of All Slugs)
8. Heavy Feather
9. Firedance



Anonymous said...

wow... nice! You're right, it really is that damn good!

Reverend Atman said...

me likee.

Anonymous said...

can we get a new link?

Levi said...

pleeease could you re-up this!
it (was) one of my favourite albmus until my computer died and I lost it : (

Jason said...

Along with the others.... can we pleeeeaaaaseeee get a re-up on the Acrimony LPs? I've been dying to get these albums and they're kind of hard to come by.