Sunday, July 29, 2007


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Here's another bone for the rabid G.O.M.E. doom contingent to chew on. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have tried to like CHURCH OF MISERY. I love the riffs, their choice of covers, and the grooves. The musicianship is in place to create great doom metal. I guess that's why the whole serial killer gimmick annoys me so much. These guys could get by without it. The covers are great, though. Any band that covers both SAINT VITUS and IRON BUTTERFLY gets at least a spin or two at Casa de Jack Grande.

Disc One

1. Spahn Ranch
2. Road to Ruin
3. Reverend
4. War Is Our Destiny
5. Room 213
6. Taste the Pain
7. Plainfield
8. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

Disc Two

1. Murder Company
2. Son of a Gun
3. Where Evil Dwells
4. Sick of Living
5. Come Touch the Sky
6. Accident
7. Chains of Death
8. Retal


MONSTER MAGNET - TAB...25 (1991)

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Easily the most bizarre, and consequently least "accessible" release in the mighty MONSTER MAGNET's discography, Tab...25 is also one of the most interesting. Open-minded students of rock will hear elements of not only HAWKWIND and SABBATH, but also a distinct BUTTHOLE SURFERS psychedelic influence. The title track alone went on to inspire bands across the globe, from ASTROSONIQ to UFOMAMMUT, and even the great KYUSS (back in '91, MM sounded more like KYUSS than KYUSS did!). Listen in an open and elevated state of mind, and you're in for a rock & roll experience like no other.

1. Tab...
2. 25
3. Long Hair
4. Lord 13



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I was very excited about the release of Simple Mind Condition, despite its hefty price-tag in the US. While I was a little disappointed at first, I soon realized that my expectations were unrealistic (12 years is a long time between albums), and grew to embrace the album for what it is: if not a triumphant return, then at the very least a solid rock album. Manic Frustration (the most downloaded album in G.O.M.E. history) was 16 years ago! A lot can change in that time. The first two tracks here, "Goin' Home" & "Mindbender", will satisfy all Rubin-era TROUBLE fans. Unfortunately they're followed by two boring rockers and an embarrassingly bad ballad. The album does regain its steam with "Trouble Maker" and "Arthur Brown's Whiskey Bar" before falling flat again with the title track. The unexpected piano ballad closer, "The Beginning of Sorrows", is fantastic...even if it makes you wonder how a rock band from Chicago ended up sounding like a cross between BAUHAUS and PORCUPINE TREE. All in all, there are some big winners here, but also some real stinkers. I still recommend it to the G.O.M.E. faithful, though, because you'll want a few of these tracks on your next "BEST OF TROUBLE" mix CD.

1. Goin' Home
2. Mindbender
3. Seven
4. Pictures of Life
5. After the Rain
6. Trouble Maker
7. Arthur Brown's Whiskey Bar
8. Simple Mind Condition
9. Ride in the Sky
10. If I Only Had a Reason
11. The Beginning of Sorrows



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OM consists of the legendary SLEEP's rhythm section: bassist/vocalist Al Cisneros and drummer Chris Haikus. This is an incredibly difficult band to describe, as most SLEEP devotees lose interest the moment they find out about the conspicuous absence of guitars. That lapse in judgment has cost a lot of people valuable exposure to some amazing music. Bass + drums + vocals + a bizarre avian fixation doesn't exactly sound like the recipe for a great rock record, but Conference of the Birds, OM's latest release, is new-millennium psychedelic at its absolute finest. The majority of "At Giza" recalls Barrett-era PINK FLOYD until it kicks in with overdriven bass power chords that would make Lemmy proud. "Flight of the Eagle" is a little more rockin', by OM standards, and somehow manages to stay fresh and entertaining for a whopping 17 minutes. While the format might strike the closed-minded G.O.M.E. visitor as potentially boring, nothing could be further from the truth. Conference of the Birds is, in fact, essential.

1. At Giza
2. Flight of the Eagle


Thursday, July 26, 2007


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Staying in the doom genre, I've decided to post this slab of discomfort and despair - KHANATE's sophomore release. Whether you love or hate (and no one is indifferent) a particular Stephen O'Malley project, you have to admire his vision and his commitment to his craft. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: this shit is not for amateurs. Things Viral is brutal, unsettling, tortured and twisted doom, played in slow-motion, topped with shrieking vocals of which every single word is painfully intelligible. Download at your own risk.

1. Commute
2. Fields
3. Dead
4. Too Close Enough to Touch



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Regular visitor Blogs of Fury requested more doom, so G.O.M.E. proudly presents...MORE DOOM! Despite its less-than-clever title, I'd recommend Harbinger of Metal to doom and stoner heads alike. Drawing heavily from SABBATH, and unabashed worshipers of the great SAINT VITUS, REVEREND BIZARRE comes across as a true throwback band. This riff-fest is actually better than a few of the albums released by the band's legendary heroes. Highly recommended...especially "Strange Horizons".

1. Harbinger
2. Strange Horizons
3. The Ambassador
4. From the Void
5. The Wandering Jew
6. Into the Realms of Magickal Entertainment
7. Dunkelheit



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This isn't the release our main man Peluka is looking for, but for those of you discovering the greatness of FIREBALL MINISTRY through G.O.M.E., this is a natural progression from Ou Est la Rock?. This EP features three songs that would be included on 2003's classic Second Great Awakening, as well as five covers (most of which would find their way onto various tribute releases). I won't talk about the covers - if you're truly a student of rock, you'll instantly recognize all five of them - but feel free to post any questions in the comments section (at the risk of being lampooned and ostracized by the G.O.M.E. faithful, myself included). Overall, this is a very enjoyable stop-gap EP (released by the great Small Stone) between the band's 1999 EP and their proper 2003 full-length debut. "King" and "Maidens of Venus" are among the band's greatest songs, and the covers all kick ass.

1. King
2. Choker
3. Maidens of Venus
4. Muscle of Love
5. Victim of Changes
6. Fortunes
7. Cough/Cool
8. Movin' Out



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I was pleased to see someone request Staring at the Divine, yet another Man's Ruin casualty (re-recorded and re-released on Relapse) brought to you by the good folks at G.O.M.E. Possibly the band's most focused effort, this album eschews ATP's stylistic experimentalism in favor of straight-out RAWKIN'. The one-two punch of "Whore Adore" and "Hunting by Echo" (ATP's greatest song, in my opinion) in the middle of the album is absolutely devastating, and tailor-made for the G.O.M.E. faithful. If any of you are planning a trip to the southern US to pick up some authentic corn whiskey, Staring at the Divine is the perfect soundtrack.

1. Ol' Faithful
2. Motor Ready
3. Shapeshifter
4. Whore Adore
5. Hunting by Echo
6. Beck and Call
7. Twilight Arrival
8. Esteem Fiend
9. S.S.D.D.
10. Amounts That Count


Wednesday, July 25, 2007


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To the G.O.M.E. Faithful: There's been an issue or two with the MyPod player to the right of your screen. Today, it seems to actually PLAY, but most days that's apparently not the case. It should be loaded with a new playlist, and it should start automatically when you access the site. I know a lot of you aren't into leaving comments, but if you visit the ol' blarg over the next couple days, and the music doesn't play, can you please leave a quick note here? I would greatly appreciate it.



Now, this is a propper G.O.M.E. post, Iike you G.O.M.E.s faithfull are used to.
I did some research, and indeed, they are swedish.
Great guitar sound, very quiet from times to times, but definetively deserves your attention.
One more thing, I will reward with money to the one who can tell me how the fuck set my amp to get that cool reverb/chorus sound. $$$

1Matador 5:30
2Larrivee 4:26
3Big Head 2:42
4Seeds in Rocky Places 4:23
5Railroad Rider 5:06
6As Say the Pilgrims, So Say I 7:01
7Bride of Flawless 2:21

MAMMOTH VOLUME - EP? (I guess they are swedish)

Well, I have no idea who they are, or where they came from, but I accidentaly found this and I dig it big time. If you like Fatso Jetson, this is a must, nice guitar tunes, nice atsmophere, but not completely desert rock, guys, here is Mammoth Volume.Rock on!
I guess this is an EP
time is a short post, things got a bit busy around here.


Saturday, July 21, 2007


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What the fuck is goin' on around here (© Mike Muir)? It almost seems like G.O.M.E. is suddenly in the business of providing strictly good time rock & roll. Stoner rock, whiskey rock, desert rock, it's all present and accounted for...but where's the angst? Where's the agony? Where's the relentless grind and despair that makes us hate any and all creatures, including puppies and baby geese?

Look no further, sludgefucks. The UK's SLOTH deliver all your doomsday needs on this 2001 debut (unfortunately their only album). To the GOMErs out there that don't particularly dig this brand of "stoner doom", I need to point out that the SECOND most downloaded album on G.O.M.E. is EYEHATEGOD's Take as Needed for Pain. This one's for those guys. I'd probably compare SLOTH to SLEEP before I'd compare them to EYEHATEGOD, if only because of the blues influence and emphasis on groove. Overall, it's a great rock record, and should hold the more sullen chapter of the G.O.M.E. faithful over 'til I can come up with some new WARHORSE or WIZARD boots.

1. Wishman
2. Lord of the Gallows
3. Geminian
4. Into the Sun
5. Green Magick
6. The Voice of God
7. Casting the Circle


Friday, July 20, 2007


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I figured this is as good a time as any to throw up some CLUTCH promos and EPs.

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1. A Shogun Named Marcus
2. Rats (live)
3. Juggernaut (live)
4. A Shogun Named Marcus (live with Max & Andreas of SEPULTURA)
5. Molt


BIG NEWS EP (1995)
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1. Big News (radio edit)
2. Apache
3. Spacegrass (demo)


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1. Wishbone
2. The Dragonfly
3. Gifted & Talented
4. 05


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1. The Old Bait & Switch
2. Mainstream
3. The Mack



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Yet another Man's Ruin casualty, Our Darling has the stark historical distinction of being the last album released by the legendary label. If you liked Civil War Fantasy, then you'll probably dig this one...though Dale Crover's southern-fried boogie obsession is toned down a touch in lieu of more MELVINS-esque experimentation. This also marks the emergence of Dale on guitar. He'd already proven his songwriting skills ("Hurter", anyone?), but on Our Darling, he's actually a functional guitarist, providing decent leads and tons of Buzzo-style texture. It goes without saying that as far as guitarists go, Crover is no J Mascis (ironically also a drummer). But he has the gift of writing semi-accessible and memorable riffs, and building great songs around them. Six years later, we still mourn the demise of the legendary Man's Ruin, but at least they went out on a high note.

1. Saint of All Killers
2. Short Eyes
3. Our Darling
4. Pirate Love
5. Chicken Lover
6. Dead Car
7. Swami
8. Peace Creep
9. Stripey Hole
10. Young Man Blues



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Looking over the ol' blarg, I noticed the glaring absence of one of my favorite bands - ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY. River City Revival is yet another Man's Ruin casualty, and a great one at that. ATP's revolving door of lead singers has certainly cost them a potential following, and they were still honing their craft at this point, but it's an excellent dose of high-powered rock & roll. "Dryspell" and "Giving up on Living" are absolutely kickass, and well worth the price of admission (or download time) on their own. To the uninitiated, ATP isn't exactly "stoner rock". This is WHISKEY ROCK. Corn whiskey if you can find it.

1. Dryspell
2. Spineless
3. Heathen
4. Mosquito
5. Giving up on Living
6. Own Worst Enemy
7. Rockin' Is Ma Business



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Our main man Peluka requested this one, so G.O.M.E. had to deliver. I'm willing to wager that just about anyone who stumbles across G.O.M.E. is familiar with Chris Goss and MASTERS OF REALITY, though this most recent release is increasingly hard to find, and often carries a hefty price tag. This album threw many fans for the proverbial loop upon its release. While Goss has never hid his BEATLES influence, he's always balanced it out with some crunchy SAB-style riffing. Well, Give Us Barabbas is more Lennon than Iommi. Goss even pays tribute to his late hero with a cover of Lennon's bluesy "It's So Hard". These songs weren't intended to be a cohesive album (most of these songs are simply unreleased tracks recorded over a period of years), yet it works exactly as such. Listen for Scott Weiland's vocals on "Jindalee, Jindalie", as well as some special guest drumming by former MASTERS member Ginger Baker.

1. The Ballad of Jody Frosty
2. Voice and the Vision
3. I Walk Beside Your Love
4. Bela Alef Rose
5. Brown House on the Green Road
6. Hey Diana
7. Still on the Hill
8. The Desert Song
9. Off to Tiki Ti
10. It's So Hard
11. Jindalee, Jindalie
12. Don't Get Caught by the Huntsman's Bow


Thursday, July 19, 2007


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OK, I won't call this a "triumphant" return, but I do think you guys will get a kick out of this. Yeah, maybe most of us have already heard the majority of these tracks, but here's a nice little pocketbook companion for your Era Vulgaris CD, regardless of how you got it! For Big Jack, the standout track is the "Christian Brothers" cover. I'm a longtime Elliott Smith fan, and this is just a cool fuckin' cover. The rest of the tracks kick ass as well, though I'm not real crazy about the "I'm Designer" remix.

1. The Fun Machine Took a Shit and Died
2. White Wedding
3. Suture Up Your Future (acoustic)
4. Running Joke
5. I'm Designer (remix)
6. 3's & 7's (acoustic)
7. Era Vulgaris
8. Christian Brothers
9. Into the Hollow (acoustic)
10. Goin' Out West



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This post is dedicated to all the G.O.M.E. regs that have submitted links over the past few weeks, but never made it onto the main page. Most of these albums, if not all of them, deserve proper main-page posts and a write-up. Unfortunately, you guys have been so much help, this is the only way to catch up! In the future, I'll do my best to stay on top of your submissions and post them immediately. I know I'm not the most reliable rock provider online, but now Matias is on board, and we'll both be watching the comments as well for all your submissions.

Also, if you want to submit a link and include your own description/review (aside from the regular Big Jack banter), feel free to send both to

Thanks again to all of you for making G.O.M.E. the only blog of its kind, and the best fuckin' rock blog in the universe!

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(NOTE: I do realize that our main man Peluka and others hooked up some great rock to share. Unfortunately, the links either went bad or were deleted by the host itself. G.O.M.E. certainly appreciates your efforts, but in the future, please try to avoid RS. G.O.M.E. is a hardcore supporter of
MediaFire and ZSHARE for files under 100MB, as well as SendSpace for the bigger stuff. Thanks again, and you guys fuckin' ROCK!!!!!!)


Attention, attention, this is your commander Matias taking control aircraft, (course: unknown) till our good captain Big Jack is back on duty , due to...let’s call it "Highatus"..
For your guidance I don’t have too many flight hours, so we may experience some turbulence during this trip, but to override it we offer you a the brand new Taura’s release, yeah another Argentinean (stoner?) rock band, you ‘d probably heard them on Kyuss tribute.
This time they offer a very tight and polished outcome (too tight to my taste) but you may appreciate some good old overdriven riff combined with ecliptics drum bases.
Nothing very special, but the Man has requested it, so…..
Note to our passengers: If this doesn’t suit your taste, we have some Chevy Chase movies to keep you quiet…
Thanks for flying with us
Stay tunned this weekend, there will be a lot to check
The G.O.M.E. staff

1- Miramar
2- Correcaminos
3- Acantilada
4- Il vulcano
5- Soportar
6- Halo de luz
7- Jenizaro
8- Aconcagua
9- Mi refugio
10- Cualquier día
11- Mil silencios
12- Bajamar
13- Muelle
14- Pleamar


Note to my Argentinean buddies, this blog was/is/and will be written in English, so there you have a more than valid excuse to study some English, we not only provide you good music, we care about your future….


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This is kind of a cheap way to get a bunch posted at once, and I do apologize for my lack of insight, but I thought this was the best way to get caught up. The majority of these albums have been requested by the G.O.M.E. faithful at one time or another, while the others are simply albums I uploaded when the intention of posting, but never found the time to put them on the ol' blarg. My next post will be "THE ULTIMATE CONTRIBUTION POST", which will include all the links you guys have submitted to the site. After these posts, there will be some requests I'm still working on, but for the most part G.O.M.E. will be caught up and back to business as usual. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


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G.O.M.E. faithful, please join me in welcoming the newest addition to the staff - straight out of Argentina, our main man MATIAS!

Regular visitors are already well aware of Matias's contributions to G.O.M.E., and his rock & roll credentials speak for themselves. He's hooked us up with the NATAS, SANTORO, DRAGONAUTA, and hopefully soon (nudge, nudge), TAURA.

Matias will be making occasional contributions to the ol' blarg, and filling in during my (admittedly too frequent) HIGHatuses (© The Good Cap'n). You guys are really gonna enjoy his contributions, and please make sure you let him know that in the comments sections of his posts.
As far as language goes, it's entirely up to Matias. He's more than welcome to post in his native tongue if he so chooses. In fact, some days, more people access G.O.M.E. from Argentina than the US and UK combined. Based on the stats of the site, I think a lot of regulars would appreciate some posts en español.

So please welcome Matias (the self-proclaimed "fucking Argentinean") as the new co-author of G.O.M.E. I told you guys we would be back bigger and better, and this is a huge step in that direction.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


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Straight out of Örebro, here's yet another excellent Swedish stoner rock release. Fans of both KYUSS and ASTROSONIQ will find a lot to appreciate here. Mellower moments like "Momentum" and "Altered State" offer a much-needed reprieve from the post-desert sledge-riffing prevalent throughout the rest of the album. "Manhattan Project", for my money, is one of the best tracks of the entire genre. Overall, Gravity X is a great rock album from a band that probably should've garnered more stateside attention. Recommended.

1. Desert Cruiser
2. Gargarismo
3. Momentum
4. Freewheelin'
5. The Deal
6. Superfunk
7. Subfloor
8. Gweedo-Weedo
9. Manhattan Project
10. In Search Of (The)
11. Intermission
12. A. Zapruder
13. Altered State


Sunday, July 08, 2007


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Probably a bit of both, I regret to note. Don't give up on G.O.M.E., though. The blarg will be back in no time, both bigger and better. I've done my best to sneak in an album or two here and there, but I do apologize for the dry spell.

Thanks to all you guys who have contributed links. I'll get them all posted on the main page very soon. To the rest of you, make sure you're checking the comments sections. The G.O.M.E. faithful has been sharing a lot of excellent rock, and sharing some qualified insight as well.

BAD LINKS -- For the time being, please let me know if you find any dead links on the page so I can re-up. I say "for the time being" because in a few weeks I'm going to purge my MediaFire account. MediaFire is offering some new organizational features, and I'll need to do some serious cleaning in order to fully take advantage. I will be re-upping the most downloaded files and putting the new links in the original posts. I'll also be sending out a mass email with plenty of advance notice, and literally hundreds of links, before the purge. I share a lot of other music with my friends, and I contribute to a lot of other forums, so this email will include a great deal of stuff not posted here at G.O.M.E. I'll post advance notice here, but if you want on the mailing list, feel free to hit me up at

REQUESTS -- Keep 'em comin'! I know I'm behind, but please consider all of your requests pending. I'll up soon, and I really enjoy the requests.

NEW BLOOD -- Because I do tend to disappear from time to time (though never for very long), I've enlisted some new blood to co-author G.O.M.E. with me. I'll post an announcement when we get him signed up and ready to go. I can already tell you, though, that the addition of this co-author will greatly enhance G.O.M.E. You guys will really dig his contributions.

Stay tuned.

Big Jack


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Big thanks to Jordan for letting me know the old link on this one was bad.

This is a great tribute! I admit, it took some time for a few of the covers to grow on me, but over time I came to respect the effort of every band featured on this CD. If you don't think the idea of 16 Argentinean bands covering KYUSS classics sounds like a good one, I understand your skepticism, but I also know you'll probably change your mind about 20 seconds into CYGNUS' rendition of "Thumb". Highlights? Definitely CRUZDIABLO's merging of "100 Degrees" and "Whitewater", as well as SAURON's "Phototropic". SENDERO LUMINOSO's acoustic slant on "Love Has Passed Me By" is very interesting. Of course, another highlight is the extensive liner notes, penned by the one and only Scott Reeder, but in order to read those you'll need to order your own copy at

Before I gush any further, I'll just say that if you enjoy tribute albums, I think this is exactly the tribute album for the G.O.M.E. faithful. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the "comments" section and let us know.

1. CYGNUS - Thumb
2. AVERNAL - Green Machine
3. MELISSA - One Inch Man
4. SENDERO LUMINOSO - Love Has Passed Me By
5. TAURA - Writhe
6. LOS NATAS - Allen's Wrench
7. BUFFALO - Odyssey
8. CRUZDIABLO - 100 Degrees/Whitewater
9. SUPEREXTRA - Space Cadet
10. SAURON - Phototropic
11. SICK PORKY - Demon Cleaner
12. SEREEN - Supa Scoopa & Mighty Scoop
13. SUNFERNO - Gardenia
14. POSEIDOTICA - Asteroid
15. REGULAR XON - El Rodeo
16. GALLO DE RINA - Spaceship Landing