Tuesday, February 06, 2007


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Another lost classic from the vaults. It actually took me a little while to appreciate this album. I blame that on the numerous SABBATH comparisons and the constant miscategorization of TROUBLE as a doom band. Truth be told, while I consider TROUBLE right at home here at G.O.M.E., Manic Frustration is probably the most "accessible" album I've posted thus far. If you're not familiar, though, don't let that scare you. "Mr. White" alone is worth the download, and the album as a whole is great. TROUBLE wasn't as heavy as ELECTRIC WIZARD or as haunting as SAINT VITUS, but if you're a fan of heavy rock with steady grooves, lots of melody, and a psychedelic angle, I can't recommend Manic Frustration highly enough.

1. Come Touch the Sky
2. 'Scuse Me
3. The Sleeper
4. Fear
5. Rain
6. Tragedy Man
7. Memory's Garden
8. Manic Frustration
9. Hello Strawberry Skies
10. Mr. White
11. Breathe



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting these Trouble albums - they're practically impossible to find!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your posts. They're great!

Fuzzbox said...

hell yeah ... just found your blog today ... i'm also big stonerrock fan and so glad seeing all those gemstones here ...

didn't know the band trouble so far and this album gonna be my starter ... killer!!!

if you like check also my blog out ... e.g. a couple of heads albums ...

keep on keepin bro's!
peace from sis fuzzbox!