Monday, February 26, 2007


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Blues for Henry... is the 1996 debut of FIVE HORSE JOHNSON. Released on Toledo's tiny Sin Klub label, the album is becoming harder and harder to find, often commanding a price that far outweighs its worth. Still, as the weather gets warmer (at least in North America) and you find yourself toting a six pack of beer outside to de-winterize your automobile, this is the perfect soundtrack. Blues for Henry... is a great introduction to 5HJ's stoned blues rave-ups, a craft the band has mastered during their extended stay at Small Stone. I strongly encourage the G.O.M.E. faithful to visit the online store and support Small Stone Recordings and FIVE HORSE JOHNSON.

1. Let Me In
2. Addie
3. Sermons in the Yard
4. Candystore
5. Honeycomb
6. Wishing Well
7. Roscoe Gauldin
8. Odella



mad4music said...

Hey. Glad to see you finally got ELEVATED RADIO up and running! I enjoyed it. An excellent offering of songs and good sequencing too. I particularly enjoyed the Sasquatch, Fatso Jetson, and Daredevil tracks... and the rest were great also!

I've been offline for a while and I see you've uploaded a ton interesting music since I last checked in. You know I'm going to be all over the "desert rock" stuff... live Kyuss, QOTSA, Unida... damn! I gotta get busy downloading.

Thanks, man!

Get Off My Elevator said...

Hey Cap'n, much obliged. Glad you enjoyed the tracks. Now that I have the stream figured out, the podcast is ALMOST ready for its proper launch. I thought I'd hang a trial run on the page using that player, but I'm hoping to get the Pod working properly. I really like the way you have your podcasts archived on your MyPod flash player, and I am not above stealing that concept (haha). I'm actually using your INNER-HEAD FLIGHT ROYALE as the standard for a kickass show. My effects, themes, and segueways won't be as pro, but that's what I'm shooting for.

I knew you'd dig the healthy dose of sunstoned desert jams. I've got some more to add, so keep checking back!

Gavin said...

Thanks for this, been wanting to check five horse out for a long time, just never got round to it. Also the rest of the stuff you have been posting is excellent. Keep up the good music dude!

Almost forgot, what do you think of Amen Ra?

Get Off My Elevator said...

Thanks, Gavin. I figured you'd find something to appreciate among that run of Kyuss/Unida/QOTSA/Josh Homme posts. As for 5HJ, make sure you check out their latest album "The Mystery Spot". It's one of my favorite records in a long time. They're an awesome band.

As for Amen Ra, I dig some of their stuff, but I can't say they're one of my favorites. I'm seeing Isis and Jesu next month, and I think both those bands are better at what Amen Ra is trying to do. Amen Ra has this whole other level than those bands, though. They speed it up and get crazy, almost like a Botch or Dillinger Escape Plan at times...and while I respect those bands, I don't listen to them. The again, I only have "Mass I" and "Mass III", so they might very well have some excellent music floating around that I'm not even aware of. From what I've heard though, I love about half of it, and the other half simply isn't my style...which basically makes it tough to enjoy the albums as a whole.

Reverend Atman said...

they have this available on emusic, but it's missing some of the tracks. which really pissed me off. It was an "editors pick".

An editor's pick with missing tracks. uh, okay.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Link dead!