Thursday, February 01, 2007

SLO BURN - DEMO (1996)

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Here's a handful of SLO BURN tracks that didn't make the AMUSING THE AMAZING EP. Actually, they did, though in extremely limited quantities. Regardless, attaching these demo tracks to the end of an otherwise immaculately produced EP is a bit of an earsore. The songs are strong, especially "Positiva", but the sound quality is shit. That said, I present to you five SLO BURN tracks not included on the mainstream pressing of AMUSING THE AMAZING , and simply say "do what you want".

1. Wheel Fall
2. Positiva
3. Cactus Jumper
4. Round Trip
5. Snake Hips



mad4music said...

Sweet! Thanks. I particularly liked the first two tracks. Would love to get my hands on a better sounding copy of these recordings...

Get Off My Elevator said...

I agree, Capt. "Wheel Fall" and "Captiva" could've really enhanced the EP. The rest I can take or leave, but it's kind of cool to hear what else SLO BURN was up to, since we have so little to go by (especially if we missed OZZFEST that year). I'll keep an eye out for better versions, though the versions I posted here are identical to those released on the "limited edition" version of the EP.

Anonymous said...

dood, cactus jumper is a killer track.

Anonymous said...

please!!! repost "slo burn demo"!! i'm addict !! I love John Garcia!! I love STONER ROCK... i'm brazilian and i don't speak english well (?!) but i can say : I LOVE STONER ROCK !!

tito said...

Hey! Wow!
i have some of the songs you're talking about, but i don't have all of them!
I would really like to have them!
Could you please upload them again to mediafire or filefront???
if yes, could you please email me the link as soon as you do it???
thanks my friend, it would be really nice from you!!!
greetings from italy!!!

Anonymous said...

Please, reupload archive!