Monday, August 30, 2010

Spiritual Beggars - Return To Zero (2010)

Allright, to show some gratitude to my GOMIES for the recent comments, here is an exclusive for you.
No need to tell you what's this about I guess.. I only can tell you after a few hearings, that it's a decent one.
You know the drill here... grab it while it's hot.. once it's gone, it's gone.

Spiritual my ass

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quest For Fire - Lights From Paradise (2010)

Remember a while ago I posted a brand new Nebula Split? well, this was the other band..
now they got a full new album and now I understand more clearly why the split with will feel the vibe here..

01. The Greatest Hits By God
02. Set Out Alone
03. Strange Vacation
04. Confusion's Home
05. In The Place Of A Storm
06. Psychic Seasons
07. Hinterland Who's Who
08. Sessions Of Light

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Datura - Visions For The Celestial (1999)

Some heavy pysch from New Zeland.. it got's it's moments..but overall, it's a good one.

1. Magnetise
2. Sunshine in Purple
3. Reaching Out
4. Into the Light
5. Euphoria
6. Voyage
7. Mantra

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ACAJOU - Latin Lover (2001)

Because I love it, because you love it, more Italian rockers!!

1. Martini Dry Revolution
2. Latin Lover
3. Black Horizon
4. Magirus Deutz
5. Woman Sex Blues
6. Aeiou
7. Buenos Aires
8. Lonely
9. Mad Dogs and Black Shell
10. Go Vegan

latin lovers rule's

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Red Stoner Sun - Echo Return Promo (2007)

Well, I posted previous albums of these fine German gentlemans.. and found this, a promo edition of an album thar never came to light,  4 tracks only.. I don't know the story behind this, but if someone knows what happened to them please advice.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yellow #5 - Demon Crossing (2005)

Check out these names: Molly McGuire (Mondo Generator), Brant Bjork (Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Mondo Generator), and Dave Catching (Earthlings?, Mondo Generator). Chris Goss (Masters of Reality) does guest vocals on "Moon Man".

It's not heavy or stoner rock at all. The closest comparison you could make would be to the softer, female sung Desert Sessions tunes, or some of the Earthlings? stuff. But the songs are strong and will stick with you after only a couple listens. Some of the tunes are poppy in a singer/songwriter kind of way, others have a jazz swing to them. Over it all are Molly's infectious vocals, conveying a sassy, sultry attitude that adds a neat personality to the tunes. Brant's drumming is laid back and tasteful, like his work on the Jalamanta album. He quietly holds down the beat without distracting you from the melodies. Dave Catching adds some pedal steel here and there to add some twang to a few of the songs.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tweak Bird - Tweak Bird (2010)

I didn't like it as much as the first one, but is always nice to listen some indie stuff..

1. The Future
2. Lights In Lines
3. Roud Trippin'
4. A Sun / Ahh Ahh
5. Beyond
6. Tunneling Through
7. Sky Ride
8. Hazement In The Basement
9. Flyin’ High
10. Distant Airways

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Sort of Quartet - Victim a la Mode (1999)

As promised, here is Victim a la Mode, the more accesible TSOQ album I guess, suitable for all Fatso Jetson fans..

1. Bush Wacked
2. 7 Degrees of Bacon
3. Lotus Wald
4. New Suit Review
5. Behind the Old Geerage
6. Wild About Animals
7. Enter the Oaf
8. Ocatillo Fist
9. Fantastic Oaf
10. Brownshine
11. Rising Sun Red
12. Oaf Revisited
13. So Called Sickness
14. Again With the Oaf
15. Blank as a Tart

I'm also a  victim

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Sort of Quartet - Planet Mamon (1995)

Lady Mari requested to reupload this band once again, and because we can't say no to a lady, specialy to one who has shared a lot of music with us from the Swamp, here it is, once again, The Sort of Quartet disc.
Don't know what it is? well it's Mario Lalli's experimental side (one of the many).

Next post will be "Victim's a la Mode", which is closer to Fatso Jetson's sound and feel.. for now, enjoy this.

1. Twisto Mambo
2. Bahgdumas
3. Cone Jo Pedo
4. Jocky Slovakia
5. Caustic Soda
6. Funeral For The Magnatone
7. Planet Mamon
8. Road Runner
9. The Big Stomp

Sort of a download link..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

5ive - 5ive (2001)

They have been playing a lot this band on K666 radio lately, so that moved me to post it, what a great band.. instrumental sludge/doom/drone, guitar & drums only...

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Aargh! Stoner Radio Show Monday's night

One of our readers, Tom has a radio show in the US, in Connecticut to be more specific (WESU 88.1 FM) and since he mentioned the blog, the least I can do is to make a little post to encourage our faithfuls to gave it a listen, it's a great show, tons of great music (you can check past playlist here), 3 hours of the best stoner/sludge/doom and whatever you may find in this blog.
Every Monday at 10 p.m. (GMT -4)  you can stream online in excellent quality from HERE and listen worldwide.
In case you know shit about time zones, you can check it here .
By the way, if any of you has a radio show which can be streamed in decent quality, let me know, I will be happy to spread the word.

Don't forget to listen!!

Los Natas - Solodolor (2010)

our long time reader, Mr Peluka ( who in 3 years haven't been able to leave a single fucking comment in English haha) sent me this one.
Well, this is special edition from Los Natas, or at least from Sergio Ch (vocals, guitar)..

Solodolor is a side project which involves Sergio Ch (Natas) on gtr&vox, Billy Anderson (the famous producer) on bass, "El Topo" (Dragonauta) and Gustavo Rowek (argentinian metal scene icon) on drums, featuring some covers, even from Natas, with some guest singing from outside the project, and 3 own songs, pure sludge baby..

01. El ass de espadas (Motorhead)
02. No time (t.s.o.l.)
03. I don''t mind the pain (Danzing)
04. Rutation; naciste asi...
05. Soma
06. Thumb (Kyus)
07. Green machine (Kyuss)
08. Sunday horse - Solodolor
09. The battle of mocha poo - Solodolor
10. La balada de solodolor - Solodolor

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sahara Surfers - Spacetrip on a Paper Plane (2010)

Michael, the drummer of this band sent me this over Facebook to share it with you and spread the word, so here we go....

2 things to point out. One, that they are from Austria, I haven't heard much bands from that country I think, so it's kind of an exclusive for me, and the other issue, a female lead singer, which is something you don't see everyday in this scene, so, before even listening to it, you know something interesting will come out.

Going trough the tracklist you will find different textures, from quiet & dark passages to heavy power riffs, but what really hooked me was the singing, great voice & extremely catchy chorus, and when you have that, you got a winner..
Overall sound is excellent, very tight for a first release, solid mix, very well played intruments, like any German or Swedish band we are used to hear here.
I guess my favourite track would be the opening "Colour Jam" which I can guess is inspired somehow in Colour Haze, I can tell you that for the kind of guitar chord progression in the chorus, with an extra 5th... well you will realize that for yourself..

So here you have another "must listen".. and don't forget to support the artists, order now while they are unsigned.
One more time, thanks to the guys for sharing this "famous to be" band.

01. Colour Jam
02. Propeller
03. Age
04. 812
05. Sister In Shade
06. Gas

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Kyuss - Sons of Kyuss Demos (1990)

I didn't know I had this... anyway, here is a good set from Kyuss early days, most of the songs were released a year after on "Wretch".
Don't ask for quality, because there isn't, but in this case, quality is rarity.

01.Freedom run
02.Stage III
03.I'm Not
04.Big Biker
05.Highway 74
06.The Law

Grab it

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Stonehelm - Stonehelm (2010)

All right, let's keep up with some doom from California... it sounds like Iota to me, which is great..
last track is epic, it's how stoner/doom should be played.

1. Hyborian Tale
2. Tower of Black
3. Deep Space
4. Zombie Apocalypse 420
5. Scumbag
6. Acid Blur (Green Tab)
7. Deep Space Doom
8. So High We Hail (Lord in Green)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Brutally Awful Coffee - Coffee, Pizza & Chicks (2010)

I found this over the Swamp , and I couldn't miss the chance to post it here...
From the name to the album tittle, It's like Eagles of Death Metal but made in Poland...
It sounds like you read, like coffe, pizza & chicks, all blend together..

Where's my fucking Coffe?