Friday, February 09, 2007


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At the risk of turning G.O.M.E. into a "...formerly of KYUSS" appreciation page, here's HERMANO's 2005 live album. A+ sound and A+ performance. Highlights include "Landetta", of course, and a blistering cover of "TNT". You can still order this (I suggest the yellow vinyl), which I encourage you to do.

1. Cowboys Suck
2. 5 to 5
3. Life
4. Alone Jeffe
5. Roll Over
6. Landetta
7. My Boy
8. Quite Fucked
9. TNT
10. The Bottle
11. Senor Moreno's Plan
12. Manager's Special



As a little bonus, I thought I'd also post these demo tracks. As five of the six tracks appear, in better form, on HERMANO's debut (Only a Suggestion), the set is noteworthy for the inclusion of "Never Boulevard", a rare Garcia ballad I haven't heard before or since.

1. Alone Jeffe
2. Bottle
3. Manager's Special
4. 5 to 5
5. Never Boulevard
6. Senor Moreno's Plan



mad4music said...

Goddam! This live Hermano is rockin' my world bigtime right now! Thanks again, my friend. I'm gonna have look for this disc in the shops.

BTW: Just posted my latest podcast today. Check it out: Sonic Daydream

Anonymous said...

Please repost the demo, it's defenitely a must have,after owning the regelur stuff of Hermano

Cradle Of Fish said...

Yes yes repost! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

oohh, ,please upload the discs, i need them!!!!

theguy said...

would you mind re-upping some of the gems that you posted in 2007, please!? thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

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