Wednesday, February 14, 2007


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A little more Oliveri for those in need. Some versions of this EP feature a different take of QOTSA's "Six Shooter". Some others include the Demolition Day EP. Not much else to say. If you're here, you're probably familiar with Nick Oliveri.

1. All the Way Down
2. Bloody Hammer
3. There She Goes Again
4. Sleep the Lie Away


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Anonymous said...

This Ep delivers exactly what it needs to, a bite sized chunk of mondo goodness to keep you interested between albums. All the way down (Also on Dead Planet) shows nick at his punk rock best, while an electric version of bloody hammer shows a mellower side to his music. There she goes again is a remixed version of "Girls like Christ" from the drug problem album and Sleep the lie away is familiar to Meth I hear you callings unusually song structure. Great Ep worth the download. Thanks G.O.M.E!