Saturday, February 03, 2007

SAINT VITUS - C.O.D. (1992)

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BY POPULAR DEMAND! Well, not really. A friend of mine did request it, though, and I thought it would be a good addition to the blog. This album is much maligned among the VITUS faithful, being the only album to feature something called Christian Lindersson on vocals. While he's no Scott Reagers (who returned to the SAINT VITUS fold shortly after this album) or Wino, he definitely holds his own. Still, this album is an oddity. Most odd is probably the enlistment of DON DOKKEN (yes, DOKKEN) as producer. It appears that Mr. Dokken tried to get a vintage VITUS sound, as his own music, shitty as it was, was much better produced than this. Dokken's presence only seems to affect the band itself on "Imagination Man", which could pass as either the best song on a DOKKEN record, or a mid-80s OZZY throwaway. It's an interesting piece of history, though. If anyone's interested, I'll eventually give this album the Elevator treatment, adjust the levels, and re-post an enhanced version.

1. Intro
2. Children of Doom
3. Planet of Judgement
4. Shadow of a Skeleton
5. (I Am) The Screaming Banshee
6. Plague of Man
7. Imagination Man
8. Fear
9. Get Away
10. Bela
11. A Timeless Tale
12. Hallows Victim (Exhumed)



MRow said...

I love this record- in fact I see it as a highwater point in Dave's riffing/soloing career - he's never sounded more inspired IMO. I agree Christian ain't up to Reagers/Wino level, but how many humans are? Though I wish Mark's bass was up a bit futher up in the mix, I still listen to this one all the time. Thanks for this.

JAlberto said...

Hola, podras postear nuevamente el disco?. Desde Chile un abrazo.