Thursday, July 24, 2008

The ultimate QOTSA collection

Ok Gomies here is something that I' ve found some time ago, it's a complete rarities collection, well almost complete, in this directory youu can stream & download each song separetedly,
Go for It!!!

a real nice collection but it won't be complete without this frm the Plastic Turk sessions demos

1.Oppenheimers Brothers
2. Rickshaw
Plus a bonus
3. Cathedral City (for my man masterburner)


Though there are some missings that I'll try to get

ROTOR - 3 re-up for my man in Uruguay

Not much to say, just that this is not the cover art
  1. Auf' Maul
  2. V-ger
  3. Rotor
  4. Hart im Wind
  5. Umkehrschub
  6. Drehsturm
  7. Klar Schiff
  8. Nordend
  9. Kaltstart
  10. Transporter


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Speaking about Lanegan, this is his best album I believe, not as quiet as the rest of his solo carreer, and certanly, lot of QOTSA influences, specially on 4th track, can you hear a Homme touch there? realy nice album, get it.

1. Methamphetamine Blues
2. On The Steps Of The Cathedral
3. Clear Spot
4.Message To Mine
5.Lexington Slow Down
6.Skeletal History
7.Wish You Well
8.Sleep With Me


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Produced and mixed by Josh Homme & Alan Johannes, this belgium band will surprise you, though, too much sampling for me, but you can actually feel Homme presence here.

1. I'm On A High
2. A Lust Unmatched
3. For A Maid
4. Streetlife Cherry
5. Rise And Fall
6. Alpha Male
7. Love Is A Sickness
8. Ballad Of Pure Thought
9. We Don't Live There Anymore
10. Wake Up The Children
11. A Face That Doesn't Fit
Nocturn (Unlisted Track)


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The "Mysterious" Track on Songs for the deaf

All right, let's begin with the story behind this track..... back in time in 2002, when this was released in the US, but not yet released in Argentina by Sony, I guess they printed a month later than the official world release date in Argentina, so it was nearly impossible to get this imported and too fucking expensive, so we had to wait to the local print, (which always sounds in lower quality than the American editions) but speaking of QOTSA's, they always add a bonus track, in this case The Kinks cover "Everybody is gonna be happy", so far so good. The thing goes like this... since I couldn't wait for the local edition, and even less pay for an import album, bear in mind that in those days Internet wasn't what it is today, imagine that in Argentina...
Well, for my surprise I found a copy of this record in a "street records store" AKA a person who sells home-burned CDs and movies in the street...really unusual for this type of music, anyway the more surprising thing was that it was even before the world release..
Eventually, a month later I get an official copy, but there were some differences, in sound and about this track that wasn't listed... some days ago I went to a friends house who had a pirated copy bought on the street like a year ago in a very different place where it bought it....and guess what, it has this song right between tracks 9 & 10, so thinking, I'm pretty sure that most of the pirate copies distributed in Argentina came from a Master tape who slipped in hands of someone who made a copy for this pirates to distribute, believe me, this kind of business is conducted like a mafia, so if I guess right, that song was on the master tape sent by Interscope to Argentinean editors and went to someone that made circulate a copy even before the printings.

Speaking about the song, I'm pretty sure that is Mark Lenegan voice, and absolutely sure that is a Dave Groll's drumming....I never found this song in any compilation of B sides or whatsoever, did some research on Lenegan's stuff, but i found nothing till now...
Have you ever heard this song before?