Wednesday, September 26, 2007


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Alright, GOMIES (© Mighty Matias), I'm finally mellow enough to post some information regarding THE ELEVATOR SESSIONS. It isn't much, but here's the plan:

-- Everything at this point is merely speculative. I think I know what will work best, but Gordon and I are going to try it out on a cover of "Zombie Eaters". Like I said before, the best way to make this work is to share a sound editor. I'm in the process of sending Gordon some stuff (sorry I didn't get to it yesterday, bro...long day, then Big Biz/Melvins show!), and we'll see how it works from there. It's easier to all use the same sound editor because it enables us to transfer multi-track files, add and subtract from them EQ them, and mix them. When Gordon and I get "Zombie Eaters" knocked out, I'll hopefully be sending the file to our main man Jimmy Morbid, over at S2S, for some crazy keys. I don't want any of you to feel left out, this is just two or three dudes making a quick trial run in order to figure out how exactly we're going to make this happen.

-- Alright, so many of you have stepped up to contribute I can't even remember you all! I've kept the previous post bookmarked and will check the comments often. One of these days, when I'm not so fucking lazy, I'll post a roll call with contributors/instruments and all that jazz. 'Til then, I can honestly say that we need someone to step up and say "I'm a good singer"...or at least "I'm a good shouter/growler/screamer".

-- We also need drums. Or at least someone with the gear to program semi-believable tracks. I hate real mechanical-sounding drums, and I'm sure the G.O.M.E. Faithful does as well. If that's what we have to do, though, then we'll have to do it.

-- MORE BASS! Gordon is the man, and he stepped up first, but I doubt he wants to play bass on every song. If so, then fuck, it might as well be Worldwide Undergordon! I'm going to play a little bass, but we need you guys to speak up now and commit to the project.

-- Be patient. This is gonna be a long process. It'll be incredible when we're finished, but it's gonna take some time. I still need to get with a couple of my buddies, who are G.O.M.E. LURKERS (not FAITHFUL...fuckin' cunts), as well as X-Angel, when we finish "Zombie Eaters".

This shit is gonna rock!


I won't say much about them, they from Iceland, they play a Tipically Northen Europe stoner rock, sometimes similar to Truckfighters, Low Rider, this is their second release, nothing really new, but, man, a band from Iceland! This only totally make it worth it.
Don't fell very chaty today...
1. One Blow
2. Return Of the Lovechopper Of Destiny
3. Rocket Fuel
4. Free Lovin' Temptress
5. Love Mutha
6. Dust Volver
7. Johnny Babas
8. El Duderino
9. Iron Fist
10. The Journey Is the Destination
11. Womble Dust
12. Taste the Flower
13. Jacuzzi Suzy


Tuesday, September 25, 2007


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If you've been hanging around G.O.M.E. for very long, then you know that we like to throw you the occasional curve-ball. This is one that I think a lot of you will dig...especially if you're familiar with the brilliance that is TURBONEGRO. I believe there is something for just about everyone here, as long as you're in on the joke. TN is all about being absolutely outrageous, and the bands here honor the originals accordingly. The G.O.M.E. Faithful will appreciate appearances from NASHVILLE PUSSY and a Homme/Oliveri/Grohl-powered QOTSA. Other great renditions come by way of HOT WATER MUSIC, PEEPSHOWS, MOTORPSYCHO, and the great THERAPY?.

1. Nashville Pussy - Age of Pamparius
2. Therapy? - Denim Demons
3. Amulet - Hate the Kids
4. Supersuckers - Get It On
5. Bela B. & Denim Girl - Are You Ready for Some Darkness?
6. Queens of the Stone Age - Back to Dungaree High
7. H.I.M. - Rendezvous with Anus
8. Satyricon - I Got Erection
9. Maryslim - No Beast So Fierce
10. Scot Free - Rock Against Ass
11. Nullskattesnylterne - Sailor Man
12. Hot Water Music - Prince of the Rodeo
13. Griffin - Bad Mongo
14. Zeke - Midnight NAMBLA
15. Peepshows - Just Flesh
16. Spacebitch - Don't Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker
17. Motorpsycho - He's a Grungewhore
18. ADZ - Good Head
19. The Dwarves & Splittin Wix - Hobbit Motherfuckers
20. Puffball - Zonked Out on Hashish
21. Motosierra - Hobbit Motherfuckers
22. Samesugas - (I Fucked) Betty Page
23. Ratos de Porão - Suburban Anti-Christ
24. Real McKenzies - Sailor Man
25. Toby Dammit - Prince of the Rodeo



For those who love Nebula like the author does, we offer you to pay a listen to this magnificent band, don't know if they are also a trio or a foursome, anyway, direct Marshal amp overdriven tones, Wha, phaser and psycho all in one album, very good musicians and songs. I know they have other release, which I'll try to get it, anyway highly recommended for those who are looking for expanding their minds.

Keep rocking!

1. 1960 Starchief
2. Blue-White Supergiant
3. Saturn Missle Battery
4. Pervert
5. .865 (The Battle for Longitude)
6. Ring of the Acid Pope
7. Devils of the Fall
8. Floor Girl
9. When Sirius Rises
10. Thread
11. Kill the Condors
12. Another Dying Admiral


Monday, September 24, 2007


Never it's a bad time for Dozer, I apologize for no posting this before, probably you all are familiar with this hell of a band, they are from Sweden, they have Kyuss riffs and singer is the best John Garcia's copycat I heard so far. Real nice.
Don't need much words to describe it, is just Dozer baby...
Regarding The Elevator Sessions, we will update soon. Keep working.

1. Let The Shit Roll
2. Freeloader
3. Soulshigh
4. Octanoid
5. Earth Yeti
6. Full Circle
7. Mono Impact
8. Early Grace
9. Tx-9
10. Thunderbolt

Thursday, September 13, 2007


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Mighty Matias recently brought this up to me, and I loved the idea, so I thought I thought I'd pass it along and gauge interest while he's on highatus (© The Good Captain).

The majority of G.O.M.E.'s most active visitors are musicians themselves. Many of them are playing gigs or writing songs as I type this. The technology is available for all of us to collaborate, pass tracks back and forth via email, and work out some fantastic original rock. I'd love to do something like that! Even if we're the only ones that ever hear it, it'll be a lot of fun, and I think everyone would get a big kick out of it. Plus, it'll be QUALITY ROCK & ROLL, which is what G.O.M.E. is all about.

A few members of the Faithful are in active bands, already writing and recording and performing. We could include their tracks, but hopefully encourage them to get involved in the improv process. Like I just told our main man Rinjo, we could steal Erykah Badu's title: "Worldwide Underground". We've got USA, Argentina, Chile, Germany, UK, Australia, and Japan, plus many others ready to jam and make some good music. Worldwide indeed!

So I need to know what you guys think. Are you a musician? Are you interested in contributing to "The Elevator Sessions"? Are you just a rock & roll enthusiast but not a musician? Are you interested in hearing what your G.O.M.E. peers can come up with?

I think it's an awesome idea, and I look forward to your comments.


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This one's for Tito and X-Angel, but should appeal to a great deal of the G.O.M.E. Faithful. The download statistics don't lie, and EYEHATEGOD's Take as Needed for Pain is the second most downloaded record in the history of the blog, so TOADLIQUOR should fit right in. The Hortator's Lament can be described with one word: BRUTAL. Don't let the literacy and proggy nature of the song titles discourage you. While the album is actually a collection of previously-released wax-only tracks, with a few unreleased songs added for good measure, it plays like a concise LP. Highly recommended to G.O.M.E.'s sludgehead contingent, as well as open-minded doom enthusiasts who appreciate SOURVEIN, GRIEF, and the aforementioned EYEHATEGOD.

1. (Opening Sections of) Interstellar Space
2. Gnaw
3. Charred
4. Fratricide: A Requiem
5. Survival Is the Fittest
6. Swarm
7. Tenderloin
8. Nails
9. Also Sprach Zarathustra
10. Tatterdemalion: The Gladiators' Debasement Before Cain
11. (Second Continuing Sections of) Interstellar Space: Love
12. The Hortator's Lament



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A Live History of Gluttony & Lust is the acclaimed "live" version of the classic Houdini record. Never a band to court convention of any kind, LHG&L is not "live" in the traditional sense, but in the purest. There is no crowd noise, because there is no crowd. There is no between-song banter, because there's no audience with whom to engage said banter. No, friends, this is not a concert recording, but rather a live recording of King Buzzo, Dale Crover, and Trevor Dunn playing Houdini in an abandoned warehouse. The sound is immaculate (as one generally expects from a MELVINS recording) and the performance, in my opinion, outshines the 1993 studio recordings. Over the years, Buzz and Dale have proven time and time again that they're comfortable pushing the creative envelope as far as they see fit. It keeps the band inconsistent and unpredictable, which makes them interesting. Despite all their token ribs and pranks, LHG&L proves that, to paraphrase an ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY song, rockin' is indeed their business.

1. Pearl Bomb
2. Hooch
3. Night Goat
4. Lizzy
5. Going Blind
6. Cop-Ache
7. Set Me Straight/DCH
8. Sky Pup
9. Teet
10. Joan of Arc
11. Honey Bucket
12. Hag Me
13. Spread Eagle Beagle



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Thought you guys might appreciate this '87 soundboard of the mighty MELVINS. The recording is quality, if a bit brief (it cuts off going into "Heaviness of the Load"), and highly recommended to fans of the band's early style. I love just about everything King Buzzo and company record. If it wasn't for CLUTCH, the mighty MELVINS would be the world's greatest hard rock band. Here's a great glimpse of how it all started.

1. Let God Be Your Gardener
2. Echohead/Piece Me
3. Vile
4. Dead Dressed
5. Your Blessened
6. Ever Since My Accident
7. Heaviness of the Load (cuts off)



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After the prompt dissolution of SPIRIT CARAVAN (a trait unsettlingly common among Wino projects), bassist David Sherman passed his four-string to Rob Hampshire, grabbed his little-used SM-58, and formed EARTHRIDE. Taming of the Demons is damn near flawless, though the first thing most G.O.M.E. regs will notice is the fantastic sound of the album. This immaculate production is compliments of none other than Mike Dean, of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY fame. Let it be said that EARTHRIDE isn't breaking any new ground. The band knows its strengths and plays to them without much deviation or experimentation. Upon first listen, the uninitiated and the skeptical might think Big Jack has pulled a prank, uploading a MOTORHEAD 45 at 33 speed. In fact, if the opener, "Valiume 10", doesn't remind you of On Parole, then you're probably reading the wrong blog. Sherman's vocals, displayed occasionally with SPIRIT CARAVAN, do recall Lemmy, and at times they seem like an odd fit coupled with such groove-heavy rock & roll. The oddity works, though. Just check out "Under a Black Cloud" for proof. There's a distinct southern influence to this record, along with some trappings of traditional doom metal, but EARTHRIDE never loses its focus or its groove. Highly recommended to fans of CORROSION, CROWBAR, DOWN, SPIRIT CARAVAN, and anyone that just wishes MOTORHEAD would slow down more often.

1. Valiume 10
2. For Mere Remains
3. Train Wreck
4. Under a Black Cloud
5. Deception
6. Mr. Green
7. Taming of the Demons


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


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Not exactly standard G.O.M.E. fare, but as I've said in the past, as go Big Jack's moods, so go his G.O.M.E. contributions. I've been on a big "post-metalcore" kick as of late, though you'll never hear me utter that lame fucking genre tag, or see me type it, again. Cave In, currently on indefinite hiatus, is (was?) the great Caleb Scofield's pre-ZOZOBRA vehicle. In fact, some of the songs on ZOZOBRA's Harmonic Tremors were initially intended to be CAVE IN songs. Despite abandoning their hardcore roots in favor of melody (and a Lollapalooza appearance, not to mention a failed run at RCA) and structure, CAVE IN has released some excellent music. This record is a great primer for skeptics, released in very limited quantities and distributed for free by the band itself. Kicking off with a ZEPPELIN cover, followed by three demos and a CODEINE cover, and closing with a brutal live recording of "Inspire" (check for the "Twist of Cain" parody at the end!), CAVE IN's self-released Bootleg is a hidden gem in the crown of a brilliant and multi-faceted band. Recommended to fans of OLD MAN GLOOM, ZOZOBRA, ISIS, and all things Caleb Scofield. For more info from the band itself, click here.

1. Dazed and Confused (Led Zeppelin cover)
2. Down the Drain (demo)
3. Acid Rain in the Black Forest (demo)
4. Droned (demo)
5. Cave In (Codeine cover)
6. Inspire (live)



Their first release on Mans Ruin (R.I.P.), the one which caught everybody's attention, yet, not their best for me, but you have to think we are talking about 1998. Tripy melodies, upsides and downsides, I must say they made a pretty good record, a bit hard to incorporate at first listening, but with time it will grow on you. This has been chosen as one of the 10 essential albums of the entire genre by, isn't overrated? Well you figure it out....

I'm gonna take some days off for posting, I need to straight out my life, some business to take care among other projects ( BTW, any of you gomies has some good PHP/MySQL skills?).
I'll be back soon, leave in good hands)
4."I Love You"
6."Mux Cortoi"
9."El Negro"
10."Alberto Migré"

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is a debt for all our gomies, some time ago, our friend Scooby Doom (No longer with us bcz he was kicked out of his job for abusing of Internet) so, here is one of the best live performances heard in quite some time, pretty damn solid and precise set and 4 new studio tracks that totally bring it, make this one, one of a kind. I wouldn't say it's a live record if it weren't for the ambience and drum reverb, the guitar sounds closely the same than the studio recordings, I would ask some more improvisation, but that's me. ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL.
Anyway, since I'm very glad how the blog is running, I added some bonus for you to enjoy.
I love you all!*

01 - STD
02 - So Come On
03 - Turn Me On
04 - Kiss The Sun
05 - Intro
06 - Force Field
07 - Hey Alright
08 - Kiss The Sun
09 - Stork Theme
10 - The Cloning Chamber
11 - The Destroyer
12 - Maybe I'm A Leo
13 - Gettin' Old
14 - Ice Pick Freek
15 - Forty-Five
16 - Birth To The Earth
17 - Shit Kicker


*The author express his love on a fraternal love basis

Monday, September 10, 2007


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This one was requested by our main man Peluka after a stroll through the playlist to your right. SIXTY WATT SHAMAN is a band I enjoy, despite occasionally treading a little too close to retro novelty rock for my tastes. This band often reminds me of a less-campy GRAND FUNK RAILROAD...though I guess recalling GFR in itself is quite campy. Daniel Kerzwick is one of the better vocalists in "stoner rock", and the band certainly isn't afraid to experiment. "Fear Death by Water" is a highlight, as is the very ZEPPELIN-esque "Roll the Stone". Overall, it's a hell of a record, but you keep waiting for the band to find its own unique voice, and that's something they fail to accomplish on this otherwise impressive release.

1. Fear Death by Water.
2. Seed of Decades
3. Poor Robert Henry
4. Devil in the Details, Pt. 1
5. Devil in the Details, Pt. 2
6. Low Earth Orbit
7. One More Time
8. Roll the Stone
9. Red Colony
10. Rumor Den
11. Stone's Throw Away
12. Busy Dying
13. New Trip
14. I've Been Down



It's fast, it's furious, It's Adam West ha haha, can't find a coolest name for this bans, indeed it sounds like Adam West Jamming with The Atomic Bitchwax. ( I’m talking about the Family Guy’s Adam West) I must confess that I grabbed it because of the name and the Peter Fonda's cover style. What they offer is a fuzz storm, combined with epileptic lyrics, enough to have a good time.Don't know much about them, for more info, just read the Bio I've attached on the file.

1."C'mon and Bludgeon Me"
2."Cut Loose"
5."Hot Chocolate"
6. "Flower, Fist and Bestial Wail"
7."Piece of Ass"
9."Gentlemen's Evening"
10."Fire in My Bones"
11."Shield Your Eyes"
12."Sultry Motherfucker"
13."Erotic Neurotic."


Friday, September 07, 2007

KALAS - KALAS (2006)

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There's a lot to be said for KALAS. First and foremost, Matt Pike's involved. If you don't know what that means, then chances are you've inadvertently stumbled across the wrong blog. KALAS also features CRUEVO's Paul Kott (guitar) and Scott Plumb (drums). The rub here is that the legendary Pike only plays guitar on one song, acting almost solely as the band's lead singer. Singer. Take it literally. Some will say Pike simply needed an outlet for his more melodic stuff, as opposed to the brutality of HIGH ON FIRE, but the truth is that KALAS features Pike's most inspired writing and vocals to date. I love "Dragonaut" and "Blessed Black Wings" as much as the rest of you, but in my opinion "Frozen Sun" is better than both of those Pike classics. This is one of those essential records that slips under everyones' radar until years later. People who claim to sit through Dopesmoker sober will continue to bash KALAS, but G.O.M.E.'s never been about posing. It's always been about great rock & roll, and that's exactly what this band brings to the table.

1. Monuments to Ruins
2. Frozen Sun
3. Godpills
4. Media Screws
5. Things Done and Undone
6. Mother's Tears
7. Pleasurable Prison
8. Due Time
9. Voyager



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This one's for Seth who just happened to drop in and find himself in good company. Another Man's Ruin classic, and arguably Brother Brant's best record. A lot of you prefer Brant's more rockin' stuff, and I certainly respect that, but I've always found Jalamanta to be an experience unto itself. We know Brant can rock, and we know he also loves soul, funk and jazz. Jalamanta is a little light on the former, and heavy on the latter three. That, in my opinion, makes this album absolutely essential. For the most part, Jalamanta is a one-man-band that sounds like a jam. The only other musician present is G.O.M.E. fave Mario Lalli, and his contributions are limited and under the proverbial radar at best. This is Brother Brant's show, and he morphs into Prince and makes a one-man-band sound like a live jam. Absolutely essential, but don't look for KYUSS or FU MANCHU or BB & THE BROS. sounds. You can't have a closed mind here. Regardless of your preferences, though, it'll be impossible to walk away from Jalamanta without respecting Brant Bjork.

1. Lazy Bones
2. Automatic Fantastic
3. Cobra Jab
4. Too Many Chiefs...Not Enough Indians
5. Sun Brother
6. Let's Get Chinese Eyes
7. Toot
8. Defender of the Oleander
9. Low Desert Punk
10. Waiting for a Coconut to Drop
11. Her Brown Blood
12. Indio



A collectors item, the great thing about this EP are the two Pre-Circus versions of Rodeo and Hurricane, which sound very similar to edited versions, except for Garcia's singing tone, plus other voice effects, the live tracks has acceptable sound quality too, so, there's no much to say, it's Kyuss man..

The first CD has the following songs on it:
1. Demon Cleaner
2. Day One
3. El Rodeo (pre-Circus)
4. Hurricane (pre-Circus)

The second CD has these songs on it:
1. Demon Cleaner (yeah, again, but I left out from the file, it’s the same in CD1)
2. Gardenia (live)
3. Thumb (live)
4. Conan Troutman (live)
The live tracks were recorded at Marquee club, Hamburg (Germany).

Thursday, September 06, 2007


This post is more like an exercise for you my “Gomies” than a proper post, in fact, I don't like at all this band, but, you never know, may be some of you will appreciate it. I was searching on my collection what to post and found this one, don't know how or why it came to me, but the idea of this post is to test how much riff in this album can you recognize, I 've found more than 5, some of them very obvious.
The band sounds tight, has some good instrumental skills and sound quality it’s up to standard, but they totally lack of inventiveness man, in my country we call that just plain “aggravated burglary”.....
I read somewhere that the record that followed this one (Torero-2006) it’s actually better, but, to be honest, I didn't bother to dig it.
To balance you guys for this weak post I added some bonus that could be useful for some of you.
Sorry man, I'm running out of ideas....haha

1. Dusted
2. New Motor Queen
3. Mt. Pilot
4. No Longer
5. Down on All Fours
6. Three Time Champion
7. Dyin' Ain't Much of a Livin' Boy
8. Drag Vader
9. Call Me to the Grave
10. Sonic Ruin

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Earthlings?, yeah man, Earthlings, that forsaken bunch of Palm Springs veterans, great album, if I have to define it, i'll put it somewhere between Orquesta del Desierto and the earliest Desert Sessions, definitively a different approach to what we know as Desert Rock, some passages reminds me also to Jalamanta, and after a few listens, you'll be able to recognize Dave Catching's musical concepts.
I think this was a pretty damn good conceptual album, a bit ahead for that time; it still sounds fresh and clean. You heard it first on G.O.M.E.

1. Nothing
2. Saving Up For My Spaceship/Illuminate
3. Reaper (Don't Fear This Child)
4. Cavalry
5. Happiest Day Of My Life
6. Conversing Among Misfits
7. Mars On Fire
8. Stungun
9. The Dreaded Lovelies
10. Icy Halls Of Sobriety (I Dare Not Tread)
11. Triumphant March Of The Buffoons


Tuesday, September 04, 2007


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This bite-sized slice of classic VITUS was requested anonymously, and it's a hell of a request. Originally released on 12" vinyl by SST in 1985, this EP has never been released on CD or even cassette! "White Stallions" made it on to 1985's Hallow's Victim, but the other two tracks are true VITUS rarities. The title track is an epic slow-burner with some great leads from the criminally overlooked Dave Chandler.

1. Darkness
2. White Stallions
3. The Walking Dead


GOATSNAKE - I (1999)

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Another Man's Ruin casualty resurrected by G.O.M.E. For the uninitiated, GOATSNAKE originally consisted of THE OBSESSED's rhythm section (Greg Rogers & Guy Pinhas), guitarist Greg Anderson (BURNING WITCH, SUNN O)))), and vocalist Pete Stahl (SCREAM, EARTHLINGS?, DESERT SESSIONS). The lineup fluctuated over the years (as did the quality of the music), featuring both Scott Reeder and QOTSA's Joey Castillo. Don't expect Goatsnake I to bring any of those other bands to mind, with the possible exception of THE OBSESSED. There are elements of true-to-SABBATH classic doom here, but for the most part, Goatsnake I is simply a rock & roll album, completely devoid of Rogers' droning ambiance and Stahl's spaced-out quirkiness. In fact, disregard AMG's Ozzy comparisons altogether. If anything, Stahl's performance here sounds like Ian Astbury after a cycle or two of steroids. GOATSNAKE would record another great record for Man's Ruin, Flower of Disease, before going downhill. This full-length debut stands as a genre classic, and an interesting listen for fans of the members' primary bands.

1. Slippin' the Stealth
2. The Innocent
3. What Love Remains
4. IV
5. Mower
6. Dog Catcher
7. Lord of Los Feliz
8. Trower



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This is a fantastic split EP, if only for the BEAVER tracks. I'm assuming everyone here is already familiar with "The Bronze", and "These Ain't the Droids You're Looking For" doesn't offer much aside from a cool title. The BEAVER songs, on the other stand, stand up the rest of their excellent discography. "Morocco" showcases them outclassing Josh Homme in a style he helped create, while "AWOL" is a beautifully sloppy fuzzed-out masterpiece.

1. QOTSA - The Bronze
2. QOTSA - These Ain't the Droids You're Looking For
3. Beaver - Morocco
4. Beaver - Absence Without Leave


Monday, September 03, 2007


All right, our friend Anomic11 has requested this several times, now its time to pay back. Sort Of Quartet is another Mario Lalli's side project, though, I can't tell which is his main one at this time. Same guitar licks, but with different song structure, more like a Jazz improvisation, with power chord and that lovely guitar sound. I found in this one some reminisce to Power of Three and Toasted as well, but this goes along on another direction. A nice piece to Lalli's fans, a little short? maybe, but in 30 minutes you heard it all. Enjoy my Gomies.

1. Bush Wacked
2. 7 Degrees of Bacon
3. Lotus Wald
4. New Suit Review
5. Behind the Old Geerage
6. Wild About Animals
7. Enter the Oaf


Sunday, September 02, 2007


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Here's another forgotten gem from the vaults. Going through my collection today, it occurred to me that I'd never posted any SPIRIT CARAVAN, let alone what I feel is their best album. My appreciation of THE OBSESSED and Wino-era VITUS has been well-documented here at G.O.M.E., though Jug Fulla Sun might be the legend's finest work. It's definitely some of Wino's most inspired playing, as the leads and riffs that dominate the album are among his very best. Honestly, while I was always very impressed with the political nature of Wino's lyrics in the now-defunct HIDDEN HAND, I felt that, musically, the band was a step backwards. Three minutes into the epic masterpiece "Dead Love/Jug Fulla Sun", I have no doubt that the G.O.M.E. Faithful will agree. This is not to say that THE HIDDEN HAND didn't make good records, I just think Wino's SPIRIT CARAVAN days were probably his creative peak. It's a shame that he seems unwilling to sustain (or incapable of sustaining) a band and allow it to develop. None of us know what's next for Wino, but I hope it features the great songwriting found here, coupled with the lyrical content of THE HIDDEN HAND. It's hard to pick highlights on such a consistently impressive album. The aforementioned "Dead Love/Jug Fulla Sun" is my personal favorite, though on some days I might prefer "Lost Sun Dance". It's solid cover-to-cover, though. Even Wino's requisite ode to his DC hardcore roots, "Kill Ugly Naked", is surprisingly enjoyable and far from filler. Highly recommended.

1. Healing Tongue
2. Courage
3. Cosmic Artifact
4. Fear's Machine
5. Powertime
6. Dead Love/Jug Fulla Sun
7. Fang
8. Chaw
9. Melancholy Grey
10. Sea Legs
11. Kill Ugly Naked
12. Lost Sun Dance
13. No Hope Goat Farm


Alchemist - Organasm (2000) ***BIG FUCKING THNX TO THE GREAT JORDAN uploaded and commented by himself***

So here's an album from a band you may not have heard yet, a group from canberra, australia called Alchemist. i don't know too much about them save that they're from our nation's capital.

Organasm, the album's called.

they're a little different to the standard GOME fair, it's a little less stoner-y than you might be accustomed to, they're not as groove-oriented but they have a nice psychedelic influence and a different kind of desert vibe (maybe like an australian outback vibe?)

highlights for me include tracks Tide In, Mind Out and Singled Sided.

01. Austral Spectrum
02. Evolution Trilogy
Part 1 - The Bio Approach
Part 2 - Rampant Micro Life
Part 3 - Warring Tribes, Eventual Demise
03. Single Sided
04. Surreality
05. New Beginning
06. Tide In, Mind Out
07. Eclectic
08. Escape From The Black Hole