Friday, June 29, 2007


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This one was requested last week, but I haven't had time for any updates. BLACK NASA's self-titled debut threw fans of THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX and the mighty MONSTER MAGNET for a loop, if only for the absence of Ed Mundell's expert axemanship. BLACK NASA is strictly Chris Kosnik's (GODSPEED, THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX) show, and is thusly more groove-oriented and less spacey than the aforementioned bands. This is a much more song-based set. Of course Mundell is missed, but Duane Hutter steps in with some great slide to separate BLACK NASA from the pack. Highlights include "Diamond Girl", as well as my personal favorite, "El Segundo". If you dig both "Love Hungry Man" and "TNT", you'll dig the shit outta "El Segundo".

1. Holy Crap
2. I Don't Have to Hide
3. Hot Van
4. Monkey Knife Fight
5. Ribeye Love
6. Cops
7. Diamond Girl
8. Walkin' Talkin' Blackout Mode
9. El Segundo


Saturday, June 09, 2007

EARTH - EARTH 2 (1993) ***BY REQUEST***

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You've heard of love-it-hate-it albums? Well, Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version might be the world's definitive love-it-or-be-110%-indifferent album. It's impossible to hate the craft, because it's impossible to disregard the work that goes into it. Still, in the end, EARTH ain't for amateurs. It's a bunch of noise that people will find either beautiful or baffling.

1. Seven Angels
2. Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine
3. Like Gold and Faceted



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I was delighted to see Iggy request this one. Tunnelvision Brilliance was the best record of 2006, hands down. For the uninitiated, Scott Reeder paid his dues on bass with THE OBSESSED, KYUSS, and even UNIDA (for a brief time). On this particular record, he plays every instrument himself, and he sings every vocal. The record is truly a labor of love and commitment to the project, as parts of the album were recorded as early as 1987. So do parts of it sound dated? Absolutely. The faux-DEPECHE "Away" could've been left off, and as great as "For Renee" is, it still sounds like DEF LEPPARD's "Love Bites". But those songs are merely pieces of a brilliant puzzle. That puzzle is highlighted by the Lanegan-esque "Thanks", the whimsical "Fuck You All" (cough cough Josh Homme, cough cough Nick Oliveri), the beautiful acoustic ode to Scott's wife (the closer, "As I'm Dreamin'") and my pick for the best fucking song of our young millennium, "Diamond".

1. When I Was...
2. Thanks
3. The Silver Tree
4. Away
5. Diamond
6. When
7. For Renee
8. The Day of Neverending
9. Queen of Greed
10. Fuck You All
11. To an End
12. The Fourth
13. As I'm Dreamin'


Thursday, June 07, 2007


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Here's another treat for the Deserthead section of the G.O.M.E. faithful. On this limited edition release, Brant picks and chooses from his entire solo catalog and debuts three new songs. These are not album versions, but rather the 8-track equivalent of the great Brant Bjork loading a bowl, cracking a beer, and covering his own tunes.

Brant sez: Some days, I just like to sit outside, under the sun, with my guitar, and sing my songs to myself. It relaxes me. It also reminds me what my songs are all about.

Tres Dias is available in very limited quantities. I suggest the super-cool yellow vinyl. I encourage you all to support Brant Bjork Duna Records.

*note: This archive includes a QOTSAXFM-esque bonus. I would prefer that it not be mentioned by name in the comments.

1. Too Many Chiefs...
2. Love Is Revolution
3. Chinarosa
4. The Native Tongue
5. Video
6. The Right Time
7. The Messengers
8. The Knight Surrenders Today


Tuesday, June 05, 2007


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The unheralded godfathers of the desert scene, YAWNING MAN is the group that taught KYUSS how to throw generator parties and play great rock. KYUSS' "Catamaran" is actually a YAWNING MAN cover. Nothing official was released until 2005 (on Alone Records), presumably on the heels of the world's fascination with all things Homme. Alfredo Hernandez (KYUSS/QOTSA/BB & THE BROS) was ultimately replaced by Bill Stinson (any Chuck Dukowski/BLACK FLAG fans here?), with Mario Lalli bolting for FATSO JETSON, so yes, you can literally trace all the fathers of the desert movement to YAWNING MAN. If any recording belongs on G.O.M.E., it's this one. Huge fuckin' thanks to Matias for this EP!

1. Manolete
2. Digital Smoke Signal
3. Encounters with an Angry God
4. Samba de Primavera



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Matias requested this double-disc warhorse, and since he's really contributing to the page, I feel like I should oblige him. It should come as no surprise to anyone that Big Jack is a huge fan of Brant Bjork's music. Bjork actually reminds me a lot of Chris Goss and Josh Homme, not just because of the KYUSS family tree, but because all three of them seem to have more music in them than they know what to do with. This sprawling doubler is not Bjork's best work in my opinion, but only because it's so diffuse. It introduces THE BROS, though, who are making a much bigger splash this year with Somera Sol. That said, there's a lot to enjoy here. "Lil Bro" is one of my favorite Brant Bjork tunes, and I particularly dig the "Sunshine of Your Love" cover. Brant's one of rock's greatest drummers, but he's not the most dynamic frontman. He's also not the world's greatest shredder. He makes up for it with solid writing, attitude, and an incredible ear. He knows what he likes, and it works. Saved by Magic isn't my favorite Brant Bjork project, but he's yet to release a bad one. Recommended.

Fuckin' A

1. Magic vs. Technology
2. Get into It
3. Kiss Away
4. 73
5. Lil' Bro
6. Moda
7. Dr. Aura
8. Gonna Make the Pony Trot
9. Sweet Maria's Dreams
10. Inside of You

Fuckin' B

1. Freak Levels
2. Let the Truth Be Known
3. Dylan's Fantasy
4. The Messengers
5. Paradise on Earth
6. Cool Abdul
7. Avenida de la Revolucion
8. Sunshine of Your Love
9. Arcade Eyes



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Straight from our main man Matias, here's what I think is the best MASTERS OF REALITY album, Deep in the Hole. Chris Goss is a visionary, not just in his compositions, but the way his records sound (check your KYUSS collection for proof). Backed by Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri, this is Goss' finest hour. The curmudgeons rattled by Era Vulgaris and Give Us Barabbas will find their rock fix in "A Wish for a Fish" and "High Noon Amsterdam". Those who love Barabbas will find their own treasures in this rarity, particularly "Counting Horses" and "Roof of the Shed". Throw Mark Lanegan in the mix, and the result is not only Chris Goss' greatest project, but one of the greatest rock & roll albums of all time.

1. Third Man on the Moon
2. A Wish for a Fish
3. Counting Horses
4. Major Lance
5. Scatagoria
6. High Noon Amsterdam
7. Corpus Scorpios Electrified
8. Deep in the Hole
9. Roof of the Shed
10. Shotgun Sun


Monday, June 04, 2007


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Speaking of Roadburn, here's an ORANGE GOBLIN set from 2004. It's a great set, as one would expect, highlighted by my favorite GOBLIN track (and I believe the good Captain's as well) "Scorpionica". Of course everyone knows "Just Got Paid" is a classic.

1. You Know That Your World Will Hate This
2. Scorpionica
3. One Room, One Axe, One Outcome
4. Hot Magic, Red Planet
5. Hard Luck
6. Quincy the Pigboy
7. King of the Hornets
8. You're Not the One (Who Can Save Rock n' Roll)
9. Round Up the Horses
10. Some You Win, Some You Lose
11. Just Got Paid
12. Blue Snow



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Well, this isn't A+ quality, but I tweaked it a bit and brought the low end up, so it's at least listenable. When I get a better copy, I'll re-up it. 'Til then, here's the mighty MELVINS from April's Roadburn fest in Tilburg. (A) Senile Animal is played nearly in its entirety (only the intro to "A Vast Filthy Prison" is played), though the highlight for me is "The Bit". Anyone familiar with the MELVINS is aware of their penchant for odd covers, to the appearance of CREAM's "Deserted Cities of the Heart" should come as a surprise to no one. The whole set is intense, and certainly worthy of headlining the year's best rock festival. Eventually I'll get the BIG BUSINESS set posted and you guys will have a kickass 2CD set.

1. The Talking Horse
2. The Bloated Pope
3. Civilized Worm
4. Oven
5. Suicide in Progress
6. Set Me Straight
7. Deserted Cities of the Heart
8. Sky Pup
9. Let It All Be
10. Blood Witch
11. A History of Drunks
12. Rat Faced Cranny
13. The Hawk
14. You've Never Been Right
15. A History of Bad Men
16. The Mechanical Bride
17. Vast Filthy Intro
18. The Bit
19. The Ballad of Dwight Fry


Friday, June 01, 2007


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For all you Gearheads out there, here's one of Neil's acoustic sets from last summer. Recorded July 23rd in Draperstown, Northern Ireland, this set is really a sigh of the bluesy approach CLUTCH would take on From Beale Street to Oblivion (though they'd been leaning that way for quite some time). The recording isn't the greatest quality, but the performance makes up for it...even if he plays "My Fat Mamma" twice!

1. My Fat Mamma
2. Malt Liquor/Mary Johnson
3. Worried Life Blues
4. Burning Hell
5. Regulator
6. Fixin' to Die
7. [break]
8. Hard Time Killing Floor Blues
9. My Fat Mamma
10. Polly



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Normally, this is something I would automatically assume was owned by nearly all of the G.O.M.E. faithful. I've found, though, that most people don't even know this series exists. I'm assuming at least a few of you will be happy to find this here, even if it's a larger download than usual (which is the sole purpose for Big Jack using Sendspace, as opposed to MF). Again, I'm delighted with the hits, downloads, and activity in the comments sections, so this is another debt of thanks to all of you.

That said, here's Small Stone's first installment of Sucking the 70s, a double-disc tribute to the golden age of rock radio, with covers performed by...well...pretty much everyone that belongs here at G.O.M.E.! As with all compilations, there are highs and lows, and the highs are pretty much exactly what you'd expect them to be. There are pleasant surprises, though. You don't need me to tell you that CLUTCH, FIVE HORSE JOHNSON, DIXIE WITCH, FIREBALL MINISTRY, ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY, SPIRIT CARAVAN, PUNY HUMAN, SUPLECS and THE MEN OF PORN kick fuckin' ass. You might need a gentle nudge in the direction of HALFWAY TO GONE and the ancient RAGING SLAB, though, and those bands turn in what I think are the two best covers on the whole project. It's all good. The playlist itself would be the best radio show in town, even the original tunes. The format here makes it that much cooler. Plus, this compilation features Scott Reeder's first solo recording...and it's a cover of SUGARLOAF's "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You". How fuckin' cool is that?


1. Five Horse Johnson - Never in My Life [Mountain]
2. Throttlerod - Black Betty [Ram Jam]
3. Dixie Witch - On the Hunt [Lynyrd Skynyrd]
4. Clutch - Cross Eyed Mary [Jethro Tull]
5. The Glass Pack - TV Eye [The Stooges]
6. The Last Vegas - Free for All [Ted Nugent]
7. Halfway to Gone - Can't You See [The Marshall Tucker Band]
8. Suplecs - Working Man [Rush]
9. Puny Human - Travelin' Band [Creedence Clearwater Revival]
10. Raging Slab - We're an American Band [Grand Funk Railroad]
11. Los Natas - Brainstorm [Hawkwind]
12. The Heads - For Madmen Only [May Blitz]
13. Lamont - Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings [ZZ Top]
14. Backdraft - Child of Babylon [Whitesnake]
15. Black Nasa - I Don't Have to Hide [Backman-Turner Overdrive]
16. Warped - Dog Eat Dog [AC/DC]
17. Hangnail - Bron-Yr-Stomp [Led Zeppelin]


1. Roadsaw - Vehicle [The Ides of March]
2. Novadriver - 20th Century Boy [T. Rex]
3. Alabama Thunderpussy - Hymn 43 [Jethro Tull]
4. Disengage - Communication Breakdown [Led Zeppelin]
5. Porn (The Men Of) - Out on the Weekend [Neil Young]
6. Milligram - Rumblin' Man [Cactus]
7. Tummler - Workin' for MCA [Lynyrd Skynyrd]
8. Fireball Ministry - Doctor Doctor [UFO]
9. Spirit Caravan - Wicked World [Black Sabbath]
10. Lowrider - Freelance Fiend [Leaf Hound]
11. The Mushroom River Band - Walk Away [Joe Walsh]
12. Broadsword - Woman Tamer [Sir Lord Baltimore]
13. Doubleneck - Don't Blow Your Mind [Alice Cooper]
14. Lord Sterling - Black to Comm [MC5]
15. The Brought Low - Till the Next Goodbye [Rolling Stones]
16. Scott Reeder - Don't Call Us, We'll Call You [Sugarloaf]
17. Tectonic Break - How Can You Win [Parish Hall]
18. Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned - The Pusher [Steppenwolf]




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Here's a treat for you MM heads: A broadcast of the band's performance at the 1999 Hultsfred festival. The set itself is sandwiched between two interview segments. I actually dig them. It's kind of cool to hear Dave Wyndorf gush about his love for HAWKWIND. The set itself is a fuckin' MONSTER, and while it draws on Powertrip (admittedly not the best MM album, but their new release at the time), the band has never sounded heavier. The version of "Spacelord" that closes this set might just make you dig that song again. If you're still mad at 'em for that fleeting brush with success, then just jam to "Twin Earth", "Negasonic" and "Nod Scene". AWESOME PERFORMANCE!

1. Interview
2. Atomic Clock
3. Tractor
4. Powertrip
5. Nod Scene
6. Twin Earth
7. Dopes to Infinity
8. Crop Circle
9. Negasonic Teenage Warhead
10. Spacelord
11. Interview


LOS NATAS - EL HOMBRE MONTANA (2006) ***Compliments of Matias***

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Straight out of Argentina, G.O.M.E. brings you the latest from stoner rock heavyweights LOS NATAS. This submission came from G.O.M.E. regular Matias. He posted it weeks ago, but if you didn't check the comments sections, you would've missed it.

This is a remarkable album. Actually one of the best I've heard in quite some time...even if it does remind me that I need to brush up on mis espanol. These guys are true "sons of KYUSS", with plenty of bludgeoning riffs accompanied by an ever-present groove, not to mention the Homme-esque guitar fills present throughout the album. LOS NATAS is a band of kick-fuckin'-ass musicians, with more diversity than most bands in the genre could every dream of. Just check the mellow acoustic tune "El Camino de Dios". The highlight for me, though, is the closer. "Sigue, Sigue..." is one of the best songs I've heard this year. I've caught myself playing this multi-part epic on repeat more than a few times since Matias turned me on to these guys. Highly recommended to the G.O.M.E. faithful as a whole. If you didn't love what LOS NATAS is all about, you never would've found your way here.

(note to Matias: I'm back on track now, so if you want to submit anything else, I assure you it won't take me three weeks to post it. Your contributions are appreciated, man!)

1. El Bolsero
2. Amanecer Blanco
3. No es llo Mismo
4. Humo Negro de Vaticano
5. La Espada en la Piedra
6. El Ciervo
7. El Camino de Dios
8. De las Cenizas, El Hombre...
9. El Soldado
10. Lanza Ganado
11. Sigue, Sigue...