Friday, January 23, 2009


First, I have to apologise with all of you for not posting this before, the second and last release of this group of jerks.... I posted the first release some time ago...
A deadly combination of trucker speed and no talent at all... deadly indeed..
Violent as hell, dirty and messy, that's Trailer Hitch.

1. Not A Nice Man From Detroit
2. Tow Truck Man
3. Trash Piling Up In My House
4. Fistfight With Knives
5. Little Piggies
6. Sold On Nitro
7. Hammer Mechanic
8. You Just Can't Beat A Tuna Fish Sandwich With Potato Chips On It
9. Dirty Sanchez
10. Corpse Of A 1000 Beers
11. Matt Schultz
12. ?


Monday, January 19, 2009

Robin Trower - Ebbets Field (1973)

For those who wonder who is Robin Trower, well let me tell you that is known as "The white Jimmy Hendrix".......he is around 70 years old now, and still playing.
This is a very early FM Broadcast of Robin when he was playing 2 sets a night. This broadcast includes two songs from the yet to be released classic Bridge of Sighs. In fact, the arrangement, lyrics and the name of Day of the Eagle is different. Robin introduces the song as "Another Day Another Night" which were lyrics in the album version. Little Bit of Sympathy was the other song included in this set which had not been released. Excellent quality for a 73 Trower show.

1 The Fool and Me
2 Twice Removed From Yesterday
3 Lady Love
4 Daydream
5 Another Day Another Night (aka - Day of the Eagle)
6 I Can't Wait Much Longer
7 Man of the World
8 Sinner's Song
9 Little Bit of Sympathy
10 I Can't Stand It


Hail!Hornet - Hail!Hornet (2007)

Who want's some Sludge? I want some sludge for this sunny days deep in the south...
About this guys... I must say that they sound like a kick in the balls (sorry ladies)

1. Believe in Black
2. Golden Whore
3. Drunk Tank
4. Foxy Fuck/No Solution
5. Devil's Hound
6. Nerves
7. He Who Walks Behind the Rose Bros.
8. Concussion Conspiracy

Note: I think it's not complete and there are a couple more of tracks.. anyway, they should sound the same..


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Our Italian friends will know better than me what its THUMB about, a really desert "a la" Kyuss style, really close with the northern Europe stoner scene too... highly recomended, check the preview. I know one of the bands member is a regular Gomie, so here it is man..

and remember, Obama rhymes with banana



Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Should I call it sludge? or Post Metal, or Doom? Fuck! I don`t know how to label this French guys, a very depressing and dark album....destroy all dreamers...
2.This Is Rape
3.Destroy All Dreamers part. I
4.Deux Mesures De Solitude
5.Buccolision (bis) - The Mistaken One Part. II (Geography Is Just A Symptom)
6.Destroy All Dreamers part. II
7.A Spermwhale´s Quest
8.Destroy All Dremaers part. III
9.En Memoire Des Faibles Qui Ont Survecu A Darwin
10.Destroy All Dreamers. IV
11.From Love To Exhausting - Story Of This Intangible Thing Between Us
12.Destroy All Dreamers part. V


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Waxy - Chainsaw Massacre (2007)

Another Palm Desert's son, a very "radio friendly" release, with some varied influences, you will recongnize a little bit of "Brother Brant", a little Fatso, some Hermano, and so on....but much much more softened than this others representatives of the desert storm. Do I like it?....welll, just a few tracks...

Cheers and have a good year!!!
Fuck the crisis!

01 - Motorcade
02 - It’s Over
03 - White Walls
04 - Over Before It Began
05 - Vicious
06 - Deny Yourself
07 - Tied On Tight
08 - Nothing’s Impossible
09 - Shadow
10 - Remember…Useless
11 - Grab Bag
12 - What We Were
13 - Lost Invisible