Thursday, February 01, 2007


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Not a lot to say about this. Anyone that's visited this blog and took half a gander over my WINO APPRECIATION DAY offering knows I'm a big fan of THE OBSESSED. I edited it for sound quality, so if you're already familiar with this particular boot, you should check it out and let me know what you think. If you're unfamilar, all I can say is that you probably won't be blown away or disappointed. If you expect some lost gems of OBSESSED perfection, then you're likely to be letdown. On the flipside, though, if you're expecting garbage quality and sloppy performance, then you might be impressed. Noteworthy, in my opinion, is that while most of these songs turned up, in some form, on the first couple of albums, a couple actually made it on to The Church Within...a full 12 years later.

1. Tombstone Highway
2. River of Soul
3. Inner Turmoil
4. Forever Midnight
5. Field of Hours
6. Higher Power
7. Freedom
8. Endless Circles
9. No Blame



bobb said...

could you re-post these obsessed demos? can't find them anywhere else. thank you.

The Horror! Addiction! said...

same here man, would love these! all the links on every blog with 'em are dead!