Thursday, August 30, 2007


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This post is basically just the suck-fest I promised when I got back. At that point, I tried to get all of your submissions posted, but in MIKE WATT fashion, I "jammed econo", and your submissions didn't get the proper posts they deserved. I see the same thing happening now, and while we appreciate your submissions, we can't guarantee proper posts. Mighty Matias has literally saved G.O.M.E. for all you guys over the past couple months. If it was just me, you might've had five, maybe ten records. With Matias on board, you're looking at 29 in August alone. That's almost one album per day. We're also getting a lot more traffic, and a lot more activity in the comments sections. You guys are downloading the music, telling people what you think, and uploading your own links. You guys kick ass.

Please forgive me if I forget anyone, but these are the people that make running G.O.M.E. fun:

The Good Captain (conspicuous by his absence as of late), Gav, Jordan, Anomic, Peluka, Scooby, Roadburner, Angelica, Rinjo, Blogs of Fury, Andres, Junkie, Ron, Iggy, Gordon, Slik, Rev. Atman, Jim, Zarakali, Brett, Yoyo, Mr. A, Rafael, Hook, Tyler, Masterburner, El Angel, Mike Zippo, Earthdog, Hersh, Lo-Res, Ogmonster, Generation Landslide, Patrick, Satanikus, Damal, El Rock Chingon, Earthdog, Adogg, Chris, Jon, and all you anonymous fucks smart enough to know that this list is really an international murder agenda.

Just kidding. Kinda.

I might not love you as much as Mighty Matias does, but I certainly appreciate your activity here at G.O.M.E., whether you're sharing links or opinions, or just offering suggestions. Thank you. You guys all kick ass.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

SLO BURN - DEMOS (1996) ***RE-UP***

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Here's a handful of SLO BURN tracks that didn't make the Amusing the Amazing EP. Actually, they did, though in extremely limited quantities. Regardless, attaching these demo tracks to the end of an otherwise immaculately produced EP is a bit of an earsore. The songs are strong, especially "Positiva", but the sound quality is shit. That said, I present to you five SLO BURN tracks not included on the mainstream pressing of Amusing the Amazing, and simply say "do what you want".

1. Wheel Fall
2. Positiva
3. Cactus Jumper
4. Round Trip
5. Snake Hips



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This Georgia trio is a band I wanted to check out for a long time, but only recently did I get around to it. Being a huge FUNKADELIC fan, the band's name alone piqued my interest. I expected some groove-based heavy rock with a noticeable P-FUNK influence (similar to ASTROSONIQ or, to a lesser degree, GREATDAYFORUP). Well, as it turns out, STARCHILD's fascination with stars and space has absolutely nothing to do with the Mothership, but it does make for some fantastic semi-psych rock that should fit right in here at G.O.M.E. Born into Eternity is an amazing album, consistent in its content, chops, and experimentalism. The G.O.M.E. Faithful, at first listen, will no doubt draw comparisons to SHEAVY and SABBATH, though that will be based on the familiar tone of singer/guitarist Richard Bennett's voice. You guitarists out there will notice Bennett's chops right away, especially in the areas of writing great riffs AND songs. I'm not sure I've heard arpeggios, diminished chords, and rotating bass note melodies used to such an extent on music this heavy. Every track is a standout, though my personal favorites are "Earthless", "Love", and the title track. I recommend Born into Eternity to the G.O.M.E. Faithful as a whole. Just gloomy enough to appease the sons of SABBATH, but also packing enough octane to get the KYUSS/QOTSA crowd rockin'. Absolutely essential.

1. Bride
2. Rising Star
3. Love
4. World Without End
5. Earthless
6. Will You
7. Bleed
8. Eternal Summer
9. Behold
10. Born into Eternity


Monday, August 27, 2007


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At the risk of turning G.O.M.E. into a "...formerly of KYUSS" appreciation page, here's HERMANO's 2005 live album. A+ sound and A+ performance. Highlights include "Landetta", of course, and a blistering cover of "TNT". You can still order this (I suggest the yellow vinyl), which I encourage you to do.

1. Cowboys Suck
2. 5 to 5
3. Life
4. Alone Jeffe
5. Roll Over
6. Landetta
7. My Boy
8. Quite Fucked
9. TNT
10. The Bottle
11. Senor Moreno's Plan
12. Manager's Special



As a little bonus, I thought I'd also post these demo tracks. As five of the six tracks appear, in better form, on HERMANO's debut (Only a Suggestion), the set is noteworthy for the inclusion of "Never Boulevard", a rare Garcia ballad I haven't heard before or since.

1. Alone Jeffe
2. Bottle
3. Manager's Special
4. 5 to 5
5. Never Boulevard
6. Senor Moreno's Plan



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Here's another ELECTRIC WIZARD set, this time from Holland's 2005 Roadburn Festival. It's a hell of a performance, and the sound quality is tops. G.O.M.E. visitors that dig WIZARD's earlier work will be delighted by the two-guitar version of "Return Trip". They jam it out for all ten brutal minutes before doubling that on the closer, "Supercoven". Crushing.

1. Eko Eko Azarak
2. We Live
3. Dopethrone
4. Return Trip
5. Supercoven



This is "The desert rock All Star’s", Mario Lalli? You got it, Brant Bjork? Fuck yeah, Gary Arce from Yawning Man? sure man, they all met last year and after a couple of jamming they released "Extraterrestrial Highway", a road trip to nowhere, too "space" to be FATSO JETSON, too much Mario's FJ Guitar to be Yawning Man, yet, a nice balance between aforementioned groups, as for Brant's, he plays the bass here, so is not much his influence, though, you can fill the groove. Highlight for me is "Scrapping the Barrel", only three riffs make this the most shadowy song ever came out from Mario's guitar.
As they say, it's like Black Sabbath goes surfing, great for listening when thinking of nothing, however, I could say I expected a little more from this legends. Anyway It definitively deserves a post.

1. Heavy Light
2. Aqua Beard
3. Scraping the Barrel
4. Draggin Balls
5. Extraterrestrial Highway
6. Spiritual Hangover
7. Progressive Guillitine
8. Expanding Darkness


part 1 48mb
part 2 48mb
part 3 5mb

It's divided in 3 parts because file its bigger than 100MB allowed storage on MF, download and save all parts in the same folder, then decompress part1.rar as usual and that's it. Use the comments if failure.

Friday, August 24, 2007


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This live album - released by the mighty Southern Lord in 2005, but recorded in 1989 - captures Wino-era VITUS at their absolute best. In fact, Live might be a better career retrospective than the compilation intended to be just that, Heavier Than Thou. Wino is in top form here, not only vocally, but also hammering out riff after riff to accompany the grossly underrated Dave Chandler. The fact that quality SAINT VITUS boots are few and far between makes the band's only official live album (belated as it may be) absolutely essential. Every song here is a highlight, but also check for Chandler's homage to Batman during his solo break in "Clear Windowpane".

1. Living Backwards
2. Born too Late
3. The War Starter
4. Mind-Food
5. Looking Glass
6. White Stallions
7. Look Behind You
8. Dying Inside
9. War Is Our Destiny
10. Mystic Lady
11. Clear Windowpane


WITCH - WITCH (2005)

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To longtime G.O.M.E. guests, or anyone that's dug in the proverbial crates a bit, it'll come as no surprise that I am a huge fan of J Mascis and DINOSAUR JR. WITCH is J's doom metal side-project, though the term "doom metal" is obviously up for debate as it relates to this album. If Sabotage-era SABBATH and pre-Wino VITUS qualify, then WITCH fits the bill. The rub/gimmick here is that J supposedly subbed out his guitar duties in order to return to his original instrument: drums. Now this is mere speculation, but in my opinion, that was simply an attempt to put some distance between WITCH and J's work with DINO JR and THE FOG. I know for a fact that Asa Irons plays guitar live (with J on drums), but anybody with an ear for Mascis can hear him splitting duty with Irons on this album. For proof, one need look no further than the back-to-back guitar solos on the album's opener, "Seer". Singer Kyle Thomas contributes some guitar throughout the album, but again, Mascis' playing stands out, even amidst the chaos of this doomy free-jam atmosphere. As for Thomas's vocals, they're serviceable. He doesn't have a particularly strong voice, but J's mumbling and drawling howl certainly wouldn't work in this context. Highlights include "Black Saint" and the aforementioned "Seer", but the entire album is solid from start to finish.

1. Seer
2. Soul of Fire
3. Black Saint
4. Changing
5. Rip Van Winkle
6. Hand of Glory
7. Isadora

(MediaFire doesn't seem to be working this morning, so I'm using ZShare. Let me know if you have any problems)


I recently discover this, and I refused to download this because of their name and cover art, I thought, Oh boy, another Southern whisky-rock band, but nothing more far away from reality. It's a German band with multi-ethnic members (Egyptians, Germans, SouthAmericans, etc..) but what is more interesting is the sound they achieve, pretty hard to define, some passages will sound like Kyuss (Lots of Hommes riffs), but then they go to a more FATSO song, very dynamic album, there aren't two songs that sound the same. I recommend it for this weekend, probably the album of the year.

Enjoy the weekend, get busy living or get busy dying...

01. Vega
02. Mountain Song
03. Kosmo - Terra
04. Rio Rojo
05. Fedra
06. Northern Light
07. Lungs
08. Death (Like A Friend In My Breath)
09. Sad Song
10. Culebra

Sorry is in RS, Mediafire is not working, I'll change it A.S.A.P.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


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Before I ever even mention the greatness that is ASTROSONIQ, I need to thank Mighty Matias for kicking ass in my absence. He's brought a lot of great rock to the G.O.M.E. Faithful, and he will no doubt continue to do so. Thanks also to all you regs, and newbies as well, for being active in the comments and letting us know you appreciate what we're doing. Someday I'll get sentimental and over-appreciative and post a big fuckin' suckfest for all you guys helping with the blog, whether it's sharing links or information. But for now, I want to talk about ASTROSONIQ.

This is one of my favorite post-KYUSS bands. I'd put the "50N1C" up there with SASQUATCH and FIREBALL MINISTRY. The shit ROCKS - one listen to the title track and "Astronomicon" will prove that - but they're also a lot more diverse than most bands. ASTROSONIQ can almost "out-Kyuss" KYUSS on one track, then cover a GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION or FUNKADELIC jam on the next. To my ears, ASTROSONIQ (from the Netherlands) incorporates everything great about rock & roll into their own unique brand of music. A lot of you are thinking "Well, OK, sounds like FATSO JETSON to me", and I agree. The difference is in the songwriting. FATSO is a tried and true classic, but if they spent more time experimenting with melodies and structure, they'd probably sound a lot like ASTRO. To the uninitiated: G.O.M.E. proudly presents to you the bastard grandchild of FUNKADELIC, HAWKWIND, SABBATH, and KYUSS (of course, you also need to grab Son of A.P. Lady). Make sure you check out "Astronomicon" and "So Be It". You'll be a better person for digging them. Like the marquee reads, folks, we care about your future.

1. Secret Passage
2. Sound Grenade
3. Astronomicon
4. Aphrodite's Child
5. Even Rules in Showbizland
6. Hit & Run
7. Sod Off!
8. So Be It
9. Daemonology



When I was a kid I thought that Sweden was all about Volvos, busty blonds and cold weather, but, there is more than that, such as great Rock groups, among them, is Low Rider, one of the finest Scandinavian that ever came out from there. After a split with Nebula they released this underrated masterpiece on 2000, and it sounds great. Off course you will find some Kyuss influence ("Anchor" track is like "Spaceship Landing" extension) and other tunes which probably will remind you to Monster Magnet, some early Fu Manchu, Atomic Bitchwax, and so on...
This is another "Must Have" if you consider yourself a proper G.O.M.E. reg.
If someone of you is from there, we will apreciate more info on incoming Swedish bands ( a picture of your busty blond sister 'd be highly wellcome too)
Take me to your leader!

01 - Caravan
02 - Flat Earth
03 - Convoy V
04 - Dust Settlin'
05 - Sun Devil
06 - Anchor
07 - Riding Shotgun
08 - Saguaro
09 - Ode To Io

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Our regs. Scooby Doom has requested this one some time ago, well, I got to say that this is not my favorite one, yet, it get’s interesting when trying to find some roots of the QOTSA latest sound, some well furnished vocals and some country influence it’s what I found here, plus it’s multiplicity of textures makes this album a little tricky to hear, but if you are used to M.O.R., there is nothing to worry about. This was recorded with the Legendary Crem Drummer, Mr. Baker. Cheers

1. "She Got Me (When She Got Her Dress On)"
2. "J.B. Witchdance"
3. "Jody Sings"
4. "Rolling Green"
5. "Ants In The Kitchen"
6. "V.H.V"
7. "Bicycle"
8. "100 Years (Of Tears on the Wind)"
9. "T.U.S.A"
11. "Rabbit One"
12. "Madonna"
13. "Gimme Water"
14. "Moon In Your Pocket"


Friday, August 17, 2007

Gearhead Records V/A - Runnin' on Fumes

Let me take you out just a moment from doom/stoner rock, and let me introduce you to the “punk’n’roll” (as they prefer to call themselves) or just Fuzz rock, what you will find here is a fuzz orgy taken from Gearhead Records Magazine compilation. The 2 unreleased Mudhoney tracks and the Melvins one totally worth it, though you will also find some shitty band too, but making and average, this is a good one, and the cover is cool too.
If you like late 60’s surf rock, exaggerated Vibrato and nutty reverbs, this is for you.
Put on a short, pick your favorite board and ride baby!

01. Mystery Action - Supercharger
02. Car Down Again - Claw Hammer
03. My Impala '65 - Red Aunts
04. Rat Race - The Fastbacks
05. I Live in a Car - The Fastbacks
06. Telephone Numbers - The Fastbacks
07. He's Waiting - The Meices
08. Baby (You've Got What It Takes) - Girl Trouble
09. Kick Out the Jams - Mono Men
10. Torque Pound - Chrome
11. 4000,000. 37 Miles (Breaking the Sanity Barrier) - Man or As
12. Tidewater Jack - Southern Culture on the Skids
13. My General Lee - Untamed Youth
14. Funny Funny - Groovie Ghoulies
15. Wig-Wam Bam - The Donnas
16. Some Girls - Cosmic Psychos
17. I Can't Shake It - Melvins
18. Fuzz Gun 2001 - Mudhoney
19. Blues for Stoner - Mudhoney
20. Emcounter - Davie Allan & The Arrows
21. Delorean - Rocket From The Crypt
22. Crimson Ballroom - The Hellacopters


Thursday, August 16, 2007

35007-35007 (1997)

No, it's not a phone number, its a Netherland's band, loud rocking grooves, lots of samples, An impressive coupling of '70s sludge and '90s technology, but don't scare, its well driven.
Nothing special, but I thought it would be good to know whats happening in the other part of the world. All yours

1. 66
2. Big Bore
3. Herd
4. Locker Zero 21
5. Powertruth
6. Short Sharp Left
7. Soul Machine
8. Undo
9. Vein

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

VALIS- Vast Active Living Intelligence System(2002)**INTRO BY ANOMICELEVEN**

Mr ANOMICELEVEN who seems to be a big VALIS fan help me out with this intro, thanks man for getting involved.
What can I say about VALIS... after Kyuss broke up, Homme joined Screaming Trees as their second guitarist.. though he isn't on any albums, he toured with the band... then, of course, the Trees broke up, and Homme was working on QOTSA... There are a lot of the Seattle grunge guys on Desert Sessions 1 & 2, and the first Queens album came out on Stone Goassard's label Loosegroove... if I am not mistaken... anyways, after the Trees broke up... one of the Conner brothers.. and another Conner brother who wasn't in trees started this band... I think someone from Mudhoney was in VALIS originally.. Dan Peters maybe? Anyways... VALIS is the name of a novel by Philip K. Dick (you know... Minority Report, Blade Runner, etc)... and the main character in the novel is Horselover Fat... I don't know whether the conner bros are horselovers.. but...

01 - Indian Giver
02 - Transmuter
03 - Universe -
04 - Pass Me By
05 - Mealworm
06 - Yakima Preacher
07 - Kill The Ones You Love
08 - Universe 2
09 - All Phase
10 - Paper Doll
11 - Love Loader
12 - Pilots House



Another band from Palm Desert, I guess the pioneers of the desert rush, very enjoyable with the right state of mind, quiet atmosphere, BJ has posted an EP a time ago, this is their first full release, though they started playing back in 1986. This is off course is an instrumental album; (you probably already have figured out that I hate singers). Take a deep breath and let yourself go in this cool desert breeze.

1. Rock Formations
2. Perpetual Oyster
3. Stoney Lonesome
4. Split Tooth Thunder
5. Sonny Bono Memorial Freeway
6. Airport Boulevard
7. Advanced Darkness
8. She Scares Me
9. Crater Lake
10. Buffalo Chips


Tuesday, August 14, 2007


This is the instrumental rock post of the day, please welcome to Balero, (yeah, another US band with a cool Spanish name) following steps to Dragon Green and Karma to burn I guess, this guys unleash heavy riff, tight drums and best of all, no singing, just pure manhood (no ofense girls). This one is full of killer riff and awesome grooves
Excellent work and recommended for those who want some no bullshit, ass kicking instrumental rock.

1. Captain
2. Bonzai
3. Inertia
4. The Mangler
5. Resolution


Swamp Sessions Vol 1(2006)

Another major discovery brought to you by your G.O.M.E. fellows, since BJ turn me into Colour Haze world, I looked for everything of them and I stopped when I bumped with this, this is sort of the Colour Haze own “desert sessions”, fucking rare, but also brilliant, it’s more psych than their full releases, and way more experimental as well, but has that desert felling we all enjoy, long tracks, a lot of instrumental variations and those guitar licks that makes you grab your guitar immediately. A very delightful and rewarding experience.

01 - Milford T And Mr Thirbys Psychedelic Breakfast
02 - Roll A Stoner To Stone A Rolller And Howl To The Moon
03 - A Lifesize Swamp
04 - Spacedienst - Dedicated To The Shiny Gnomes
05 - Inner Flame Of A Lifesize Swamp
06 - At The End The-Y-Re Where All Nackte Hippies


Che - Sounds of Liberation (2000)

I won’t be lying you if I told you this is probably one of the best records Brother Brant ever made (aside from Kyuss and Fu) this one is at the same level of the all mighty Jalamanta. With Alfredo Hernandez on drums and Dave Dinsmore (Unida) on bass, they merge in a more desert and more tight release, this is closer to Fu Manchu early days and nowadays Brant Somera Sol, is the perfect balance between all Brant ever did. This will quickly become ones of your favorites, no kidding, man
Weak point, it last less than 30 minutes, Is not enough. Another HIGHLY RECOMENDED.

01 - Hydraulicks
02 - The Knife
03 - Pray For Rock
04 - Sounds Of Liberation
05 - Adelante
06 - Blue Demon
07 - The Day The Pirate Retired


Friday, August 10, 2007

Truckfighters - Phi (2007) ***FIXED***

Here is brand new Truckfighters release (In fact, It will be released on October), the Swedish guys you love so much.
This new record offers nothing new, but it delivers anyway, maybe not as catchy as Gravity X, but after a few hearings, it will grow on you.
Highlights? I guess the instrumental tracks, though I haven't listened a lot.
I'm not encouraged to write today, just a tiny preamble, the rest figure it out for yourself.

1. Atomic
2. Fortyeight
3. Kickdown
4. Chamelion
5. Dysthymnia
6. Slacken
7. Warhead
8. Traffic
9. Slides
10. The Game


Thursday, August 09, 2007


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Making up for a few inactive days, but sticking with the sun-stoned desert theme, here's another FATSO JETSON album. Flames for All isn't as accessible or immediately rewarding as Cruel & Delicious, but it's consistent in its experimentation and an equally rewarding listening experience. Another Man's Ruin casualty excavated by G.O.M.E., highlights include the title track and the instrumental "August in Lawndale".

1. The Untimely Death of the Keyboard Player
2. Vatos of the Astral Plane
3. Fucked Up & Famous
4. Flames for All
5. Icon to Ex-Con
6. Let's Clone
7. August in Lawndale
8. Graffiti in Space
9. Deaf Conductor



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The Ogmonster requested this Los Angeles masterpiece, and I'm happy to post it. SASQUATCH's sophomore effort is one of my favorite albums of the past couple of years. While the band's eponymous debut was excellent, II offers a bit more variety, namely the mellower moments of "Nikki" and "Catalina". For the uninitiated, SASQUATCH is an incredible band from LA that melds a traditional groove-heavy desert vibe with traces of SOUNDGARDEN and the occasional dash of southern-fried whiskey rock. Keith Gibbs currently employs my favorite guitar tone in rock. Don't let the SOUNDGARDEN similarities discourage you. Keith's guitar is probably the fuzziest in the business right now, and his voice and talent allow the band to take full advantage of memorable, but powerful hooks. Check out "The Judge" and "Barrel of a Gun", then pay the good folks at Small Stone a visit. Highly recommended.

1. Let It Out
2. The Judge
3. Pleasure to Burn
4. Barrel of a Gun
5. Seven Years to Saturn
6. Nikki
7. Off the Rails
8. Glass Houses
9. Rattlesnake Flake
10. Catalina
11. What Have You Done?


Fatso Jetson - Power of Three (1997)

I was checking old comments and for those who missed it, some time ago I uploaded this one for BJ, but it seems it slipped from those glorious “catch post”, well here is another release from Palms Desert finest….Their 1997 outrageous “Power of Three” that any G.O.M.E. faithful must have. Excellent bright tones with an unavoidable post-apocalyptic influence. I love that mellow reverb sound that’s so fucking difficult to achieve, plus some peculiar melodies you got one of the most original bands ever came out from “Desert Rock” ( I don’t particularly like this label) scene.
The kind of record that will dry your mouth……(mmmmm)
Enjoys, kids

1. Builders & Collectors
2. Ugly Man, Ugly Name
3. Mummified
4. Orgy Porgy
5. El Taurino
6. Phil The Hole
7. Phantom Of The Opry
8. Handgun
9. Sandy The Clock Farmer
10. Bored Stiff
11. Itchy Brother
12. Drones Pills

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Los Natas - Munchen Sessions (2004)

For those who haven't seen them live, this is as close as you're gonna get, recorded live from studio in Germany in 2004, this is a truly pentatonic odyssey, very interesting jams, almost 80 minutes of pure inspiration, excellent sound quality.
Highlights, the entire second track of CD 2, and “Humo de Marihuana” (pot smoke for you English speakers)
If you are in the Natas thing, this is a must, If you don’t dig Natas, this is a must.Trust me man, this worth it..

1 Soma / 13 / El Negro / Tormenta Mental (24:29)
2 Trilogia / El Cono del Encono / Nada / Polvaredo (23:07)

1 Corsario Negro Loco / Traicion en el Arrocero / Humo de Marihuana (23:59)
2 Tomaiten (Jamm Aleman) (19:00)


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Orquesta del Desierto - Orquesta del Desierto (2002)

Pick your favorite couch, grab a six pack and lay back, we got Orquesta del Desierto...
What if I say Alfredo Hernandez? What if I say Mario Lali? Well this is a side project of them, nice acoustic tunes, quiet, and dissonant chord progressions, and that’s where you say, it sounds like.., but don't expect to find heavy riffs, this is not the place and the time..
Definitively not one of my favorites, but if you listen in a open state of mind, it will grow on you.

1. Shadow Stealing
2. After Blue
3. Waiting for That Star to Fall
4. Make Fun
5. Globalist Dreams
6. Mary Strange
7. From This View Riley
8. Smooth Slim
9. Scorned Liver
10.Alicia's Song

Monday, August 06, 2007

Dragon Green-Emmissions from green sessions (2002)

I heard that brother Brant is involved in this, although, I can’t recognize his trade mark here.
I also try to find anything on the web, but it's impossible, you'll be amused when finding more than 50 bands called "Dragon something.." but no one green.
This is a superb album, from head to toe, 50 minutes of well overdriven guitars smashing riffs and no singing at all.
If you liked that "Tijuana" French dude, you should get this.
I will appreciate some info you G.O.M.E. faithful may give about this band.

1. Turning Stones
2. Deleted
3. Marker 5
4. Gipsy the amateur
5. Rumble strip

Thursday, August 02, 2007


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Here's a great live set from MOTORHEAD, broadcast live last year in Germany. I saw a similar set just last October in Kansas City, and aside from a couple of ruptured eardrums, I had the time of my life! MOTORHEAD is a love-'em-or-hate-'em band, and I know it's not standard G.O.M.E. fare, but they're one of the greatest rock bands of all time, and a personal favorite of mine. I wish I had a quality soundboard of the show I saw in KC. Again, it was very similar to this one, with "Just Cos You Got the Power" replacing "I Got Mine" and a longer jam on "Overkill". I believe we did well, though. The crowd was great throughout, and if I'm not mistaken, the show I attended was MOTORHEAD's sole US appearance in 2006. Phil Campbell never fails to blow my mind, and he doesn't disappoint on this set. I hate the term "underrated", because no great rock guitarists get a lot of press, but Phil's one of the greatest rock guitarists out there, and you rarely hear or read anything about him. At least in the US. Highlights include "Dancing on Your Grave", "Killed by Death", and of course the jammed-out closer, "Overkill".

1. Doctor Rock
2. Stay Clean
3. Love Me Like a Reptile
4. Killers
5. Metropolis
6. Over the Top
7. No Class
8. I Got Mine
9. In the Name of Tragedy
10. Dancing on Your Grave
11. Fast and Loose
13. Goin' to Brazil
14. Killed by Death
15. Iron Fist
16. Ace of Spades
17. Overkill



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This band was requested by Gordon, and I couldn't be more delighted. Even Matias is unfamiliar with Germany's COLOUR HAZE, so this could be a chance to turn the G.O.M.E. faithful on to some serious rock. I chose to up Periscope because it's my personal favorite, but there's a lot more where this came from. COLOUR HAZE is actually one of my favorite post-KYUSS bands, and they seem to evolve with each release. On this album, Stefan Koglek borrows from Josh Homme's KYUSS book as far as guitar tones are concerned, especially his lead tones. The standout to me is absolutely "Sun", which also happens to be my favorite COLOUR HAZE tune. The groove is irresistible, but the lead melody line will have all you G.O.M.E. axe-slingers grabbing your guitars as soon as you hear it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

1. Always Me
2. Antenna
3. Pulse
4. Sun
5. Periscope
6. Periscope (Breit Return)
7. Transmitter



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An anonymous member of the G.O.M.E. faithful requested this one, and the uninitiated now owe him a huge debt of thanks. My favorite MM release next to the great Superjudge is probably Spine of God, but Dopes to Infinity tends to slide into that spot every time I listen to it. This album also features my favorite MAGNET song, "Negasonic Teenage Warhead", which was actually played on the radio in '95 (those were the days)! "Look to Your Orb", "King of Mars", and the title track are MM classics as well.

1. Dopes to Infinity
2. Negasonic Teenage Warhead
3. Look to Your Orb for the Warning
4. All Friends and Kingdom Come
5. Ego, the Living Planet
6. Blow 'Em Off
7. Third Alternative
8. I Control, I Fly
9. King of Mars
10. Dead Christmas
11. Theme from "Masterburner"
12. Vertigo


A Tijuana Trip - A meth Lab experience

Well, this just came to me...tried to look up for some info, but it seems that no one knows about this dudes... about what they offer, is a ride across the border, in a "caddy" with the trunk full of drugs , have you seen that movie with Jhonny Deep and Benicio del Toro where they go to Las Vegas?? well, this should be the soundtrack. Highlights? well lets say, track one and three.
Should you download this? Yes

1. Opium
2. Bad Alcohol
3. Red Forest
4. Coca'd no party
5. Ether Desert

Note: 13th floor lords do not encourage you to take drugs, this kind of music does it for itself.