Thursday, January 25, 2007


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I thought to keep the proverbial ball rolling I’d throw up a compilation honoring one of my all-time favorite musicians, Scott “Wino” Weinrich.

Scott “Wino” Weinrich is a guitarist/vocalist and founding member of THE OBSESSED. His raw and deep vocals in SAINT VITUS, as well as his work in THE OBSESSED and SPIRIT CARAVAN, made him a big personality on the metal scene, and one of the most influential guitarist/vocalists in the genre.

Wino's musical career started out in the Washington DC area when he formed THE OBSESSED in the early 80s. This version of THE OBSESSED would release a 7" and have a track featured on Metal Blade Recrods’ Metal Massacre VI compilation. In the mid-80s, he disbanded THE OBSESSED and moved to California to sing for SAINT VITUS. During this time Wino also played bass for THE MENTORS. In SAINT VITUS, he covered vocal duties, as well as additional guitar work on some tracks. SAINT VITUS put out three studio albums, a live album, and an EP with Wino. After SAINT VITUS signed with Hellhound Records, the label released a collection of archived OBSESSED recordings. This prompted Wino to leave SAINT VITUS and reform THE OBSESSED, who now had a record deal with Hellhound. This incarnation of THE OBSESSED released two more albums (the latter was picked up by Columbia Records) before calling it quits in 1994. Wino then formed SPIRIT CARAVAN with ex-WRETCHED vocalist Dave Sherman on bass. SPIRIT CARAVAN released two albums and an EP before disbanding in 2002. Wino then joined ex-PENTAGRAM guitarist Victor Griffin in his outfit, PLACE OF SKULLS, for one album before leaving to start his current band, THE HIDDEN HAND.

Wino also contributed vocals and guitars on the track "The Emerald Law" for Dave Grohl’s PROBOT project. He can be seen playing guitar in the video for "Shake Your Blood", a PROBOT track featuring Lemmy of MOTORHEAD.

1. The Obsessed - Tombstone Highway

2. The Obsessed - River of Soul

3. Saint Vitus - Dying Inside

4. Saint Vitus - The End of the End

5. Saint Vitus - Bitter Truth

6. Saint Vitus - Ice Monkey

7. Saint Vitus - When Emotion Dies

8. The Obsessed - No Mas

9. The Obsessed - Back to Zero

10. The Obsessed - Hiding Mask

11. The Obsessed - Living Rain

12. The Obsessed - To Protect and to Serve

13. Spirit Caravan - Sun Stoned

14. Spirit Caravan - No Hope Goat Farm

15. Spirit Caravan - Courage

16. Spirit Caravan - Black Flower

17. Spirit Caravan - Elusive Truth

18. Place of Skulls - Last Hit

19. Place of Skulls - Dimensional Sojourn

20. The Hidden Hand - The Last Tree

21. The Hidden Hand - Reprise


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The Horror! Addiction! said...

It is Dave Chandler, Saint Vitus's guitarist, and not Wino who sings on "When Emotion Dies".