Wednesday, August 22, 2007


When I was a kid I thought that Sweden was all about Volvos, busty blonds and cold weather, but, there is more than that, such as great Rock groups, among them, is Low Rider, one of the finest Scandinavian that ever came out from there. After a split with Nebula they released this underrated masterpiece on 2000, and it sounds great. Off course you will find some Kyuss influence ("Anchor" track is like "Spaceship Landing" extension) and other tunes which probably will remind you to Monster Magnet, some early Fu Manchu, Atomic Bitchwax, and so on...
This is another "Must Have" if you consider yourself a proper G.O.M.E. reg.
If someone of you is from there, we will apreciate more info on incoming Swedish bands ( a picture of your busty blond sister 'd be highly wellcome too)
Take me to your leader!

01 - Caravan
02 - Flat Earth
03 - Convoy V
04 - Dust Settlin'
05 - Sun Devil
06 - Anchor
07 - Riding Shotgun
08 - Saguaro
09 - Ode To Io


slik said...

We must have had a little from the same crop. I posted this one on my blog Tuesday! Great stuff, I love it. I added the 4 Lowrider tracks from the Nebula/Lowrider Double EP from 1998 as a bonus also. Peace.

jordan adams said...

i like this quite a lot.

Big Jack said...

Haha, excellent post. Nothing wrong with a busty blond...or great Swedish stoner rock, for that matter!

No Title said...

Fantastic album