Thursday, August 09, 2007


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Making up for a few inactive days, but sticking with the sun-stoned desert theme, here's another FATSO JETSON album. Flames for All isn't as accessible or immediately rewarding as Cruel & Delicious, but it's consistent in its experimentation and an equally rewarding listening experience. Another Man's Ruin casualty excavated by G.O.M.E., highlights include the title track and the instrumental "August in Lawndale".

1. The Untimely Death of the Keyboard Player
2. Vatos of the Astral Plane
3. Fucked Up & Famous
4. Flames for All
5. Icon to Ex-Con
6. Let's Clone
7. August in Lawndale
8. Graffiti in Space
9. Deaf Conductor



Anonymous said...

no man, highlight is "The Untimely Death of the Keyboard Player", haha

Generation Landslide said...

Just found your blog and I'm really diggin' it. Any chance you could link mine? I've already added yours. thanks.

Big Jack said...

As the good cap'n would say, consider yourself linked. Glad you're diggin' the ol' blarg. I dig yours as well. Keep on rockin', my friend.

oscar said...

what is the password for the file?