Thursday, August 09, 2007


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The Ogmonster requested this Los Angeles masterpiece, and I'm happy to post it. SASQUATCH's sophomore effort is one of my favorite albums of the past couple of years. While the band's eponymous debut was excellent, II offers a bit more variety, namely the mellower moments of "Nikki" and "Catalina". For the uninitiated, SASQUATCH is an incredible band from LA that melds a traditional groove-heavy desert vibe with traces of SOUNDGARDEN and the occasional dash of southern-fried whiskey rock. Keith Gibbs currently employs my favorite guitar tone in rock. Don't let the SOUNDGARDEN similarities discourage you. Keith's guitar is probably the fuzziest in the business right now, and his voice and talent allow the band to take full advantage of memorable, but powerful hooks. Check out "The Judge" and "Barrel of a Gun", then pay the good folks at Small Stone a visit. Highly recommended.

1. Let It Out
2. The Judge
3. Pleasure to Burn
4. Barrel of a Gun
5. Seven Years to Saturn
6. Nikki
7. Off the Rails
8. Glass Houses
9. Rattlesnake Flake
10. Catalina
11. What Have You Done?



ogmonster said...

Thanks, man. This is indeed cool as fuck. I got their first one and will be getting II too. Thanks again for letting me listen before the Small Stone visit. \m/

Peluka said...

Sounds like Soundgarden, really, and i love Soundgarden.

Big Jack said...

Og & Peluka-- Glad you guys dig it. Sasquatch is one of my favorite bands. I thought we'd get some more comments in this thread. Either the faithful already had this one or wore it out, or they're missing out!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I heard the song The Judge on your page and this band seems to be so great, I'dd like to hear more, but this link does not work. Could you fix it please. Thank you,

Anonymous said...

link is long dead, sharonall shut down long time ago

Anonymous said...

sorry, the shareonall comment was meant for another blog, but your MEDIAFIRE link is dead too

re-up ?? thanks, BC

Anonymous said...

hey, hey, I found your reposts of Sasquatch, thank you, that was el rapido fast, ((kidding)), google search led to old post, after commenting, I searched your blog for newer post - shoulda done that first - and voila found repost

thanks, BC

Anonymous said...

fols, find repost of sasquatch, and other cool stuff, here

thanks again S.S., BC