Thursday, August 16, 2007

35007-35007 (1997)

No, it's not a phone number, its a Netherland's band, loud rocking grooves, lots of samples, An impressive coupling of '70s sludge and '90s technology, but don't scare, its well driven.
Nothing special, but I thought it would be good to know whats happening in the other part of the world. All yours

1. 66
2. Big Bore
3. Herd
4. Locker Zero 21
5. Powertruth
6. Short Sharp Left
7. Soul Machine
8. Undo
9. Vein


El rock chingón said...

Love this one, nice post. How about a mexican Kraut/desert/stoner band? Sendme an emial to with your adress, and I'll send you a mexican band. See ya.

Matias said...

Chingon, subilo a mediafire y pega el link aqui, si esta bueno lo posteo. Regards man!!

Gav said...

This is a band i have only just got round to checking out, you know how it is... too many bands to listen to, not enough time in the day to listen to them. I recently got Phase V which im realy impressed with, so i cant wait to hear this one.

thanks dude

Big Jack said...

Yeah, the read-it-upside-down guys have an awesome sound. Not as "techy" as the mighty Magnet's forays into the genre, but more experimental. Like Matias said, lots of samples. It's so creative, though, it's hard to call 35007 anything less than balls-out rock & roll. They teach a good post-Kyuss school in the Netherlands, haha...

Anonymous said...

First of all compliments on your great BLOG and your great music taste.
Lots of your post I own as
original (35007 kicks ass check out also their other stuff!!)
Thanks, Ron

Please could you reupload the Hermano Demo and Sloburn demo+Dynamo live

Also a question;
do you have the Across The River - Live At County Line demo/bootleg (ft Scott Reeder/Mario Lalli)
Searching this item for ages?

Anonymous said...

Liquid is one of the most impressive albums I have ever heard.... on a level with Sky Valley. It is the aural equivalent to being caught up in a tidal wave (see also: Boris' "Flood"). If you ever feel the need to post more 35007, I'd start with Liquid... if you need help with that, contact me at ridingthebomb @


Big Jack said...

I can definitely re-up the Hermano and Slo-Burn demos. I do not have the Reeder/Lalli county line demo, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone here comes up with it.

r0b0c0p said...


This album is killer! If you like stoner rock and pink floyd you will adore this!