Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Swamp Sessions Vol 1(2006)

Another major discovery brought to you by your G.O.M.E. fellows, since BJ turn me into Colour Haze world, I looked for everything of them and I stopped when I bumped with this, this is sort of the Colour Haze own “desert sessions”, fucking rare, but also brilliant, it’s more psych than their full releases, and way more experimental as well, but has that desert felling we all enjoy, long tracks, a lot of instrumental variations and those guitar licks that makes you grab your guitar immediately. A very delightful and rewarding experience.

01 - Milford T And Mr Thirbys Psychedelic Breakfast
02 - Roll A Stoner To Stone A Rolller And Howl To The Moon
03 - A Lifesize Swamp
04 - Spacedienst - Dedicated To The Shiny Gnomes
05 - Inner Flame Of A Lifesize Swamp
06 - At The End The-Y-Re Where All Nackte Hippies



Anonymous said...

another fine dropping from the land of gome. could anyone mediafire it, even if its in two parts?
thnx, Peace

Matias said...

Give me a couple of days!, the breakfast song totally worth it! ha ha!

Hersh said...

No worries. I got another link for the non-rapid gomies.

Big Jack said...

This is pretty incredible. Thanks Matias (and Hersh). I'd heard OF this, but never heard the actual music. I don't believe it's distributed in the US (at least not in my neck of the woods). It kicks off with that unmistakable Colour Haze guitar noodling...and I gotta love any album whose first words are "Where's my breakfast, woman?", haha! This is fuckin' awesome. That kick-in on "Lifesize Swamp" is probably my favorite moment of the album, but it's all great. I actually dig this as much as I do a lot of Colour Haze stuff, and I can't say the same regarding the Desert Sessions. The D-Sesh releases are hit-and-miss...this is solid throughout. Awesome post.

Gav said...

Totaly agree with you jack, the desert sessions are a bit hit and miss although i recently read an article where josh said he deliberatly made them that way i.e a couple of killer tracks then a couple of dodgey tracks just to piss people off. Anyways back on topic lol. Swamp sessons is a totaly soild album with the stand out tracks being , A lifesize swamp and spacedienst - Dedicated to the shiny Gnomes. Im just lovin them laid back grooves

Big Jack said...

You hit it, Gav, Laid back grooves. The type of shit that makes you lose yourself for a minute and take a little longer when it's your turn at the card or domino table. I could chill out to this record for a week if I had that luxury, haha. Good info on the D-Sessions, too. Intentionally pissing people off sounds like a cop-out, but I always knew Josh was doing the project to get his buddies together and throw as much shit at the wall as possible without worrying about an album format.

anomiceleven said...

any one who releases "piano bench breaks" is not taking himself too seriously....