Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Che - Sounds of Liberation (2000)

I won’t be lying you if I told you this is probably one of the best records Brother Brant ever made (aside from Kyuss and Fu) this one is at the same level of the all mighty Jalamanta. With Alfredo Hernandez on drums and Dave Dinsmore (Unida) on bass, they merge in a more desert and more tight release, this is closer to Fu Manchu early days and nowadays Brant Somera Sol, is the perfect balance between all Brant ever did. This will quickly become ones of your favorites, no kidding, man
Weak point, it last less than 30 minutes, Is not enough. Another HIGHLY RECOMENDED.

01 - Hydraulicks
02 - The Knife
03 - Pray For Rock
04 - Sounds Of Liberation
05 - Adelante
06 - Blue Demon
07 - The Day The Pirate Retired



Rinjo Njori said...

Great post! the only thing wrong with this album is that at 7 songs it is way too short. Speaking of another Dinsmore-- how about some Blast!

slik said...

I agree. This is a killer. It did become one of my favorites and still is.

Big Jack said...

Yeah, Matias described it perfectly, and Slik and Rinjo added the punctuation. ESSENTIAL. Brant revisited this style with Somera Sol (album of the year), but Che still sounds so fuckin' fresh and energetic. Truly an upper-echelon post-Kyuss release.

Anonymous said...

dead link : (
aaany chance you'd be able to stick this one back up? pleeease
thanks in advance!

rian_xjml said...

i reckon you guys do an outstanding job on this blog. all this music that i've pretty much lusted after for SOOOO long i find basically all in one place.

the link is dead, but a quick google search came up with the following link for Che's Sounds of Liberation. I hope it's ok if i post it, if not then feel free to remove the link.


Again, my hat is off to the both of you for having such an amazing blog.