Wednesday, August 29, 2007

SLO BURN - DEMOS (1996) ***RE-UP***

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Here's a handful of SLO BURN tracks that didn't make the Amusing the Amazing EP. Actually, they did, though in extremely limited quantities. Regardless, attaching these demo tracks to the end of an otherwise immaculately produced EP is a bit of an earsore. The songs are strong, especially "Positiva", but the sound quality is shit. That said, I present to you five SLO BURN tracks not included on the mainstream pressing of Amusing the Amazing, and simply say "do what you want".

1. Wheel Fall
2. Positiva
3. Cactus Jumper
4. Round Trip
5. Snake Hips



slik said...

Big Jack,
Great stuff, man. I have a copy of these songs I got in a trade with someone last year. My copy includes 3 live tracks from the Dynamo Festival in Holland 1997. The Prizefighter, Wheelfall, and Son Of God. I'll try to post these 3 this weekend along with some live Unida that kicks some serious ass. I'm a huge John Garcia fan. He's one of the best hard rock singers of all time.

Peluka said...

One request please, Melvins, Houdini. I was looking for but... nothing.
Another request, give us some time to enjoy your posts. When i download one, you upload too!!!
Love you guys.

Damal said...

Great share! thanks!

here's the new DOWN album "III: Over The Under"-
@128kbit (best quality you can get right now).

Anonymous said...

sweet album.............could you by any chance post the newest album by sheavy called The machine that won the war (i ordered it twice and it didn't come either time and now i have the angry face)

Chris said...

Did Slo-Burn ever record a follow up full length that never came out due to the band or the label breaking up? Thought I remember hearing something like that. Thanks and great blog.

Matias said...

Ok, let's hit it,
Slik: Pls fell free to upload it, I got them too, but sound quality its fucking poor.
Peluka: Houdini ->> , as customer care policy, we need to keep things moving, otherwise you would forget about us. We love you too.
Damal: Great man, I’ll check it out and comment. Thanks bro
Anonymous: We like better to know who are we talking to, give us your name and we will process your request. (Paperwork policy)
Chris: Yeah, I heard something like that once, but there is nothing on the net, believe me, I have looked for it, now I’m overwhelmed. Thanks to all.

Jon said...

sweet album.............could you by any chance post the newest album by sheavy called The machine that won the war (i ordered it twice and it didn't come either time and now i have the angry face). Thanks in advance (paper work policy completed)

Matias said...

haha Jon, now we are talking. Let me fill this form, form a line and we will call you for your Name.
By the way, real nice album Big Jack, i'm dig it a lot.

Mr Jon, pls aproach to the desk, here you have...thanks for waiting
I haven't listened yet, but I'm sure you will comment it
Hapy Customers come's back for more...

Big Jack said...

I see Matias has held this forum down quite well, so I'll just second everything he said, thank Damal for the new Down, and add two things:

Peluka-- I'd planned on a proper Houdini post, but Matias already hooked you up. Maybe I'll post the live version. I'm also working on editing "The Maggot" without the annoying breaks in the middle of the songs, so if you're a Melvins fan, keep checking back. There might also be a "Bullhead" (one of my all-time favorite albums) in the near future.

Matias-- Thanks for sharing the new Sheavy. It'll be interesting to see what Jon thinks. Personally, I'm a little disappointed. It's not terrible, and I love the bass tone (and grooves) throughout, but "The Machine..." is just about as close to mainstream metal as I care to tread. It sounds like a Black Label Society album without the chops or the balls...which I guess makes it the equivalent of Hellfueled, or Ozzy's "Down to Earth" album.

Mr Jon said...

Thanks for the album kind sir. I pretty much agree with Jack though. It's decent but not something i was really expecting from them, as it seemed a tad generic. They strayed away from their sabbath roots a bit too much :( :( :( (3 sad faces). I thought their Electric Sleep was great though.

(some youtubage, listen to the bit at the end where he gives his mini "this is not a sabbath song" speech deal thing)

Thanks again Mr. Matias (costumer = happy and such)

Peluka said...

Megaupload sucks, can anybody reup Houdini to mediafire?

Big Jack said...

Peluka-- You do owe Matias a debt of gratitude, MegaUpload or not, but here's a MF link.

damal said...

Anyone interested in the Houdini live album (A Live History of Gluttony and Lust), which in my opinion is better then the original?

Big Jack said...

Damal-- I might agree that ALHoG&H is a more powerful record than the original. I was planning on giving it a proper post, but if you have it upped, I'm sure the G.O.M.E. Faithful will snatch it as soon as you post it! There are some serious MELVINS fans lurking in here.

Thanks again for getting involved, my friend. And forgive me if I missed you under previous posts, but welcome to the 13th floor!

Gav said...

Jack i have an edited version of the Maggot i could upload for you. I have a lot of other stuff by the melvins as well if anyone is interested?

Anonymous said...

Yep, al the things John Garcia is envolved are great (Butt KYUSS RULES!!!), although I know this one for years, thanks for giving others the chance to rediscover this great short-lived band.
By the way is there anybody who has a copy of the Across The River - Live At County Line Bootleg/demo, the inspiration for Kyuss to start their own thing, ft.
S.Reeder, A.Hernandez, & M.Lalli, all connected to the kyuss camp????, if so please upload this one, I'm
searchin'for ages to get hold on a copy.

Thanx, Ron

Big Jack said...

Gav-- I appreciate the Maggot offer, man, but I've already spent too much damn time editing the files! Any Melvins is appreciated, though. I think I have everything, but not all of it is uploaded. Share what you can, my friend.

Ron-- Someone else recently asked about the County Line boot, and I can't find it to save my damn life. Mighty Matias is a big Lalli fan, maybe he can come up with something. I'll keep looking, though. Thanks, bro.

Masterburner said...

I don't know if this is the right place for this, and this may already be on here somewhere, but I'd like to request the Beaver/QoTSA split. (If its already on here, point me in the right direction.)

Just Do It...


Anonymous said...

Hey BJ,
thanks for also looking out
for the County Line boot!!
All that early Palm Spring desert stuf is so hard to get, but oh so cool....
Love the work of all those musicians, by the way is it possible to reupload the live gig from Yawning Man, and if you got some old stuff of these band & Sort of Quartet please upload.

Thanx Man, You Rule,

Matias said...

Ron, this is the deal, this week i'll upload Sort of quartet's victim a la mode, then when i finish getting Across the river I'll post it, and that would be the last Mario Lalli related post...thats it, too many lalli here..Did I mention I love you?

Peluka said...

Thanks all yous. I´m waiting for live houdini post.

Anonymous said...

thanx a thousand times,
you're awesome, those titles from these bands are such sought after items for me, I'm feeling like a kid in a candystore...
M.Lalli and S.Reeder and the Kyuss famely brought and still provide us with such earcandy, brr...

You rule ....Thanx, Ron
If you ever looking for something drop it on the comments, if I got , i'll post it!

Anonymous said...

Go there and download, the Unida tr, is suburb, thank the Mercenario guy at


Big Jack said...

Wow...lots of comments in this post! I'm doing my best keep up.

Masterburner-- I'll try to get that QOTSA/Beaver split posted tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then Tuesday for sure. Keep checkin' back.

Ron-- Thanks for your offer, and especially the Unida! I'm DLing it as I type this reply. You're an old school Kyuss fan like Matias and me...any chance you have Butcher's "Auricle" album? I keep meaning to order it, but I always forget. That would be a GREAT addition to the blog, man.

Anonymous said...

Damned BJ, I don't have that cd, I search for it or maybe order it, because Scott Reeder is on the mighty bass, Also with the Tree Of The Sun/Blastula projects on chophouse records, tried to order from them directly from chophouse but never get a respond.

Sorry, Ron

Philthy said...

Scotty didn't actually play bass on the "Auricle" album per se. He did in fact, sweeten some of the tracks with his vocals, bass, guitar and keyboard playing.

Many "Kyuss fans" don't really know what a talent he truly is. I was fortunate to experience his musicianship first-hand.

Ron, contact me if you're interested in some of the Butcher tracks!


Philthy said...

I meant to say: "Big Jack", contact me if you're interested in some of the Butcher tracks!