Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Los Natas - Munchen Sessions (2004)

For those who haven't seen them live, this is as close as you're gonna get, recorded live from studio in Germany in 2004, this is a truly pentatonic odyssey, very interesting jams, almost 80 minutes of pure inspiration, excellent sound quality.
Highlights, the entire second track of CD 2, and “Humo de Marihuana” (pot smoke for you English speakers)
If you are in the Natas thing, this is a must, If you don’t dig Natas, this is a must.Trust me man, this worth it..

1 Soma / 13 / El Negro / Tormenta Mental (24:29)
2 Trilogia / El Cono del Encono / Nada / Polvaredo (23:07)

1 Corsario Negro Loco / Traicion en el Arrocero / Humo de Marihuana (23:59)
2 Tomaiten (Jamm Aleman) (19:00)



ogmonster said...

This is cooooool. THANKS. I have most of their work and they're one sweet band. \m/

How about posting Sasquatch II?

Matias said...

Working on that, my friend, working on that, soon...

Scobby Doom said...

Great Blog! just discovered!
Can you please give us some more Masters or reallity? I´m looking desperetly for Welcomie to teh western Lodge and Sunrise on the Sufferbus

Thanks a lot
keep Rocking

Matias said...

Scobby doom..HaHa, great name, I was thinking of posting Flank'n'right tomorrow, you know, their live album with josh n nick

watesapo said...

Great blog dude, but I miss this awesome post. Could you reupload it? please man! By the way, I got a tech to avoid the delete of your links in mediafire:
1) create a new account (with a another mail)
2) dont put the entire name of the album to the rar files, for example: Los Ntas Munchen Sessions could be LN-MS, just to make it harder to be find by the copyright assholes.
3) Put this:
before the link.
Whit this symple steps we can continue enjoing the mediafire as the great host that it is, aniway there are many others goods enough, greetings and congratulations, keep the rock loud!!
pd: my english sucks :P

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