Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Another band from Palm Desert, I guess the pioneers of the desert rush, very enjoyable with the right state of mind, quiet atmosphere, BJ has posted an EP a time ago, this is their first full release, though they started playing back in 1986. This is off course is an instrumental album; (you probably already have figured out that I hate singers). Take a deep breath and let yourself go in this cool desert breeze.

1. Rock Formations
2. Perpetual Oyster
3. Stoney Lonesome
4. Split Tooth Thunder
5. Sonny Bono Memorial Freeway
6. Airport Boulevard
7. Advanced Darkness
8. She Scares Me
9. Crater Lake
10. Buffalo Chips



Anonymous said...

LOVIN' the tunes!
Any chance of higher quality files?

Big Jack said...

Glad you're diggin' the blog. As for higher quality files, though, G.O.M.E. is not an alternative to purchasing albums and supporting the artists we showcase. Also, with that little disclaimer out of the way, and I can't speak for Matias, but I really need to watch my storage. I up at 128kbps, which is supposedly CD quality. I believe Matias ups at 192. If the G.O.M.E. faithful wants to band together and purchase some big ass external hard drives for both Matias and myself, I'm sure we could find a way to up more 320s than you could store.

Matias said...

The MAN speaks for myself, more than 192 it's too damm heavy to upload, the biggest the file the less we share, it's all about timing my friend, imagine that it will take twice of the time to upload, there4, It 'd be half of the post, the greatest thing about this blog it's its diversity, wich 'd be corrupted If I do so, anyway,remember,we love you man

Anonymous said...

Keep on rockin'!

Matias said...

Alright man!, for you to see there is no hurtfeellings, this is my gift to you, a pretty good Italian band ACAJOU, at 320bps!!!!! Very high sound quality (107MB) enjoy my anonymous friend.
The G.O.M.E. team

Satanikus said...

Excellent record, very trippy

I recommend to listen to it while looking at the stars with a glass of anything with alcohol

The "Pothead" Ep is as good as this one

And this is another band with Mario Lalli on the line-up (Fatso Jetson, Orquesta Del Desierto, Sort Of Quartet), it can't be anything but good

anomiceleven said...

speaking of sort of quartet.. any chance...?