Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Tijuana Trip - A meth Lab experience

Well, this just came to me...tried to look up for some info, but it seems that no one knows about this dudes... about what they offer, is a ride across the border, in a "caddy" with the trunk full of drugs , have you seen that movie with Jhonny Deep and Benicio del Toro where they go to Las Vegas?? well, this should be the soundtrack. Highlights? well lets say, track one and three.
Should you download this? Yes

1. Opium
2. Bad Alcohol
3. Red Forest
4. Coca'd no party
5. Ether Desert

Note: 13th floor lords do not encourage you to take drugs, this kind of music does it for itself.


gordon said...

Cool stuff. The movie you're thinking of is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Great book aswell.
Would love it if you could post some Colour haze albums if you have any.

Matias said...

Yeah Gordon, thats the movie.., I don``t have a clue what is Colour haze, but I ll try to get you something..just stay around

Big Jack said...

This is kickass. Great riffs with trippy (almost jazzy) breaks. Excellent post, Matias.

Gordon -- I'm a big Colour Haze fan. I'll up something today.

Oh, and F&L is a classic film and book!

slik said...

Diggin this. Found them on Mysapce Music at
Stoner Surf from Lyon, France. Looks like its a one man effort. Pierre G. plays all instruments. I like it!

Big Jack said...

Thanks for the info, Slik. Who knew desert surf from France could kick so much ass?

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