Monday, August 06, 2007

Dragon Green-Emmissions from green sessions (2002)

I heard that brother Brant is involved in this, although, I can’t recognize his trade mark here.
I also try to find anything on the web, but it's impossible, you'll be amused when finding more than 50 bands called "Dragon something.." but no one green.
This is a superb album, from head to toe, 50 minutes of well overdriven guitars smashing riffs and no singing at all.
If you liked that "Tijuana" French dude, you should get this.
I will appreciate some info you G.O.M.E. faithful may give about this band.

1. Turning Stones
2. Deleted
3. Marker 5
4. Gipsy the amateur
5. Rumble strip


Anonymous said...

Great album, here some poop on them,;jsessionid=2BAB971810506B5D3EF1C86DCC61879E

Matias said...

Alright, nothing to do with Brant Bjork, anyway, good stuff

Big Jack said...

This is fuckin' awesome. Now you guys see why I brought Matias on board. Sober, this probably seems like an endless riff-fest...but of course I wouldn't know. Thick guitars, man. The low end sounds incredible. I'll definitely be kickin' this one on the job.

Anonymous said...

found an interview with mike clancy here -

great post, thank you!

Scooby Doom said...

Hey man, awesome blog! I just dicovered! Really fucking awesome!
By any chance, do oyu know where i can download alll this cds covers, inlays and back covers???

And please, post the new Atomic Bitchwax live cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the great music you are sharing!

Matias said...

Glad you guys enjoyed it, I`ll keep them coming.

slik said...

Found them on MySpace Music at They are from Lehigh Valley, PA. Mike Clancy and Joe America. Sounds great.