Friday, August 24, 2007


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This live album - released by the mighty Southern Lord in 2005, but recorded in 1989 - captures Wino-era VITUS at their absolute best. In fact, Live might be a better career retrospective than the compilation intended to be just that, Heavier Than Thou. Wino is in top form here, not only vocally, but also hammering out riff after riff to accompany the grossly underrated Dave Chandler. The fact that quality SAINT VITUS boots are few and far between makes the band's only official live album (belated as it may be) absolutely essential. Every song here is a highlight, but also check for Chandler's homage to Batman during his solo break in "Clear Windowpane".

1. Living Backwards
2. Born too Late
3. The War Starter
4. Mind-Food
5. Looking Glass
6. White Stallions
7. Look Behind You
8. Dying Inside
9. War Is Our Destiny
10. Mystic Lady
11. Clear Windowpane



Anonymous said...

can anyone upload colour haze "ewige blumenkraft" and/or "seven"

anomiceleven said...

thanks matias and big jack for all the good stuff lately... i've been enjoying the lowrider.... not too sure about 35007... but i am giving it time....
i am still looking for the earthlings? eps.... any chance?

Anonymous said...

sweet. live vitus! dig it... just discovered your blog and have gotten many albums lately, just wanted to give a big thanks... SPARK UP THE RIFF...

scooby doom said...

Hey.. puse un post mas abajo.. me cabo de acrodar, loco, matias, de casualidad sos de la plata?? un amigo, juan conocia un matias que escuchaba todo este tipo de musica... y como no abundamos y elk mundo es chico.. quien sabe.

Matias said...

Scooby, no, debe haber un par mas de Matias que escuchen este tipo de musica,jaja, escribime a y te paso todo lo que preguntas, por aca es muy engorroso.
regards man
By the way, BJ, excellent Post, Vitus Live is another different thing.
Keep on rocking, my man.
Anomic11: I'm in search of....

Anonymous said...

Love the site. I love this live saintvitus. I was wondering if you could re-up the electric wizard live at the 2005 Roadburn festival recording you had a few posts back.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

yummi!! great blog you got here! vitus rulez - any chance of getting hallows victim or the walking dead? anyway hope you keep going for a long LONG time! cheers

Anonymous said...

praise the almighty saint vitus!get down on your knees

Big Jack said...

Anomic-- You're looking for "Disco Marching Kraft" and "Individual Sky Cruiser", right? I don't have either of them, but I'm sure someone here can up "DMK" for us. I'd like to have it too. The second one is 7" only. Hopefully someone out there can up it for us, but I'm not holding breath.

Anonymous People-- Glad you're digging both G.O.M.E. and the live Vitus. I'll re-up the live Wizard this week and post some old Vitus. Check back for other bands in that vein as well. I have some rare Warhorse you guys might dig.

JAlberto said...

Precioso disco, gracias por todo lo que aqui postean, me han hecho recordar bellos momentos de mi juventud. Desde Chile un abrazo.