Wednesday, August 29, 2007


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This Georgia trio is a band I wanted to check out for a long time, but only recently did I get around to it. Being a huge FUNKADELIC fan, the band's name alone piqued my interest. I expected some groove-based heavy rock with a noticeable P-FUNK influence (similar to ASTROSONIQ or, to a lesser degree, GREATDAYFORUP). Well, as it turns out, STARCHILD's fascination with stars and space has absolutely nothing to do with the Mothership, but it does make for some fantastic semi-psych rock that should fit right in here at G.O.M.E. Born into Eternity is an amazing album, consistent in its content, chops, and experimentalism. The G.O.M.E. Faithful, at first listen, will no doubt draw comparisons to SHEAVY and SABBATH, though that will be based on the familiar tone of singer/guitarist Richard Bennett's voice. You guitarists out there will notice Bennett's chops right away, especially in the areas of writing great riffs AND songs. I'm not sure I've heard arpeggios, diminished chords, and rotating bass note melodies used to such an extent on music this heavy. Every track is a standout, though my personal favorites are "Earthless", "Love", and the title track. I recommend Born into Eternity to the G.O.M.E. Faithful as a whole. Just gloomy enough to appease the sons of SABBATH, but also packing enough octane to get the KYUSS/QOTSA crowd rockin'. Absolutely essential.

1. Bride
2. Rising Star
3. Love
4. World Without End
5. Earthless
6. Will You
7. Bleed
8. Eternal Summer
9. Behold
10. Born into Eternity



Big Jack said...

C'mon, people. 50 fuckin' downloads in less than 24 hours and no one has ANYTHING to say?

Masterburner said...

If I must say something Jack... This is pretty good, sounds like Sabbath a lot. But I still enjoy it. It has its place on my fancy-pants musical device.