Thursday, August 02, 2007


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This band was requested by Gordon, and I couldn't be more delighted. Even Matias is unfamiliar with Germany's COLOUR HAZE, so this could be a chance to turn the G.O.M.E. faithful on to some serious rock. I chose to up Periscope because it's my personal favorite, but there's a lot more where this came from. COLOUR HAZE is actually one of my favorite post-KYUSS bands, and they seem to evolve with each release. On this album, Stefan Koglek borrows from Josh Homme's KYUSS book as far as guitar tones are concerned, especially his lead tones. The standout to me is absolutely "Sun", which also happens to be my favorite COLOUR HAZE tune. The groove is irresistible, but the lead melody line will have all you G.O.M.E. axe-slingers grabbing your guitars as soon as you hear it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

1. Always Me
2. Antenna
3. Pulse
4. Sun
5. Periscope
6. Periscope (Breit Return)
7. Transmitter



Matias said...

You got me at "borrows from Josh Homme's KYUSS book as far as guitar tones are concerned", thanks man, thanks Gordon as well for opening a new world for me with this one, totally diging it.

Gordon said...

Cant thank you enough!!

Anonymous said...

This record is awsome. Cogratulations you blog rules. Francisco ( Can you post the new atomic bitchwax live record?

Anonymous said...

This one's great, but I think the s/t is their masterpiece, would be nice if you posted this.

thanks anyway, this blog rules

anomiceleven said...

Yeah - colour haze is cool.. and i like the Om too...
what about valis?

Hersh said...

loved this. couldnt find their self titled, but i found 'Tempel'

seAoxen said...

....up Periscope..... I get it! Really nice site - pity about the broken links. Any chance of getting some stuff reupped - like your MM collection? Thanks alot.