Wednesday, August 22, 2007


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Before I ever even mention the greatness that is ASTROSONIQ, I need to thank Mighty Matias for kicking ass in my absence. He's brought a lot of great rock to the G.O.M.E. Faithful, and he will no doubt continue to do so. Thanks also to all you regs, and newbies as well, for being active in the comments and letting us know you appreciate what we're doing. Someday I'll get sentimental and over-appreciative and post a big fuckin' suckfest for all you guys helping with the blog, whether it's sharing links or information. But for now, I want to talk about ASTROSONIQ.

This is one of my favorite post-KYUSS bands. I'd put the "50N1C" up there with SASQUATCH and FIREBALL MINISTRY. The shit ROCKS - one listen to the title track and "Astronomicon" will prove that - but they're also a lot more diverse than most bands. ASTROSONIQ can almost "out-Kyuss" KYUSS on one track, then cover a GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION or FUNKADELIC jam on the next. To my ears, ASTROSONIQ (from the Netherlands) incorporates everything great about rock & roll into their own unique brand of music. A lot of you are thinking "Well, OK, sounds like FATSO JETSON to me", and I agree. The difference is in the songwriting. FATSO is a tried and true classic, but if they spent more time experimenting with melodies and structure, they'd probably sound a lot like ASTRO. To the uninitiated: G.O.M.E. proudly presents to you the bastard grandchild of FUNKADELIC, HAWKWIND, SABBATH, and KYUSS (of course, you also need to grab Son of A.P. Lady). Make sure you check out "Astronomicon" and "So Be It". You'll be a better person for digging them. Like the marquee reads, folks, we care about your future.

1. Secret Passage
2. Sound Grenade
3. Astronomicon
4. Aphrodite's Child
5. Even Rules in Showbizland
6. Hit & Run
7. Sod Off!
8. So Be It
9. Daemonology



jordan adams said...

it's funny, because astro was the jetsons' dog. ;)

i like this album, though.

anyway, just as my way of saying thanks, here's two dozer albums that i've uploaded.

call it conspiracy (69.91mb)

madre de dios (51.89mb)

Scooby Doom said...

Hi guys, low rider rocks!!!!!!!! I love that cd, as I love The Awesome Machie as well... so, here you have a link for the darediablo CD Twenty Paces, It`s the onkly one I have!

Matias said...

Thank you both, Scooby and Jordan, I also have to proudly say I'm a better person since I've dig this.
BJ, no need to thanks, bro

Scooby Doom said...

Che, loco, no habia visto que sos de argentina.. y yo escribiendo en ingles... buenop hay que mantener una linea, no¿? jajaja
Bueno, asi que seguro viste a Natas miles de veces tambien!
Dos cosas: tenes por ahi el de Master of Reallity Welcome to the western lodge o me podes pasar un link para bajarlo que no sea rapidshare?

Y el disco de NOVADRIVER?? Se me cago un disco rigido en donde lo tenia y no encuentro el link!


Matias said...

Scooby, my friend, the other day I went to see Natas on Niceto, great Show, as for the blog, it belongs to Big Jack, He is in the U.S., from here (ARG) I'm just giving him a hand and throwing him some bones. Now let's talk in spanish, ese de M.O.R. tampoco lo tengo, pero sabes que todo se consigue, NOADRIVER? ni idea. Despues te tiro un par de paginas con mucho para bajar (my secret sources)
Nos vemos loco.

Scooby Doom said...

Many many thanks!!!!!!
Buffalo rocks too!!!

Pasamos al espa�ol: un amigo toco un par de veces con Buffalo, el pastor la rompe!
Otra: tenes el disco de sick porky??

Novadriver... hay un tema en el sucking the seventies 2... pintan buenos!

Una cosa: tenes idea un buen sitio para bajar las covers de los cds?? es que dee estas cosas encuentro muy poco (sobre todo la parte de atras con los temas... imporsible)
Despues te paso el link del otro disco de Darediablo, que son unos montruos!

Creo que Natas toca aca en octuvbre... che, estan tocando el show en plan rapido y todos los temas nuevos o se cuyelgan un poco mas???
los vi en diciembre en mar del plata y me decepciono un poco por esto.. pero siempre cumplen!

Anonymous said...

hey...could you please up the Astrosoniq "Sound Grenade" again? That would be great!

KARLAM said...

Link is broken. ¿Is posible reupload Astrosoniq albums please?