Thursday, August 30, 2007


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This post is basically just the suck-fest I promised when I got back. At that point, I tried to get all of your submissions posted, but in MIKE WATT fashion, I "jammed econo", and your submissions didn't get the proper posts they deserved. I see the same thing happening now, and while we appreciate your submissions, we can't guarantee proper posts. Mighty Matias has literally saved G.O.M.E. for all you guys over the past couple months. If it was just me, you might've had five, maybe ten records. With Matias on board, you're looking at 29 in August alone. That's almost one album per day. We're also getting a lot more traffic, and a lot more activity in the comments sections. You guys are downloading the music, telling people what you think, and uploading your own links. You guys kick ass.

Please forgive me if I forget anyone, but these are the people that make running G.O.M.E. fun:

The Good Captain (conspicuous by his absence as of late), Gav, Jordan, Anomic, Peluka, Scooby, Roadburner, Angelica, Rinjo, Blogs of Fury, Andres, Junkie, Ron, Iggy, Gordon, Slik, Rev. Atman, Jim, Zarakali, Brett, Yoyo, Mr. A, Rafael, Hook, Tyler, Masterburner, El Angel, Mike Zippo, Earthdog, Hersh, Lo-Res, Ogmonster, Generation Landslide, Patrick, Satanikus, Damal, El Rock Chingon, Earthdog, Adogg, Chris, Jon, and all you anonymous fucks smart enough to know that this list is really an international murder agenda.

Just kidding. Kinda.

I might not love you as much as Mighty Matias does, but I certainly appreciate your activity here at G.O.M.E., whether you're sharing links or opinions, or just offering suggestions. Thank you. You guys all kick ass.


anomiceleven said...

man - i wish i could provide some links... i am kind of a computer illiterate... i am like a guy with a map - i can unfold it (i.e. - download)... but i have no idea how to fold it back up again... i've found a few other blogs with stuff you might be interested in... but i have to say, i check here every day... you shouldn't be thanking us man... we should be thanking you....

Jon said...

haha bottom of the list

Roadburner said...

Thank you indeed!!!

High from Holland,


slik said...

Thanks, Jack. I'm enjoying the ride too.

Matias said...

I have to thanks you all guys and BJ specially for rising this "community", great people from all over the world.
In a really short time we went too far, but we are not even halfway...giant steps to come, and with your steady support you encouraging us to aim higher.
BJ, we are heading to # 200 post, I‘ve a couples ideas for to you later.
Next days you'll get some news.
Remember kids, WE LOVE YOU, (except for Peluka, ha ha, no just kidding man!)

Gordon said...

No, Thank you!
We wouldn't come here if it wasn't worth our while and you certaintly make it worth it.
Btw, I posted that sgt sunshine album in the comments section of their post if you're interested

El rock chingón said...

Hi. Sendme an email, i would like to send you some mexican bands. Or search them on the net: orquesta de animales, el diablo, maligno, THC.

Thak you for this great blog.

Big Jack said...

Gordon-- Thanks for the Sgt. Sunshine, man! I just downloaded it. You're the man.

El Rock-- Thanks for your help, bro. Matias or I will email you for sure. Gracias!

Masterburner said...

Damn, I'm on the list. And I haven't even done anything. Now I feel like an ass. Ahh, just messin with ya, this website rocks, and I appreciate all the music. I might even upload something eventually, if I can build up that kind of energy...


mad4music said...

This is Your Captain speaking... I'm proud to see myself included among the ranks of the G.O.M.E. Faithful! Although I've been operating in "silent mode" of late, I'm still out here... monitoring all activities G.O.M.E.-related... and I must say, Big Jack and Matias, you have made G.O.M.E. a one-of-a-kind resource... THE place to go to get turned on to the heavy rock sound. I will forever be grateful to the man who made it possible for me to actually HEAR Unida's "Coping with the Urban Coyote" for the first time! Keep up the good work!

Reverend Atman said...

this site is the best thing I've found since a buddy of mine turned me onto music blogs.

I find that I already have maybe half the stuff posted here. The other half kicks major ass.

I dunno if this is the place to be mentioning this, but there's a site called I run a stoner rock group there. I occasionally repost stuff there that I've found here. when I do that I always give props to G.O.M.E. Trying to get more folks to come over here.

jordan adams said...

so here's an album from a band you may not have heard yet, a group from canberra, australia called Alchemist. i don't know too much about them save that they're from our nation's capital.

Organasm, the album's called.

they're a little different to the standard GOME fair, it's a little less stoner-y than you might be accustomed to, they're not as groove-oriented but they have a nice psychedelic influence and a different kind of desert vibe (maybe like an australian outback vibe?)

highlights for me include tracks Tide In, Mind Out and Singled Sided.

jack i'm posting this here as a comment because i didn't know how to get a hold of you via email.

Alchemist - Organasm (2000)

p.s. no need to thank us, jack, we ought to be thanking you!

jordan adams said...

fuck and matias too of course, you both do great work.

Blogs of Fury said...

i'm feeling the love

Peluka said...

You make me cry... you dumbs...
Loves you too.

Mike Zippo said...

Thanks for the shout bro!
Happy last days of Summer!
Tell me how to get in touch, I'd really like to put some stuff up up in heah!!!

Anonymous said...

yep ! first rate blog . i check in regularly and always find tons of interesting and above all heavy music hope you keep going for along time to come - doooooom on and cheers from germany-timo

Big Jack said...

Haha, stroke a few egos and the mob goes wild!

Cap'n-- Good to see you're still with us, my friend. Glad you're still digging the blog. When's the next Inner-Head Flight Royale? I need my fix. I know you'll be taking us to the motor city, correct? I'm really looking forward to this one. Thanks for the kind words.

Rev. Atman-- I'll have to sign up and check out your Multiply group. Sounds cool. Feel free to link posts to your group, man. You're doing G.O.M.E. a great service. I've noticed a huge spike in hits over the summer, and I think it's from the Faithful linking posts and turning people on to the blog.

Jordan-- I posted comments under Matias' re-post, but thanks again for the Alchemist. I liked it on first listen, and it's only grown on me since then.

Mike Zippo-- Happy "Summer's End" to you as well. If you ever want to contribute anything to the blog, feel free to drop a link in a comments section or hit me up at You'll get full credit. Thanks, bro. Glad you're diggin' G.O.M.E. Welcome to the 13th Floor.

Timo-- Cheers! Welcome aboard. I've got some doom albums lined up for later this week that I think you'll dig. Keep checkin' back!

Anonymous said...

thanx a lot , you bet i will - timo

Big Jack said...

By the way, I'll eventually dedicate a post to this, but if you guys have blogs of your own you would like linked here at G.O.M.E., let us know. It doesn't have to be a rock & roll blog, or even a music blog. We'd be glad to link you.*

*no republicans, please.

Reverend Atman said...

it's invite only, but it's pretty easy to get in. get an account on multiply and then drop me a line. say you came from here. you'll be good to go.