Thursday, August 09, 2007

Fatso Jetson - Power of Three (1997)

I was checking old comments and for those who missed it, some time ago I uploaded this one for BJ, but it seems it slipped from those glorious “catch post”, well here is another release from Palms Desert finest….Their 1997 outrageous “Power of Three” that any G.O.M.E. faithful must have. Excellent bright tones with an unavoidable post-apocalyptic influence. I love that mellow reverb sound that’s so fucking difficult to achieve, plus some peculiar melodies you got one of the most original bands ever came out from “Desert Rock” ( I don’t particularly like this label) scene.
The kind of record that will dry your mouth……(mmmmm)
Enjoys, kids

1. Builders & Collectors
2. Ugly Man, Ugly Name
3. Mummified
4. Orgy Porgy
5. El Taurino
6. Phil The Hole
7. Phantom Of The Opry
8. Handgun
9. Sandy The Clock Farmer
10. Bored Stiff
11. Itchy Brother
12. Drones Pills


Anonymous said...

This is great, do you also have the "flames for all" album.

Matias said...

we got it all man, look for older post, its all there...

Thomas said...

This needs re-upping. I just got into these guys, and they rock my world.