Friday, August 10, 2007

Truckfighters - Phi (2007) ***FIXED***

Here is brand new Truckfighters release (In fact, It will be released on October), the Swedish guys you love so much.
This new record offers nothing new, but it delivers anyway, maybe not as catchy as Gravity X, but after a few hearings, it will grow on you.
Highlights? I guess the instrumental tracks, though I haven't listened a lot.
I'm not encouraged to write today, just a tiny preamble, the rest figure it out for yourself.

1. Atomic
2. Fortyeight
3. Kickdown
4. Chamelion
5. Dysthymnia
6. Slacken
7. Warhead
8. Traffic
9. Slides
10. The Game



Big Jack said...

Matias wins again. I can't wait to kick this record, though I'll have to DL it on a different computer. Kudos, fellow 13er.

Patrick said...

omg I love you for this! love me some truckfighters.

Reverend Atman said...

dang. I love truckfighters, but this has already been removed by Mediafire.

Matias said...

I'll upload it again, don't panic

scooby doom said...

He guys, awesome blog!
Do you have the Atomic Bitchwax live cd? And if you know CORE, it´s a great band! Do you have any cd of them to upload? Thanks a lot!
Dou you know a website with all this stoner cd covers? I can´t find most of them :(
And.. as i´m from argentina.. just tel you that I´ve seen the great NATAS so many times! And tghe kick ass Buffalo too! We hang out with those guy a couple times! They will love this blog!!


Matias said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Big Jack said...

Scoob-- I'll hook up that Bitchwax when I get the chance. As for Core, I don't have any of their stuff, but maybe someone among the G.O.M.E. Faithful will shoot us a link?

Inigo said...

hey the link went down. mind if you put the album up again? thanks!