Wednesday, September 12, 2007


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Not exactly standard G.O.M.E. fare, but as I've said in the past, as go Big Jack's moods, so go his G.O.M.E. contributions. I've been on a big "post-metalcore" kick as of late, though you'll never hear me utter that lame fucking genre tag, or see me type it, again. Cave In, currently on indefinite hiatus, is (was?) the great Caleb Scofield's pre-ZOZOBRA vehicle. In fact, some of the songs on ZOZOBRA's Harmonic Tremors were initially intended to be CAVE IN songs. Despite abandoning their hardcore roots in favor of melody (and a Lollapalooza appearance, not to mention a failed run at RCA) and structure, CAVE IN has released some excellent music. This record is a great primer for skeptics, released in very limited quantities and distributed for free by the band itself. Kicking off with a ZEPPELIN cover, followed by three demos and a CODEINE cover, and closing with a brutal live recording of "Inspire" (check for the "Twist of Cain" parody at the end!), CAVE IN's self-released Bootleg is a hidden gem in the crown of a brilliant and multi-faceted band. Recommended to fans of OLD MAN GLOOM, ZOZOBRA, ISIS, and all things Caleb Scofield. For more info from the band itself, click here.

1. Dazed and Confused (Led Zeppelin cover)
2. Down the Drain (demo)
3. Acid Rain in the Black Forest (demo)
4. Droned (demo)
5. Cave In (Codeine cover)
6. Inspire (live)



Cheeto said...

Yeah, this is a great jewel, thanx alot. I love the stoner and sludge, as you know, but do like to delve a bit into the post-rock, too. Cheers!

Peluka said...

I have one question to you guys. ¿Did you know something about Nick Oliveri's life? ¿Is he recording something? I miss him.

Gweav said...

Could you please re-post this....I somehow deleted it and would like to hear it again.

Daniel Bon said...

I just found this site while searching for this album. Is it possible that you could repost the download link or is there another way I can get a copy from you?


Rockdrigo said...

the link is dead =(

JDB said...

Any chance on a repost? Or a private message link? Love Cave In, and this would complete it. Saw them in 2003 as well in the SF area, but never got my hands on this.