Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Earthlings?, yeah man, Earthlings, that forsaken bunch of Palm Springs veterans, great album, if I have to define it, i'll put it somewhere between Orquesta del Desierto and the earliest Desert Sessions, definitively a different approach to what we know as Desert Rock, some passages reminds me also to Jalamanta, and after a few listens, you'll be able to recognize Dave Catching's musical concepts.
I think this was a pretty damn good conceptual album, a bit ahead for that time; it still sounds fresh and clean. You heard it first on G.O.M.E.

1. Nothing
2. Saving Up For My Spaceship/Illuminate
3. Reaper (Don't Fear This Child)
4. Cavalry
5. Happiest Day Of My Life
6. Conversing Among Misfits
7. Mars On Fire
8. Stungun
9. The Dreaded Lovelies
10. Icy Halls Of Sobriety (I Dare Not Tread)
11. Triumphant March Of The Buffoons



Anonymous said...

Yes, another desert cruiser, you know you're classics, great band

By the way download this one from the other great Blog D.T.B.S.I.A.S.S.(link them) Wallrus - The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky: (Password: sludgeswamp)

This one hell of a band from my country.

Greetz, Ron

Big Jack said...

Yeah, this is a tried and true desert classic. Not typical desert fare, with guest shots from Victoria Williams and the amazing Martina Topley-Bird, but a classic nonetheless, and probably the late great Fred Drake's finest hour. Scott Reeder joins Fred and Dave in contributing bass duties. It was actually rumored at the time that Dave Grohl played drums throughout, but he actually just contributes vocals. Awesome post.

Gav said...

thanks for this dude, been wanting to hear this for a long time

Anonymous said...

More earthlings?, please!

ksn said...

this'll be perfect for the drive home, awesome! kudos to you guys for an incredible blog, have been coming here for the last couple months and've learned a TON. also just bought a couple things you guys might be interested in - some solarized, the new dungen and cream abdul babar's excavation best of. don't know much about rapidshare et al, so how do i get 'em to ya?

Have a request, too - a friend's been in my ear about Acrimony's Tumuli Shroomaroom. any chance you guys have it :) ?

cheers from NYC,

grunsho said...

wow, i downloaded this one with soulseek, and it took like a week :S

great to see the discs in your page, they're awesome!


Matias said...

Ron, no bother man, thanks for the link
BJ, thanks for the info
Gav, enjoy my friend
Anonymous, there will be more, but hopefully next week
Ksn, wellcome man, I don't like acrymony, but I could get you a link
Grunsho, wellcome you too, my man, stay around

Peluka said...

A ver como viene esto... Dificilmente me defraudes.

ksn said...

a link to that acrimony album would be great if you can swing it. haven't heard em yet, i hear they're similar to obsessed.

Anonymous said...


I ordered the Butcher cd (not from themself), don't know how long it takes (because my order was greater than one item),when I get it I gonna look how to rip & post (never did that, so you have to patience with me, hehehe)

By the way are you able to score the Across the River Boot?, hope so !, and how do you like Walrus???, great band isn't it?


Matias said...

Ron, my friend, I got in touch with a former SST employee, but even for him was imposible to get it, I hv other source, so I think this time I'm gonna make it. Walrus??, the little I heard from them was good, I should get more into it.
Ksn, while waiting for Tumuli Shroomaroom, have a listen to this rareties compilation of Acrimony.
Later I will tell you how to upload files..
See you guys! keep on coming

Anonymous said...


Download this one from W.W.& S. Blog, great stuff from Australia.

Greetz, Ron

ksn said...

matias, thx for the comp, just downloaded it. whenever you get the chance, let me know how the uploading stuff works, have gotten some great music from you guys, only fair i post some back.

saludos de nueya york,

Nacho said...
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Big Jack said...

This is a cool thread - lots of good stuff being passed around. To any of you interested in learning how to rip/archive/upload, hit me up at and I'll send you the info.

Anonymous said...

Go and get it, ftom me for you.


ksn said...

big jack - will do, thx, appreciate your help on this!

ron - thx for the earthlings ep

good weekends all around,


Big Jack said...

Ron-- R.S. took it down before I could even get to it! HELP! Can you re-up on MediaFire? Or does anyone else wanna re-up since Ron already shared lots of stuff?

ksn said...

for anyone still looking to get that earthling EP...

first ever upload, hope i didn't fuck it up :)


Anonymous said...

Hey BJ
tried my R.S> link and it still works?????

Greetz Ron

Big Jack said...

Ron-- I guess it's just Rapidshare, man. Everyone seems to be able to access the link but me.

Thanks anyway.

doritoburrito said...

I would also appreciate a link to Tumuli Shroomaroom.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys heard of the new earthlings EP called Humalien? Check out Earthlingsinfo. com or treasurecraftrecords. com to check it out. It seriously rocks!

Anonymous said...

links are dead

Anonymous said...

reupload please:)

Anonymous said...

Please reup the Earthlings album. Thx