Thursday, September 06, 2007


This post is more like an exercise for you my “Gomies” than a proper post, in fact, I don't like at all this band, but, you never know, may be some of you will appreciate it. I was searching on my collection what to post and found this one, don't know how or why it came to me, but the idea of this post is to test how much riff in this album can you recognize, I 've found more than 5, some of them very obvious.
The band sounds tight, has some good instrumental skills and sound quality it’s up to standard, but they totally lack of inventiveness man, in my country we call that just plain “aggravated burglary”.....
I read somewhere that the record that followed this one (Torero-2006) it’s actually better, but, to be honest, I didn't bother to dig it.
To balance you guys for this weak post I added some bonus that could be useful for some of you.
Sorry man, I'm running out of ideas....haha

1. Dusted
2. New Motor Queen
3. Mt. Pilot
4. No Longer
5. Down on All Fours
6. Three Time Champion
7. Dyin' Ain't Much of a Livin' Boy
8. Drag Vader
9. Call Me to the Grave
10. Sonic Ruin


Nacho said...

Gracias por pasar loco.. No sabía que eras argentino.. Buena onda..

Gracias por el consejo tb..

Nos leemos, saludos!

seth said...

hey, stumbled upon your site looking for brant bjork's "jalamanta", no luck there but you do have a pretty amazing selection.

any chance you would have 'jalamanta' on hand to upload?

Big Jack said...

Seth-- Yeah, I can do that. Check back tomorrow.

Welcome to the 13th floor!