Monday, September 10, 2007


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This one was requested by our main man Peluka after a stroll through the playlist to your right. SIXTY WATT SHAMAN is a band I enjoy, despite occasionally treading a little too close to retro novelty rock for my tastes. This band often reminds me of a less-campy GRAND FUNK RAILROAD...though I guess recalling GFR in itself is quite campy. Daniel Kerzwick is one of the better vocalists in "stoner rock", and the band certainly isn't afraid to experiment. "Fear Death by Water" is a highlight, as is the very ZEPPELIN-esque "Roll the Stone". Overall, it's a hell of a record, but you keep waiting for the band to find its own unique voice, and that's something they fail to accomplish on this otherwise impressive release.

1. Fear Death by Water.
2. Seed of Decades
3. Poor Robert Henry
4. Devil in the Details, Pt. 1
5. Devil in the Details, Pt. 2
6. Low Earth Orbit
7. One More Time
8. Roll the Stone
9. Red Colony
10. Rumor Den
11. Stone's Throw Away
12. Busy Dying
13. New Trip
14. I've Been Down



Anonymous said...

I remember when this record came out. I was doing the loud rock playlists for my college radio station. And we got a shitload of spins for Fear Death by Water.

Great song, solid record. Thanks for upping it!

ogmonster said...

This is a killer disc for sure. It's not their debut though. That's the mighty "Ultra Electric".

El rock chingón said...

I love And I didn't have this, so thanks.

Peluka said...

Big Jack, thanx, again, thanx. You rules. I´m travelling to Bolivia next weekend, this record will be travelling with me.

Big Jack said...

Ogmonster-- You are absolutely right. Not sure what I was thinking. Blame the booze and pills, haha...

jordan said...

reminds me a lot of clutch, which is an awesome thing.

Anonymous said...

love this album... anyone have any others by these guys?